PvP Whitelist

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In our server, we have created a new path for PvP, where a selected few item sets are available.

A full list of all items that you can use in PvP.

Version 1.0

Affected Maps:

Holy Shadow castle, Heroes vs Heroes maps, PvP Arena Match, Gladiator Match, Emperor Match and all Battleground maps.

Costume Hats & Costume Enchant Stones

Obtained from PvP Reward Shop

952000.png(C) Calamity Shawl 952001.png(C) King's Mantle 931232.pngTwin Edge 921085.pngAncient Runes 921086.pngInterdimensional Rift

Obtained from PvP Lottery
942313.png(C) Awaking Bloom Cap 942314.png(C) Evil Eye of False God
Obtained from Star Shop (WoE)
942262.png(C) Celestial Rabbit 921076.pngZeal of Zeus 921077.pngZeal of Helios 921078.pngZeal of Ares 931200.pngAll Star Robe A 931199.pngAll Star Robe S 931198.pngAll Star Robe SS 931197.pngAll Star Robe SSS
Obtained from Item Mall (Iwin Bird reform)

950147.png(C) Awkfury 950148.png(C) Awkfury (BLK) 950149.png(C) Awkfury (BLU) 950150.png(C) Awkfury (GRN) 950151.png(C) Awkfury (GRY) 950152.png(C) Awkfury (ORG) 950153.png(C) Awkfury (PNK) 950154.png(C) Awkfury (PRP)

950155.png(C) Awkfury (RED)950156.png(C) Awkfury (WHT) 950157.png(C) Awkfury (YLW) 

950169.png(C) Awkgrace 950170.png(C) Awkgrace (BLK) 950171.png(C) Awkgrace (BLU) 950172.png(C) Awkgrace (GRN) 950173.png(C) Awkgrace (GRY) 950174.png(C) Awkgrace (ORG) 950175.png(C) Awkgrace (PNK) 950176.png(C) Awkgrace (PRP)

950177.png(C) Awkgrace (RED) 950178.png(C) Awkgrace (WHT) 950179.png(C) Awkgrace (YLW)

950191.png(C) Awkinstinct 950192.png(C) Awkinstinct (BLK) 950193.png(C) Awkinstinct (BLU) 950194.png(C) Awkinstinct (GRN) 950195.png(C) Awkinstinct (GRY) 950196.png(C) Awkinstinct (ORG) 950197.png(C) Awkinstinct (PNK) 950198.png(C) Awkinstinct (PRP)

950199.png(C) Awkinstinct (RED) 950200.png(C) Awkinstinct (WHT) 950201.png(C) Awkinstinct (YLW)

950212.png(C) Awkmight 950213.png(C) Awkmight (BLK) 950214.png(C) Awkmight (BLU) 950215.png(C) Awkmight (GRN) 950216.png(C) Awkmight (ORG) 950217.png(C) Awkmight (PNK) 950218.png(C) Awkmight (PRP)

950219.png(C) Awkmight (RED)950220.png(C) Awkmight (WHT) 950221.png(C) Awkmight (YLW)

950233.png(C) Awkoblivion 950235.png(C) Awkoblivion (BLU) 950236.png(C) Awkoblivion (GRN) 950237.png(C) Awkoblivion (GRY) 950238.png(C) Awkoblivion (ORG) 950239.png(C) Awkoblivion (PNK) 950240.png(C) Awkoblivion (PRP)

950241.png(C) Awkoblivion (RED)950242.png(C) Awkoblivion (WHT) 950243.png(C) Awkoblivion (YLW)

950254.png(C) Awkpride (BLK) 950255.png(C) Awkpride (BLU) 950256.png(C) Awkpride (GRN) 950257.png(C) Awkpride (GRY) 950258.png(C) Awkpride (ORG) 950259.png(C) Awkpride (PNK) 950260.png(C) Awkpride (PRP) 950261.png(C) Awkpride (RED)

950262.png(C) Awkpride (WHT) 950263.png(C) Awkpride (YLW)

950325.png(C) Blaze Dragon Arcane Helm (BLK) 950326.png(C) Blaze Dragon Arcane Helm (BLU) 950327.png(C) Blaze Dragon Arcane Helm (GRN) 950328.png(C) Blaze Dragon Arcane Helm (GRY) 950329.png(C) Blaze Dragon Arcane Helm (ORG)

950330.png(C) Blaze Dragon Arcane Helm (PNK) 950331.png(C) Blaze Dragon Arcane Helm (PRP) 950332.png(C) Blaze Dragon Arcane Helm (RED) 950333.png(C) Blaze Dragon Arcane Helm (WHT) 950334.png(C) Blaze Dragon Arcane Helm (YLW)

950335.png(C) Blaze Dragon Mystic Helm (BLK) 950336.png(C) Blaze Dragon Mystic Helm (BLU) 950337.png(C) Blaze Dragon Mystic Helm (GRN) 950338.png(C) Blaze Dragon Mystic Helm (GRY) 950339.png(C) Blaze Dragon Mystic Helm (ORG)

950340.png(C) Blaze Dragon Mystic Helm (PNK) 950341.png(C) Blaze Dragon Mystic Helm (PRP) 950342.png(C) Blaze Dragon Mystic Helm (RED) 950343.png(C) Blaze Dragon Mystic Helm (WHT) 950344.png(C) Blaze Dragon Mystic Helm (YLW)

950345.png(C) Blaze Dragon Plate Helm 950346.png(C) Blaze Dragon Plate Helm (BLK) 950347.png(C) Blaze Dragon Plate Helm (BLU) 950348.png(C) Blaze Dragon Plate Helm (GRN) 950349.png(C) Blaze Dragon Plate Helm (GRY)

950350.png(C) Blaze Dragon Plate Helm (ORG) 950351.png(C) Blaze Dragon Plate Helm (PNK) 950353.png(C) Blaze Dragon Plate Helm (RED) 950354.png(C) Blaze Dragon Plate Helm (WHT) 950355.png(C) Blaze Dragon Plate Helm (YLW)

950356.png(C) Blaze Dragon Scale Helm (BLK) 950357.png(C) Blaze Dragon Scale Helm (BLU) 950358.png(C) Blaze Dragon Scale Helm (GRN) 950359.png(C) Blaze Dragon Scale Helm (GRY) 950360.png(C) Blaze Dragon Scale Helm (ORG)

950361.png(C) Blaze Dragon Scale Helm (PNK) 950362.png(C) Blaze Dragon Scale Helm (PRP) 950363.png(C) Blaze Dragon Scale Helm (RED) 950364.png(C) Blaze Dragon Scale Helm (WHT) 950365.png(C) Blaze Dragon Scale Helm (YLW)

950366.png(C) Blazk Dragon Silk Helm (BLK) 950367.png(C) Blazk Dragon Silk Helm (BLU) 950368.png(C) Blazk Dragon Silk Helm (GRN) 950369.png(C) Blazk Dragon Silk Helm (GRY) 950370.png(C) Blazk Dragon Silk Helm (ORG)

950371.png(C) Blazk Dragon Silk Helm (PNK) 950372.png(C) Blazk Dragon Silk Helm (PRP) 950373.png(C) Blazk Dragon Silk Helm (RED) 950374.png(C) Blazk Dragon Silk Helm (WHT) 950375.png(C) Blazk Dragon Silk Helm (YLW)

950376.png(C) Blaze Dragon Skull Helm (BLK) 950377.png(C) Blaze Dragon Skull Helm (BLU) 950378.png(C) Blaze Dragon Skull Helm (GRN) 950379.png(C) Blaze Dragon Skull Helm (GRY) 950380.png(C) Blaze Dragon Skull Helm (ORG)

950381.png(C) Blaze Dragon Skull Helm (PNK) 950382.png(C) Blaze Dragon Skull Helm (PRP) 950383.png(C) Blaze Dragon Skull Helm (RED) 950384.png(C) Blaze Dragon Skull Helm (WHT) 950385.png(C) Blaze Dragon Skull Helm (YLW)

310654.pngASPD+1(Upper III) 310658.pngMinor Casting Reduction(Upper III) 310659.pngVariable Casting Time Reduction(Upper III) 310660.pngRanged Stone(Upper III) 310661.pngMelee Stone(Upper III) 310663.pngSP Absorbtion(Upper III)

310662.pngHP Absorbtion(Upper III) 310667.pngMagic Power Stone(Upper III) 311014.pngReload Stone (Upper III) 311015.pngCreative Stone (Upper III) 311354.pngCritical Stone (Upper III) 311355.pngConcentration Stone (Upper III) 311425.pngSpell Stone (Upper III)

311471.pngPower Stone (Upper III) 311925.pngStamina Wisdom Stone (Upper III) 4882.pngATK + 1% 4883.pngMATK + 1% 4927.pngMaxHP50 4931.pngHeal 10 4861.pngMHP+1% 4929.pngMSP+1% 4700.pngSTR+1 4710.pngINT+1 4730.pngAGI+1 4720.pngDEX+1

4740.pngVIT+1 4750.pngLUK+1 29026.pngDEF+20 29024.pngLUK+3 STR-3 29014.pngSTR+3 INT-3 29022.pngAGI+3 LUK-3 29016.pngINT+3 DEX-3 29020.pngVIT+3 AGI-3 29018.pngDEX+3 VIT-3 29047.pngFatal 310330.pngRange Stone (Upper II) 29054.pngAfter Skill Delay1 Middle

29145.pngExperience+2% 29157.pngVariable Cast Reduction Middle 29155.pngLex Aeterna 29424.pngChampion Stone (Upper II) 29429.pngSniper Stone (Upper II) 29433.pngProfessor Stone (Upper II) 29461.pngLord Knight Stone (Upper II)

29465.pngCreator Stone (Upper II) 29469.pngHigh Wizard Stone (Upper II) 29478.pngStalker Stone (Upper II) 29482.pngWhitesmith Stone (Upper II) 29486.pngClown Gypsy Stone (Upper II) 29514.pngHigh Priest Stone (Upper II)

29518.pngPaladin Stone (Upper II) 29522.pngAssassin Cross Stone (Upper II) 29612.pngSura Stone II (Upper II) 29616.pngSorcerer Stone II (Upper II) 29620.pngShadow Chaser Stone II (Upper II) 29652.pngSoul Linker Stone (Upper II)

29656.pngStar Gladiator Stone (Upper II) 29660.pngNinja Stone (Upper II) 29665.pngGunslinger Stone (Upper II) 29669.pngDoram Stone (Upper II) 310001.pngSniper Stone II (Upper II) 310005.pngWhitesmith Stone II (Upper II)

310009.pngHigh Priest Stone II (Upper II) 310182.pngHigh Wizard Stone II (Upper II) 310186.pngPaladin Stone II (Upper II) 310190.pngAssassin Cross Stone II (Upper II) 310259.pngLord Knight Stone II (Upper II) 310263.pngCreator Stone II (Upper II)

310267.pngTrentini Gypsy Stone II (Upper II) 310328.pngMelee Stone (Upper II) 310665.pngMagic Power Stone(Upper II) 310882.pngRune Knight Stone(Upper II) 310885.pngWarlock Stone (Upper II) 310888.pngRoyal Guard Stone (Upper II)

311006.pngWander Mins Stone (Upper II) 311009.pngGeneric Stone (Upper II) 311012.pngSorcerer Stone (Upper II) 311357.pngArchbishop Stone (Upper II) 311360.pngRanger Stone (Upper II) 311363.pngShadow Chaser Stone (Upper II)

311428.pngSura Stone (Upper II) 311431.pngMechanic Stone (Upper II) 311434.pngGuillotine Cross Stone (Upper II) 311461.pngHoly Priest Stone (Upper II) 311464.pngRebellion Stone (Upper II) 311467.pngSoul Reaper Stone (Upper II)

311913.pngKagerou Stone (Upper II) 311916.pngOboro Stone (Upper II) 311919.pngSummoner Stone (Upper II) 311922.pngDefense Stone (Upper II) 312404.pngSuper Novice Stone (Upper II) 4926.pngCri 1Lv 4930.pngRecovery UP 4805.pngArchbishop1Lv

4936.pngAttack big1 4937.pngAttack mid1 4938.pngAttack small1 29028.pngATK + 1% 29030.pngMATK+1% 29013.pngHP Absorption 3 29032.pngSP Absorption 1 4807.pngAtk Speed1 29053.pngAfter Skill Delay1 Upper 29159.pngExperience + 2%

29156.pngVariable Cast Reduction Upper 29359.pngFatal (Upper) 29208.pngSPabsorp2 29211.pngHPabsorp2 3 29423.pngChampion Stone (Upper) 29428.pngSniper Stone (Upper) 29432.pngProfessor Stone (Upper) 29460.pngLord Knight Stone (Top)

29464.pngCreator Stone (Top) 29464.pngCreator Stone (Top) 29468.pngHigh Wizard Stone (Top) 29477.pngStalker Stone (Upper) 29481.pngWhitesmith Stone (Upper) 29485.pngClown Gypsy Stone (Upper) 29513.pngHigh Priest Stone (Upper)

29517.pngPaladin Stone (Upper) 29521.pngAssassin Cross Stone (Upper) 29613.pngSura Stone II (Upper) 29617.pngSorcerer Stone II (Upper) 29621.pngShadow Chaser Stone II (Upper) 29651.pngSoul Linker Stone (Upper)

29655.pngStar Gladiator Stone (Upper) 29659.pngNinja Stone (Upper) 29664.pngGunslinger Stone (Upper) 29668.pngDoram Stone (Upper) 310000.pngSniper Stone II (Top) 310004.pngWhitesmith Stone II (Top) 310008.pngHigh Priest Stone II (Top)

310181.pngHigh Wizard Stone II (Upper) 310185.pngPaladin Stone II (Upper) 310191.pngAssassin Cross Stone II (Upper) 310258.pngLord Knight Stone II (Top) 310262.pngCreator Stone II (Top) 310266.pngTrentini Gypsy Stone II (Top)

310325.pngRange Stone (Top) 310327.pngMelee Stone (Top) 310664.pngMagic Power Stone(Upper) 310881.pngRune Knight Stone(Upper) 310884.pngWarlock Stone (Upper) 310887.pngRoyal Guard Stone (Upper) 311005.pngWander Mins Stone (Upper)

311008.pngGenetic Stone (Upper) 311011.pngSorcerer Stone (Upper) 311356.pngArchbishop Stone (Top) 311359.pngRanger Stone (Top) 311362.pngShadow Chaser Stone (Top) 311427.pngSura Stone (Upper) 311430.pngMechanic Stone (Upper)

311433.pngGuillotine Cross Stone (Upper) 311460.pngHoly Sacred Stone (Upper) 311463.pngRebellion Stone (Upper) 311466.pngSoul Reaper Stone (Top) 311912.pngKagerou Stone (Upper) 311915.pngOboro Stone (Upper) 311918.pngSummoner Stone (Upper)

311921.pngDefense Stone (Upper) 312403.pngSuper Novice Stone (Upper)4992.pngHP Absorb 1 4993.pngSP Absorb 1 29056.pngReduces Fixed Cast 29154.pngMinor Fixed Cast Reduction 29362.pngDouble Attack 29361.pngFatal (Lower II)

29358.pngVariable Casting Garment 29209.pngSPabsorp2 29210.pngHPabsorp2 3 29426.pngSuraStone (Lower II) 29431.pngRangerStone (Lower II) 29435.pngSorcererStone (Lower II) 29463.pngRune Knight Stone (Lower II) 29467.pngGenetic Stone (Lower II)

29471.pngWarlock Stone (Lower II) 29480.pngShadow Chaser Stone (Lower II) 29484.pngMechanic Stone (Lower II) 29488.pngWanderer Minstrel Stone (Lower II) 29516.pngArchbishop Stone (Lower II) 29520.pngRoyal Guard Stone (Lower II)

29524.pngAssassin Cross Stone (Lower II) 29427.pngSura Stone II (Lower II) 29614.pngSorcerer Stone II (Lower II) 29618.pngShadow Chaser Stone II (Lower II) 29654.pngSoul Reaper Stone (Lower II) 29658.pngStar Emperor Stone (Lower II)

29662.pngKagerou Stone (Lower II) 29663.pngOboro Stone (Lower II) 29667.pngRebellion Stone (Lower II) 29671.pngDoram Stone (Lower II) 310003.pngRanger Stone II (Lower II) 100192.pngMechanic Stone II (Lower II) 310011.pngArchbishop Stone II (Lower II)

310180.pngWarlock Stone II (Lower II) 310184.pngRoyal Guard Stone II (Lower II) 310188.pngGuillotine Cross Stone II (Lower II) 310257.pngRune Knight Stone II (Lower II) 310261.pngCreator Stone II (Lower II) 310265.pngWanderer's Stone II (Lower II)

311426.pngSpell Magic Attack Stone (Lower II) 311469.pngMilli Physical Attack Stone (Lower II) 311470.pngRange Physical Attack Stone (Lower II) 311924.pngResist Defense Stone (Lower II) 312398.pngShinkiro Stone (Lower II)

312399.pngShiranui Stone (Lower II) 312400.pngShadow Cross Stone (Lower II) 312401.pngCardinal Stone (Lower II) 312402.pngSuper Novice Stone (Lower II) 312476.pngSky Emperor Stone (Lower II) 312477.pngElemental Master Stone (Lower II)

312478.pngMeister Stone (Lower II) 312692.pngAbyss Chaser Stone (Lower II) 312693.pngTroubadour & Trouvere Stone (Lower II) 312694.pngHyper Novice Stone (Lower II) 313060.pngImperial Guard Stone (Lower II) 313059.pngDragon Knight Stone (Lower II)

313061.pngNightwatch Stone (Lower II) Biolo Stone (Lower II) Inquisitor Stone (Lower II) Spirit Handler Stone (Lower II) 4884.pngHIT + 1 4859.pngEvasion1 4928.pngMaxSP+10 4932.pngSP recovery1 4861.pngMHP+1% 29021.pngVIT+3 LUK-3

29023.pngAGI+3 STR-3 29019.pngDEX+3 AGI-3 29025.pngLUK+3 INT-3 29015.pngSTR+3 DEX-3 29017.pngINT+3 VIT-3 29033.pngMDEF+4 29027.pngEXP+2% 29029.pngATK+1%(Lower) 29031.pngMATK+1%(Lower) 29046.pngGreed 29049.pngHP+100 29050.pngSP+50 29051.pngDetoxify

29052.pngRecovery 29055.pngAfter Skill Delay1 Lower 29057.pngKyrie 29146.pngIdentify 29158.pngVariable Cast Reduction Lower 29227.pngHeal 29229.pngWarp 29228.pngSteal 29360.pngFatal (Lower) 29425.pngChampion Stone (Bottom) 29430.pngSniper Stone (Bottom)

29434.pngProfessor Stone (Bottom) 29462.pngLord Knight Stone (Bottom) 29466.pngCreator Stone (Bottom) 29470.pngHigh Wizard Stone (Bottom) 29479.pngStalker Stone (Bottom) 29483.pngWhitesmith Stone (Bottom)

29487.pngClown Gypsy Stone (Bottom) 29515.pngHigh Priest Stone (Bottom) 29519.pngPaladin Stone (Bottom) 29523.pngAssassin Cross Stone (Bottom) 29611.pngSura Stone II (Bottom) 29615.pngSorcerer Stone II (Bottom)

29619.pngShadow Chaser Stone II (Bottom) 29653.pngSoul Linker Stone (Bottom) 29657.pngStar Gladiator Stone (Bottom) 29661.pngNinja Stone (Bottom) 29666.pngGunslinger Stone (Bottom) 29670.pngDoram Stone (Bottom)

310002.pngSniper Stone II (Bottom) 310006.pngWhitesmith Stone II (Bottom) 310010.pngHigh Priest Stone II (Bottom) 310183.pngHigh Wizard Stone II (Lower) 310187.pngPaladin Stone II (Lower) 310189.pngAssassin Cross Stone II (Lower)

310260.pngLord Knight Stone II (Bottom) 310264.pngCreator Stone II (Bottom) 310268.pngTrentini Gypsy Stone II (Bottom) 310326.pngRange Stone (Bottom) 310329.pngMelee Stone (Bottom) 310666.pngMagic Power Stone(Lower)

310883.pngRune Knight Stone(Lower) 310886.pngWarlock Stone (Lower) 310889.pngRoyal Guard Stone (Lower) 311007.pngWander Mins Stone (Lower) 311010.pngGenetic Stone (Lower) 311013.pngSorcerer Stone (Lower)

311358.pngArchbishop Stone (Bottom) 311361.pngRanger Stone (Bottom) 311364.pngShadow Chaser Stone (Bottom) 311429.pngSura Stone (Lower) 311432.pngMechanic Stone (Lower) 311435.pngGuillotine Cross Stone (Lower) 311462.pngHoly stone (Low)

311465.pngRebellion Stone (Low) 311468.pngSoul Reaper Stone (Low) 311914.pngKagerou Stone (Lower) 311917.pngOboro Stone (Lower) 311920.pngSummoner Stone (Lower) 311923.pngDefense Stone (Lower) 312405.pngSuper Novice Stone (Lower)


Obtained from Episode 19.1
400105.pngIssgard Warrior Crown [1] 400106.pngIssgard Magician Crown [1] 400107.pngIssgard Ranger Crown [1]
Obtained from Episode 18.1

400236.pngHelm of Faith II (Kagerou & Oboro) [1] 400235.pngHelm of Faith (Kagerou & Oboro) [1] 400238.pngHelm of Faith II (Rebellion) [1] 400237.pngHelm of Faith (Rebellion) [1] 400240.pngHelm of Faith II (Soul Reaper) [1]

400239.pngHelm of Faith (Soul Reaper) [1] 400242.pngHelm of Faith II (Star Emperor) [1] 400241.pngHelm of Faith (Star Emperor) [1] 400244.pngHelm of Faith II (Summoner) [1] 400243.pngHelm of Faith (Summoner) [1]

400234.pngHelm of Faith II (Genetic) [1] 400233.pngHelm of Faith (Genetic) [1] 400231.pngHelm of Faith II (Mechanic) [1] 400230.pngHelm of Faith (Mechanic) [1] 400229.pngHelm of Faith II (Minstrel & Wanderer) [1]

400228.pngHelm of Faith (Minstrel & Wanderer) [1] 400227.pngHelm of Faith II (Rune Knight) [1] 400226.pngHelm of Faith (Rune Knight) [1] 400219.pngHelm of Faith II (Sorcerer) [1] 400218.pngHelm of Faith (Sorcerer) [1]

400217.pngHelm of Faith II (Guillotine Cross) [1] 400216.pngHelm of Faith (Guillotine Cross) [1] 400201.pngHelm of Faith II (Royal Guard) [1] 400200.pngHelm of Faith (Royal Guard) [1] 400199.pngHelm of Faith II (Ranger) [1]

400198.pngHelm of Faith (Ranger) [1] 400192.pngHelm of Faith II (Shadow Chaser) [1] 400191.pngHelm of Faith (Shadow Chaser) [1] 400190.pngHelm of Faith II (Archbishop) [1] 400189.pngHelm of Faith (Archbishop) [1]

400181.pngHelm of Faith II (Sura) [1] 400180.pngHelm of Faith (Sura) [1] 400179.pngHelm of Faith II (Warlock) [1] 400178.pngHelm of Faith (Warlock) [1]


Obtained from Episode 20
450270.pngDim Glacier Armor [1] 450271.pngDim Glacier Robe [1] 470197.pngDim Glacier Boots [1] 470198.pngDim Glacier Shoes [1] 480283.pngDim Glacier Manteau [1] 480284.pngDim Glacier Muffler [1]

450264.pngGlacier Armor [1] 450265.pngGlacier Robe [1] 450266.pngGlacier Manteau [1] 450267.pngGlacier Muffler [1] 450268.pngGlacier Shoes [1] 470196.pngGlacier Boots [1]

490327.pngGlacier Ring [1] 490328.pngGlacier Pendant [1] 490329.pngGlacier Earring [1] 490330.pngGlacier Necklace [1 ]460040.pngGlacier Guard [1]

Obtained from Episode 19.1

450207.pngSnowflower Robe [1] 450206.pngSnowflower Armor [1] 480159.pngSnowflower Manteau [1] 480160.pngSnowflower Muffler [1] 470115.pngSnowflower Boots [1] 470116.pngSnowflower Shoes [1]

490176.pngSnowflower Pendant [1] 490177.pngSnowflower Ring [1] 490178.pngSnowflower Necklace [1] 490179.pngSnowflower Earring [1]

Obtained from Episode 18.1
450177.pngGray Wolf Suit [1] 450178.pngGray Wolf Robe [1] 480090.pngGray Wolf Muffler [1] 480091.pngGray Wolf Manteau [1] 470087.pngGray Wolf Boots [1] 470088.pngGray Wolf Shoes [1]

490106.pngGray Wolf Pendant [1] 490107.pngGray Wolf Ring [1] 490108.pngGray Wolf Earring [1] 490109.pngGray Wolf Necklace [1]a

Obtained from Guild Package 

45000.png(MT) Glacier Armor [1] 45001.png(MT) Glacier Manteau [1] 45002.png(MT) Glacier Boots [1] 45003.png(MT) Glacier Ring [1] 45004.png(MT) Glacier Pendant [1]

45005.png(MT) Glacier Robe [1] 45006.png(MT) Glacier Muffler [1] 45007.png(MT) Glacier Shoes [1] 45008.png(MT) Glacier Earring [1] 45009.png(MT) Glacier Necklace [1]

45010.png(MT) Glacier Guard [1]

Shadow Equipment


Obtained from Episode 19.1

500054.pngDim Glacier Sword [1] 500055.pngDim Glacier Basic Sword [1] 510075.pngDim Glacier Rogue Knife [1] 510076.pngDim Glacier Basic Knife [1] 520021.pngDim Glacier Axe [1] 530034.pngDim Glacier Spear [1] 540056.pngDim Glacier Book [1]

550089.pngDim Glacier Wand [1] 550090.pngDim Glacier Foxtail [1] 560037.pngDim Glacier Knuckle [1] 570032.pngDim Glacier Violin [1] 580033.pngDim Glacier Whip [1] 590047.pngDim Glacier Mace [1] 590048.pngDim Glacier Mechanic Mace [1]

700059.pngDim Glacier Bow [1] 600030.pngDim Glacier Two-handed Sword [1] 610041.pngDim Glacier Katar [1] 620019.pngDim Glacier Mechanic Axe [1] 630019.pngDim Glacier Lance [1] 640034.pngDim Glacier Staff [1] 650028.pngDim Glacier Huuma Shuriken [1]

800015.pngDim Glacier Pistol [1] 810015.pngDim Glacier Rifle [1] 820011.pngDim Glacier Shotgun [1] 830015.pngDim Glacier Gatling Gun [1] 840010.pngDim Glacier Grenade Launcher [1]

600027.pngGlacier Two-Handed Sword 630018.pngGlacier Lance 500049.pngGlacier Sword 500050.pngGlacier Basic Sword 530025.pngGlacier Spear 620017.pngGlacier Two-Handed Axe 520017.pngGlacier Axe 590038.pngGlacier Mace 590039.pngGlacier Mechanic Mace

510061.pngGlacier Rogue Knife 510062.pngGlacier Basic Knife 700052.pngGlacier Bow 560032.pngGlacier Knuckle 540049.pngGlacier Book 610037.pngGlacier Katar 550069.pngGlacier Wand 640033.pngGlacier Staff 550070.pngGlacier Foxtail Staff 570029.pngGlacier Violin

580030.pngGlacier Whip 650025.pngGlacier Huuma 800014.pngGlacier Revolver 810010.pngGlacier Rifle 820008.pngGlacier Shotgun 830013.pngGlacier Gatling 840009.pngGlacier Launcher

Obtained from Episode 18.1
600017.pngAdulter Fides Two-Handed Sword [2] 610020.pngAdulter Fides Chakram [2] 610021.pngAdulter Fides Katar [2] 630012.pngAdulter Fides Lance [2] 640019.pngAdulter Fides Two-Handed Staff [2] 640020.pngAdulter Fides Rod [2]

650008.pngAdulter Fides Huuma Shuriken [2] 650009.pngAdulter Fides Cross-Shaped Huuma Shuriken [2] 700030.pngAdulter Fides Crossbow [2] 700031.pngAdulter Fides Ballista [2] 700032.pngAdulter Fides Aiming Bow [2]

800003.pngAdulter Fides Revolver [2] 810002.pngAdulter Fides Rifle [2] 820002.pngAdulter Fides Shotgun [2] 830003.pngAdulter Fides Gatling Gun [2] 840002.pngAdulter Fides Launcher [2] 500025.pngAdulter Fides Guardian Sword [2]

500026.pngAdulter Fides Rapier [2] 510032.pngAdulter Fides Dagger [2] 520008.pngAdulter Fides Axe [2] 530013.pngAdulter Fides Guardian Spear [2] 540019.pngAdulter Fides Magic Book [2] 540020.pngAdulter Fides Poison Book [2]

540021.pngAdulter Fides Bible [2] 540022.pngAdulter Fides Moon Book [2] 540023.pngAdulter Fides Stardust Book [2] 550024.pngAdulter Fides Wand [2] 550025.pngAdulter Fides Soul Stick [2] 550026.pngAdulter Fides Dark Wand [2]

550027.pngAdulter Fides Foxtail Wand [2] 550028.pngAdulter Fides Foxtail Model [2] 560018.pngAdulter Fides Knuckle [2] 560019.pngAdulter Fides Claw [2] 12550.pngAdulter Fides Violin [2] 570018.pngAdulter Fides Harp [2]

580017.pngAdulter Fides Chain Rope [2] 580018.pngAdulter Fides Ribbon [2] 590021.pngAdulter Fides Mace [2] 590022.pngAdulter Fides Hall [2]600018.pngVivatus Fides Two-handed Sword [2] 610022.pngVivatus Fides Chakram [2]

610023.pngVivatus Fides Katar [2] 630013.pngVivatus Fides Lance [2] 640021.pngVivatus Fides Two-handed Staff [2] 640022.pngVivatus Fides Rod [2]700033.pngVivatus Fides Cross Bow [2] 700034.pngVivatus Fides Ballista [2]

700035.pngVivatus Fides Aiming Bow [2] 500027.pngVivatus Fides Guardian Sword [2] 500028.pngVivatus Fides Rapier [2] 510033.pngVivatus Fides Dagger [2]520009.pngVivatus Fides Axe [2] 530014.pngVivatus Fides Guardian Spear [2]

540024.pngVivatus Fides Magic Book [2] 540025.pngVivatus Fides Poison Book [2] 540026.pngVivatus Fides Bible [2] 550029.pngVivatus Fides Wand [2]560020.pngVivatus Fides Knuckle [2] 560021.pngVivatus Fides Claw [2] 570019.pngVivatus Fides Violin [2]

570020.pngVivatus Fides Harp [2] 580019.pngVivatus Fides Chain Rope [2] 580020.pngVivatus Fides Ribbon [2] 590023.pngVivatus Fides Mace [2]590024.pngVivatus Fides Scepter [2] 550063.pngVivatus Fides Dark Wand [2]

550064.pngVivatus Fides Soul Stick [2] 550065.pngVivatus Fides Foxtail Wand [2] 550066.pngVivatus Fides Foxtail Model [2] 540045.pngVivatus Fides Stardust Book [2]540046.pngVivatus Fides Moon Book [2] 830011.pngVivatus Fides Gatling Gun [2]

840007.pngVivatus Fides Launcher [2] 810008.pngVivatus Fides Rifle [2] 820006.pngVivatus Fides Shotgun [2] 800012.pngVivatus Fides Revolver [2]650021.pngVivatus Fides Cross Huuma Shuriken [2] 650022.pngVivatus Fides Huuma Shuriken [2]

Obtained from Guild Package

45100.png(MT) Dim Glacier Sword [1] 45101.png(MT) Dim Glacier Basic Sword [1] 45102.png(MT) Dim Glacier Rogue Knife [1] 45103.png(MT) Dim Glacier Basic Knife [1] 45104.png(MT) Dim Glacier Spear [1]

45105.png(MT) Dim Glacier Book [1] 45106.png(MT) Dim Glacier Axe [1] 45107.png(MT) Dim Glacier Wand [1] 45108.png(MT) Dim Glacier Foxtail [1] 45109.png(MT) Dim Glacier Knuckle [1] 45110.png(MT) Dim Glacier Violin [1]

45111.png(MT) Dim Glacier Whip [1] 45112.png(MT) Dim Glacier Mace [1] 45113.png(MT) Dim Glacier Mechanic Mace [1] 45114.png(MT) Dim Glacier Two-handed Sword [1] 45115.png(MT) Dim Glacier Katar [1]

45116.png(MT) Dim Glacier Mechanic Axe [1] 45117.png(MT) Dim Glacier Lance [1] 45118.png(MT) Dim Glacier Staff [1] 45119.png(MT) Dim Glacier Huuma Shuriken [1] 45120.png(MT) Dim Glacier Bow [1]

45121.png(MT) Dim Glacier Pistol [1] 45122.png(MT) Dim Glacier Rifle [1] 45123.png(MT) Dim Glacier Shotgun [1] 45124.png(MT) Dim Glacier Gatling Gun [1] 45125.png(MT) Dim Glacier Grenade Launcher [1]


300455.pngCopo Card 300457.pngGray Icewind Card 300458.pngIcewind Card 300468.pngSnow Rabbit Slug Card 300469.pngMelibe Slug Card

300470.pngBear Bug Card 300460.pngJormungandr Guardian Card 300461.pngSuspicious Iwin Soldier Card 300471.pngFallen Angel Slug Card 300467.pngAngel Slug Card 300456.pngIcewind's Egg Card

300462.pngSuperior Rgan Shaman Card 300463.pngSuperior Rgan Healer Card 300464.pngJormungandr Church Shaman Card 300459.pngJormungandr Church Bishop Card 300465.pngJormungandr Sanctuary Guardian Card

300363.pngLimacina Card 300362.pngUnfrost Flower Card 300364.pngCalmaring Card 300361.pngIce Straw Card 300360.pngShining Seaweed Card 300359.pngIce Gangu Card 300365.pngPrimitive Rgan Card 300366.pngLowest Rgan Card 300367.pngLesser Rgan Card

300368.pngIntermediate Rgan Card 300369.pngWasted Primitive Rgan Card 300370.pngWasted Intermediate Rgan Card 300371.pngCave Calmaring Card 300372.pngCave Flower Card 300374.pngHallucigenia Card 300373.pngHallucigenia Baby Card

300375.pngOne-Eye Dollocaris Card 300376.pngTwo-Eye Dollocaris Card 300381.pngHearthunter AT Card 300379.pngModified Advanced Rgan Card 300380.pngEntangled Intermediate Rgan Card

300211.pngAsh Toad Card 300212.pngRakehand Card 300213.pngSpark Card 300214.pngHot Molar Card 300215.pngVolcaring Card 300216.pngLava Toad Card 300218.pngAshhopper Card 300219.pngAshring Card 300220.pngGrey Wolf Card

300221.pngTumblering Card 300222.pngFirewind Kite Card 300223.pngPhantom Wolf Card


300454.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Vital) 312050.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (STR) 312051.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (DEX) 312052.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (AGI) 312053.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (INT)

312054.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (VIT) 312055.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (LUK) 312056.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Physical Defense) 312057.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Magical Defense)

312058.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (POW & STA) 312059.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (SPL & WIS) 312060.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (CON & CRT) 312061.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Warrior)

312062.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Shooter) 312066.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Grand Mage) 312067.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Power Force) 312068.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Global Cooldown)

312069.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Fast) 312070.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Caster) 312071.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Guide Attack) 312072.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Above All)

312073.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Powerful) 312074.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Mental) 312075.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Robust) 312076.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Fixed Casting)

312077.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Physical Force) 312078.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Magical Force) 312079.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Over Power) 312080.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Spell Buster)

312081.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Firing Shot) 312082.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Speed) 312083.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Fighting Spirit) 312084.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Expert Archer)

312085.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Spell) 312086.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Fatal) 312087.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Physical Power) 312087.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Physical Power)

312088.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Magical Power) 312089.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (All Force) 312090.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Defense) 312091.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Attack)

312092.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Physical Resistance) 312093.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Magical Resistance) 312094.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Guardian) 312095.pngGlacier Flower Meow Power (Intelligence)

312096.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Def) 1Lv 312097.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Def) 2Lv 312098.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Def) 3Lv 312099.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Def) 4Lv  312100.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Def) 5Lv

312101.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Def) 6Lv 312102.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Def) 7Lv 312103.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Def) 8Lv 312104.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Def) 9Lv 312105.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Def) 10Lv

312106.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Atk) 1Lv 312107.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Atk) 2Lv 312108.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Atk) 3Lv 312109.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Atk) 4Lv 312110.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Atk) 5Lv

312111.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Atk) 6Lv 312112.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Atk) 7Lv 312113.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Atk) 8Lv 312114.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Atk) 9Lv 312115.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Atk) 10Lv

312116.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Matk) 1Lv 312117.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Matk) 2Lv 312118.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Matk) 3Lv 312119.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Matk) 4Lv 312120.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Matk) 5Lv

312121.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Matk) 6Lv 312122.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Matk) 7Lv 312123.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Matk) 8Lv 312124.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Matk) 9Lv 312125.pngWarmth of the Snake God (Matk) 10Lv

312127.pngMalice of the Snake God (Def) 1Lv 312128.pngMalice of the Snake God (Def) 2Lv 312129.pngMalice of the Snake God (Def) 3Lv 312130.pngMalice of the Snake God (Def) 4Lv 312131.pngMalice of the Snake God (Def) 5Lv

312132.pngMalice of the Snake God (Def) 6Lv 312133.pngMalice of the Snake God (Def) 7Lv 312134.pngMalice of the Snake God (Def) 8Lv 312135.pngMalice of the Snake God (Def) 9Lv 312136.pngMalice of the Snake God (Def) 10Lv

312137.pngMalice of the Snake God (Atk) 1Lv 312138.pngMalice of the Snake God (Atk) 2Lv 312139.pngMalice of the Snake God (Atk) 3Lv 312140.pngMalice of the Snake God (Atk) 4Lv 312141.pngMalice of the Snake God (Atk) 5Lv

312142.pngMalice of the Snake God (Atk) 6Lv 312143.pngMalice of the Snake God (Atk) 7Lv 312144.pngMalice of the Snake God (Atk) 8Lv 312145.pngMalice of the Snake God (Atk) 9Lv 312146.pngMalice of the Snake God (Atk) 10Lv

312147.pngMalice of the Snake God (Matk) 1Lv 312148.pngMalice of the Snake God (Matk) 2Lv 312149.pngMalice of the Snake God (Matk) 3Lv 312150.pngMalice of the Snake God (Matk) 4Lv 312151.pngMalice of the Snake God (Matk) 5Lv

312152.pngMalice of the Snake God (Matk) 6Lv 312153.pngMalice of the Snake God (Matk) 7Lv 312154.pngMalice of the Snake God (Matk) 8Lv 312155.pngMalice of the Snake God (Matk) 9Lv 312156.pngMalice of the Snake God (Matk) 10Lv

312157.pngGrace of the Snake God 312158.pngMystery of the Snake God (Def) 1Lv 312159.pngMystery of the Snake God (Def) 2Lv 312160.pngMystery of the Snake God (Def) 3Lv 312161.pngMystery of the Snake God (Def) 4Lv

312162.pngMystery of the Snake God (Def) 5Lv 312163.pngMystery of the Snake God (Def) 6Lv 312164.pngMystery of the Snake God (Def) 7Lv 312165.pngMystery of the Snake God (Def) 8Lv 312166.pngMystery of the Snake God (Def) 9Lv

312167.pngMystery of the Snake God (Def) 10Lv 312168.pngMystery of the Snake God (Atk) 1Lv 312169.pngMystery of the Snake God (Atk) 2Lv 312170.pngMystery of the Snake God (Atk) 3Lv 312171.pngMystery of the Snake God (Atk) 4Lv

312172.pngMystery of the Snake God (Atk) 5Lv 312173.pngMystery of the Snake God (Atk) 6Lv 312174.pngMystery of the Snake God (Atk) 7Lv 312175.pngMystery of the Snake God (Atk) 8Lv 312176.pngMystery of the Snake God (Atk) 9Lv

312177.pngMystery of the Snake God (Atk) 10Lv 312178.pngMystery of the Snake God (Matk) 1Lv 312179.pngMystery of the Snake God (Matk) 2Lv 312180.pngMystery of the Snake God (Matk) 3Lv 312181.pngMystery of the Snake God (Matk) 4Lv

312182.pngMystery of the Snake God (Matk) 5Lv 312183.pngMystery of the Snake God (Matk) 6Lv 312184.pngMystery of the Snake God (Matk) 7Lv 312185.pngMystery of the Snake God (Matk) 8Lv 312186.pngMystery of the Snake God (Matk) 9Lv

312187.pngMystery of the Snake God (Matk) 10Lv

311098.pngIce Magic Orb (Defense), 311099.pngIce Magic Orb (Magic Defense), 1000717.pngIce Magic Stone (Defense), 1000718.pngIce Magic Stone (Magic Defense)

311100.pngIce Magic Orb (Sniper) 311101.pngIce Magic Orb (Warrior) 311102.pngIce Magic Orb (Mage) 311103.pngIce Magic Orb (Reject Reflection) 311104.pngIce Magic Orb (Power Force) 311105.pngIce Magic Orb (Cast Delay)

1000719.pngIce Magic Stone (Sniper) 1000720.pngIce Magic Stone (Warrior) 1000721.pngIce Magic Stone (Mage) 1000722.pngIce Magic Stone (Reject Reflection) 1000723.pngIce Magic Stone (Power Force) 1000724.pngIce Magic Stone (Cast Delay)

311138.pngIce Magic Orb (Dragonic Breach) 311139.pngIce Magic Orb (Cutter Break) 311140.pngIce Magic Orb (Hundred Wave) 311141.pngIce Magic Orb (Brand Lit) 311142.pngIce Magic Orb (Banishing Cannon)

311143.pngIce Magic Orb (Genesis Pressure) 311144.pngIce Magic Orb (Genesis Pressure) 311145.pngIce Magic Orb (Vulkan Boomerang) 311146.pngIce Magic Orb (Tornado Swing) 311147.pngIce Magic Orb (Hell Tornado)

311148.pngIce Magic Orb (Crazy Cannon) 311149.pngIce Magic Orb (Acid Explosion) 311150.pngIce Magic Orb (Sonic Impact) 311151.pngIce Magic Orb (Cutter Slasher) 311152.pngIce Magic Orb (Berserk Slash) 311153.pngIce Magic Orb (Fatal Attack)

311154.pngIce Magic Orb (Shadow Spell) 311155.pngIce Magic Orb (Angle Shot) 311156.pngIce Magic Orb (Crimson Strain) 311157.pngIce Magic Orb (Jack Lightning) 311158.pngIce Magic Orb (Comet Expansion) 311159.pngIce Magic Orb (Cloud Buster)

311160.pngIce Magic Orb (Varetyr Wave) 311161.pngIce Magic Orb (Diamond Grave) 311162.pngIce Magic Orb (Magnusmus) 311163.pngIce Magic Orb (Holy Judex) 311164.pngIce Magic Orb (Milliduple) 311165.pngIce Magic Orb (Cannon Empire)

311166.pngIce Magic Orb (Thunder Blast) 311167.pngIce Magic Orb (Hell Arrow) 311168.pngIce Magic Orb (Aimed Rush) 311169.pngIce Magic Orb (Breeze Shooting) 311170.pngIce Magic Orb (Arrow Gale) 311171.pngIce Magic Orb (Sound Metal)

311172.pngIce Magic Orb (Rainstorm) 311173.pngIce Magic Orb (Vulcan Shooting) 311174.pngIce Magic Orb (Prominence Burst) 311175.pngIce Magic Orb (Moon Kick) 311176.pngIce Magic Orb (Flash Fall) 311177.pngIce Magic Orb (Eswhoo)

311178.pngIce Magic Orb (Espa) 311179.pngIce Magic Orb (Curse Explosion) 311180.pngIce Magic Orb (Death Hammer Dance) 311181.pngIce Magic Orb (Fire Howling Tail) 311182.pngIce Magic Orb (Storm Buster Trip)

311183.pngIce Magic Orb (Flame Ice Wind) 311184.pngIce Magic Orb (Cross Petal) 311185.pngIce Magic Orb (Flame Wind) 311186.pngIce Magic Orb (Life Force) 311187.pngIce Magic Orb (Earth Power) 311188.pngIce Magic Orb (Power of Savage)

311189.pngIce Magic Orb (Hyper Melee) 311190.pngIce Magic Orb (Hyper Range) 311191.pngIce Magic Orb (Hyper Magic)

311443.pngGlacier Flower Spell (Dragonic Breath) 311444.pngGlacier Flower Spell (Spark Blaster) 311445.pngGlacier Flower Spell (Triple Laser) 311446.pngGlacier Flower Spell (Mighty Smash) 311447.pngGlacier Flower Spell (Explosive Powder)

311448.pngGlacier Flower Spell (Mayhemic Thorns) 311449.pngGlacier Flower Spell (Physical Grade) 1Lv 311450.pngGlacier Flower Spell (Physical Grade) 2Lv 311451.pngGlacier Flower Spell (Physical Grade) 3Lv

311452.pngGlacier Flower Spell (Physical Grade) 4Lv 311453.pngGlacier Flower Spell (Physical Grade) 5Lv 311454.pngGlacier Flower Spell (Magical Grade) 1Lv 311455.pngGlacier Flower Spell (Magical Grade) 2Lv

311456.pngGlacier Flower Spell (Magical Grade) 3Lv 311457.pngGlacier Flower Spell (Magical Grade) 4Lv 311458.pngGlacier Flower Spell (Magical Grade) 5Lv

1000757.pngIce Magic Stone (Dragonic Breach) 1000758.pngIce Magic Stone (Cutter Break) 1000759.pngIce Magic Stone (Hundred Wave) 1000760.pngIce Magic Stone (Brand Drive) 1000761.pngIce Magic Stone (Banishing Cannon)

1000762.pngIce Magic Stone (Genesis Pressure) 1000763.pngIce Magic Stone (Genesis Pressure) 1000764.pngIce Magic Stone (Vulkan Boomerang) 1000765.pngIce Magic Stone (Tornado Swing) 1000766.pngIce Magic Stone (Hell Tornado)

1000767.pngIce Magic Stone (Crazy Cannon) 1000768.pngIce Magic Stone (Acid Explosion) 1000769.pngIce Magic Stone (Sonic Impact) 1000770.pngIce Magic Stone (Cutter Slasher) 1000771.pngIce Magic Stone (Berserk Slash)

1000772.pngIce Magic Stone (Fatal Attack) 1000773.pngIce Magic Stone (Shadow Spell) 1000774.pngIce Magic Stone (Angle Shot) 1000775.pngIce Magic Stone (Crimson Strain) 1000776.pngIce Magic Stone (Jack Lightning)

1000777.pngIce Magic Stone (Soul Comet) 1000778.pngIce Magic Stone (Cloud Buster) 1000779.pngIce Magic Stone (Varetyr Wave) 1000780.pngIce Magic Stone (Diamond Grave) 1000781.pngIce Magic Stone (Magnusmus)

1000782.pngIce Magic Stone (Holy Judex) 1000783.pngIce Magic Stone (Milliduple)  1000784.pngIce Magic Stone (Cannon Empire) 1000785.pngIce Magic Stone (Thunder Blast) 1000786.pngIce Magic Stone (Hell Arrow)

1000787.pngIce Magic Stone (Aimed Rush) 1000788.pngIce Magic Stone (Breeze Shooting) 1000789.pngIce Magic Stone (Arrow Gale) 1000790.pngIce Magic Stone (Sound Metal) 1000791.pngIce Magic Stone (Rainstorm)

1000792.pngIce Magic Stone (Vulcan Shooting) 1000793.pngIce Magic Stone (Prominence Burst) 1000794.pngIce Magic Stone (Moon Kick) 1000795.pngIce Magic Stone (Flash Fall) 1000796.pngIce Magic Stone (Eswhoo) 1000797.pngIce Magic Stone (Espa)

1000798.pngIce Magic Stone (Curse Explosion) 1000799.pngIce Magic Stone (Death Hammer Dance) 1000800.pngIce Magic Stone (Fire Howling Tail) 1000801.pngIce Magic Stone (Storm Buster Trip) 1000802.pngIce Magic Stone (Flame Ice Wind)

1000803.pngIce Magic Stone (Cross Petal) 1000804.pngIce Magic Stone (Flame Wind) 1000805.pngIce Magic Stone (Life Force) 1000806.pngIce Magic Stone (Earth Power) 1000807.pngIce Magic Stone (Power of Savage)

1000808.pngIce Magic Stone (Hyper Melee) 1000809.pngIce Magic Stone (Hyper Range) 1000810.pngIce Magic Stone (Hyper Magic)

311106.pngIce Magic Orb (Speed) 311107.pngIce Magic Orb (Caster) 311108.pngIce Magic Orb (Critical) 311109.pngIce Magic Orb (Guide Attack)

311110.pngIce Magic Orb (Above All) 311111.pngIce Magic Orb (Powerful) 311112.pngIce Magic Orb (Mirror Counter)

311113.pngIce Magic Orb (Stamina) 311114.pngIce Magic Orb (Spirit) 311115.pngIce Magic Orb (Heal)

311116.pngIce Magic Orb (Robust) 311117.pngIce Magic Orb (Fixed Casting) 311118.pngIce Magic Orb (Magical Force) 311119.pngIce Magic Orb (Physical Force) 311120.pngIce Magic Orb (Unlimited Vital) 311121.pngIce Magic Orb (Spell Buster)

311122.pngIce Magic Orb (Firing Shot) 311123.pngIce Magic Orb (Overpower) 311124.pngIce Magic Orb (Fatal Flash) 311125.pngIce Magic Orb (Lucky Strike)

311126.pngIce Magic Orb (Delay After Attack) 311127.pngIce Magic Orb (Expert Archer) 311128.pngIce Magic Orb (Fatal) 311129.pngIce Magic Orb (Fighting Spirit) 311130.pngIce Magic Orb (Magic) 311131.pngIce Magic Orb (HP Recovery)

311132.pngIce Magic Orb (SP Recovery) 311133.pngIce Magic Orb (Drain Life) 311134.pngIce Magic Orb (Drain Soul) 311135.pngIce Magic Orb (Magic Healing) 311136.pngIce Magic Orb (Magic Soul) 311137.pngIce Magic Orb (All Force)

1000725.pngIce Magic Stone (Speed) 1000726.pngIce Magic Stone (Caster) 1000727.pngIce Magic Stone (Critical) 1000728.pngIce Magic Stone (Guide Attack) 1000729.pngIce Magic Stone (Above All) 1000730.pngIce Magic Stone (Powerful)

1000731.pngIce Magic Stone (Mirror Counter) 1000732.pngIce Magic Stone (Stamina) 1000733.pngIce Magic Stone (Spirit) 1000734.pngIce Magic Stone (Heal) 1000735.pngIce Magic Stone (Robust) 1000736.pngIce Magic Stone (Fixed Casting)

1000737.pngIce Magic Stone (Magical Force) 1000738.pngIce Magic Stone (Physical Force) 1000739.pngIce Magic Stone (Unlimited Vital) 1000740.pngIce Magic Stone (Spell Buster) 1000741.pngIce Magic Stone (Firing Shot) 1000742.pngIce Magic Stone (Overpower) 1000743.pngIce Magic Stone (Fatal Flash) 1000744.pngIce Magic Stone (Lucky Strike) 1000745.pngIce Magic Stone (Delay After Attack) 1000746.pngIce Magic Stone (Expert Archer) 1000747.pngIce Magic Stone (Fatal) 1000748.pngIce Magic Stone (Fighting Spirit) 1000749.pngIce Magic Stone (Magic) 1000750.pngIce Magic Stone (HP Recovery) 1000751.pngIce Magic Stone (SP Recovery) 1000752.pngIce Magic Stone (Drain Life) 1000753.pngIce Magic Stone (Drain Soul) 1000754.pngIce Magic Stone (Magic Healing)

1000755.pngIce Magic Stone (Magic Soul) 1000756.pngIce Magic Stone (All Force) 311192.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Dragon Breath) 311193.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Wind Cutter) 311194.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Ignition Break)

311195.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Hundred Spear) 311196.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Sonic Wave) 311197.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Over Brand) 311198.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Hesperus Lit) 311199.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Banishing Point)

311200.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Cannon Spear) 311201.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Ray of Genesis) 311202.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Shield Press) 311203.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Earth Drive) 311204.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Boost Knuckle)

311205.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Arm Cannon) 311206.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Axe Tornado) 311207.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Power Swing) 311208.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Vulcan Arm) 311209.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Axe Boomerang)

311210.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Cart Tornado) 311211.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Cart Cannon) 311212.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Spore Explosion) 311213.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Crazy Weed) 311214.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Cross Ripper Slasher)

311215.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Rolling Cutter) 311216.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Counter Slash) 311217.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Cross Impact) 311218.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Fatal Menace) 311219.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Triangle Shot)

311220.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Feint Bomb) 311221.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Auto Shadow Spell) 311222.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Elemental Spell) 311223.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Soul Expansion) 311224.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Comet)

311225.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Psychic Wave) 311226.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Diamond Dust) 311227.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Varetyr Spear) 311228.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Earth Grave) 311229.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Poison Buster)

311230.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Adoramus) 311231.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Judex) 311232.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Duple Light) 311233.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Tiger Cannon) 311234.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Rampage Blaster)

311235.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Sky Net Blow) 311236.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Ride In Lightening) 311237.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Knuckle Arrow) 311238.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Aimed Bolt) 311239.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Arrow Storm)

311240.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Warg Strike) 311241.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Severe Rainstorm) 311242.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Metallic Sound) 311243.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Reverberation) 311244.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Prominence Burst)

311245.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Moon Kick) 311246.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Flash Fall) 311247.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Espa) 311248.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Eswhoo) 311249.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Curse Explosion) 311250.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Fire Dance)

311251.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Hammer of God) 311252.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Dragon Tail) 311253.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Storm Buster) 311254.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Round Trip) 311255.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Cross Slash)

311256.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Flame Wind) 311257.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Flame Ice Wind) 311258.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Kunai Explosion) 311259.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Swirling Petal) 311260.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Silvervine Stem Spear)

311261.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Catnip Meteor) 311262.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Lunatic Carrot Beat) 311263.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Picky Peck) 311264.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Spirit of Savage) 311265.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Holy Cross)

311266.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Back Stab) 311267.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Shield Boomerang) 311268.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Lord of Vermilion) 311269.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Jupitel Thunder) 311270.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Meteor Storm)

311271.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Storm Gust) 311272.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Servant Weapon) 311273.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Hack And Slasher) 311274.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Madness Crusher) 311275.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Storm Slash)

311276.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Overslash) 311277.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Shield Shooting) 311278.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Cross Rain) 311279.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Axe Stomp) 311280.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Acidified Zone)

311281.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Savage Impact) 311282.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Eternal Slash) 311283.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Impact Crater)  311285.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Abyss Dagger) 311286.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Chain Reaction Shot)

311287.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Frenzy Shot) 311288.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Abyss Square) 311289.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Deft Stab) 311290.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Flare Magic) 311291.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Crystal Magic)

311292.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Storm Magic) 311293.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Ground Magic) 311294.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Illusion Soul Magic) 311295.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Diamond Storm) 311296.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Conflagration)

311297.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Lightning Land) 311299.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Venom Swamp) 311300.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Framen) 311301.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Arbitrium) 311302.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Petitio) 311303.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Faith)

311304.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Judgment) 311305.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Extinction) 311306.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Explosion Blaster) 311307.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Hawk) 311308.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Gale Storm)

311309.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Crescive Bolt) 311310.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Metalic Fury) 311311.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Rhythm Shooting) 311312.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Rose Blossom) 311313.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Sun)

311314.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Moon) 311315.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Star) 311316.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Blue Dragon) 311317.pngGlacier Magic Orb (White Tiger) 311318.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Red Phoenix) 311319.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Black Tortoise)

311320.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Spirit Purification) 311321.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Shadow) 311322.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Huuma Shuriken) 311323.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Kunai) 311324.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Inbeoppo)

311325.pngGlacier Magic Orb (The Vigilant at Night) 311326.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Only One Bullet) 311327.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Spiral Shooting) 311328.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Magazine for One) 311329.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Wild Fire)

311330.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Grenade) 311331.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Chul Ho Sonic Claw) 311332.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Hogogong Strike) 311333.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Hyun Roks Breeze) 311334.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Hyun Rok Cannon)

311335.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Double Bowling Bash) 311336.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Mega Sonic Blow) 311337.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Shield Chain Rush) 311338.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Spiral Pierce Max) 311339.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Meteor Thunder) 311340.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Hell's Jack) 311341.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Napalm Gravitation) 311342.pngGlacier Magic Orb (ATK) 311343.pngGlacier Magic Orb (MATK) 311344.pngGlacier Magic Orb (CRI) 311345.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Variable Casting)

311346.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Attack Speed) 311347.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Skill Delay) 311348.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Physical-Race) 311349.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Magical-Race) 311350.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Physical-Size)

311351.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Magical-Size) 311352.pngGlacier Magic Orb (Physical-Element) 311092.pngIce Magic Orb (STR) 311093.pngIce Magic Orb (DEX) 311094.pngIce Magic Orb (AGI) 311095.pngIce Magic Orb (INT) 311096.pngIce Magic Orb (VIT)

311097.pngIce Magic Orb (LUK)

312306.pngIssgard Crystal 312307.pngIssgard Crystal (Warrior) 312308.pngIssgard Crystal (Shooter) 312309.pngIssgard Crystal (Assassin) 312310.pngIssgard Crystal (Mage)

312311.pngIssgard Crystal (Berserker) 312312.pngIssgard Crystal (Marksman) 312313.pngIssgard Crystal (Executioner) 312314.pngIssgard Crystal (Grand Mage)

310478.pngWolf Orb (Str) Level 1 310479.pngWolf Orb (Dex) Level 1 310480.pngWolf Orb (Agi) Level 1 310481.pngWolf Orb (Int) Level 1 310482.pngWolf Orb (Vit) Level 1 310483.pngWolf Orb (Luk) Level 1 310484.pngWolf Orb (Str) Level 2

310485.pngWolf Orb (Dex) Level 2 310486.pngWolf Orb (Agi) Level 2 310487.pngWolf Orb (Int) Level 2  310488.pngWolf Orb (Vit) Level 2 310489.pngWolf Orb (Luk) Level 2 310490.pngWolf Orb (Str) Level 3 310491.pngWolf Orb (Dex) Level 3

310492.pngWolf Orb (Agi) Level 3 310493.pngWolf Orb (Int) Level 3 310494.pngWolf Orb (Vit) Level 3 310495.pngWolf Orb (Luk) Level 3 310496.pngWolf Orb (Physical Defense) Level 1 310497.pngWolf Orb (Magical Defense) Level 1

310498.pngWolf Orb (Physical Defense) Level 2 310499.pngWolf Orb (Magical Defense) Level 2 310500.pngWolf Orb (Physical Defense) Level 3  310501.pngWolf Orb (Magical Defense) Level 3 310502.pngWolf Orb (Shooter) Level 1

310503.pngWolf Orb (Warrior) Level 1 310504.pngWolf Orb (Mage) Level 1 310505.pngWolf Orb (Shooter) Level 2 310506.pngWolf Orb (Warrior) Level 2 310507.pngWolf Orb (Mage) Level 2 310508.pngWolf Orb (Shooter) Level 3

310509.pngWolf Orb (Warrior) Level 3 310510.pngWolf Orb (Mage) Level 3 310511.pngWolf Orb (Reflection Reject) Level 1 310512.pngWolf Orb (Reflection Reject) Level 2 310513.pngWolf Orb (Reflection Reject) Level 3 310514.pngWolf Orb (Power Force)

310515.pngWolf Orb (Delay After Skill) 310516.pngWolf Orb (Dragonic Breath) 310517.pngWolf Orb (Cutter Break) 310518.pngWolf Orb (Hundred Wave) 310519.pngWolf Orb (Brand Drive) 310520.pngWolf Orb (Vanishing Cannon)

310521.pngWolf Orb (Genesis Pressure) 310522.pngWolf Orb (Boost Cannon) 310523.pngWolf Orb (Vulcan Boomerang) 310524.pngWolf Orb (Tornado Swing) 310525.pngWolf Orb (Hell Tornado) 310526.pngWolf Orb (Crazy Cannon)

310527.pngWolf Orb (Acid Explosion) 310528.pngWolf Orb (Sonic Impact) 310529.pngWolf Orb (Cutter Slasher) 310530.pngWolf Orb (Berserk Slash) 310531.pngWolf Orb (Fatal Attack) 310532.pngWolf Orb (Shadow Spell) 310533.pngWolf Orb (Angle Shot)

310534.pngWolf Orb (Crimson Strain) 310535.pngWolf Orb (Jack Lightning) 310536.pngWolf Orb (Comet Vortex) 310537.pngWolf Orb (Cloud Buster) 310538.pngWolf Orb (Varetyr Wave) 310539.pngWolf Orb (Diamond Grave) 310540.pngWolf Orb (Magnusmus)

310541.pngWolf Orb (Holy Judex) 310542.pngWolf Orb (Melee Duple) 310543.pngWolf Orb (Tiger Empire) 310544.pngWolf Orb (Rampage Lightning) 310545.pngWolf Orb (Hell Arrow) 310546.pngWolf Orb (Cluster) 310547.pngWolf Orb (Breeze Shooting)

310548.pngWolf Orb (Aimed Storm) 310549.pngWolf Orb (Sound Metal) 310550.pngWolf Orb (Reverb) 310551.pngWolf Orb (Vulcan Severe) 310552.pngWolf Orb (Prominence Burst) 310553.pngWolf Orb (Moon Kick) 310554.pngWolf Orb (Flash Falling)

310555.pngWolf Orb (Eswhoo) 310556.pngWolf Orb (Espa) 310557.pngWolf Orb (Curse Explosion) 310558.pngWolf Orb (Des Hammer Dance) 310559.pngWolf Orb (Fire Howling Tail) 310560.pngWolf Orb (Storm Buster Trip) 310561.pngWolf Orb (Flame Ice Wind)

310562.pngWolf Orb (Cross Petal) 310563.pngWolf Orb (Exploding Flake Wind) 310564.pngWolf Orb (Power of Sea) 310565.pngWolf Orb (Power of Land) 310566.pngWolf Orb (Power of Life) 310567.pngWolf Orb (Speed) Level 1

310568.pngWolf Orb (Caster) Level 1 310569.pngWolf Orb (Critical) Level 1 310570.pngWolf Orb (Guide Attack) Level 1 310571.pngWolf Orb (Speed) Level 2 310572.pngWolf Orb (Caster) Level 2 310573.pngWolf Orb (Critical) Level 2

310574.pngWolf Orb (Guide Attack) Level 2 310575.pngWolf Orb (Speed) Level 3 310576.pngWolf Orb (Caster) Level 3 310577.pngWolf Orb (Critical) Level 3 310578.pngWolf Orb (Guide Attack) Level 3 310579.pngWolf Orb (Above All) Level 1

310580.pngWolf Orb (Above All) Level 2 310581.pngWolf Orb (Above All) Level 3 310582.pngWolf Orb (Powerful) Level 1 310583.pngWolf Orb (Powerful) Level 2 310584.pngWolf Orb (Powerful) Level 3 310585.pngWolf Orb (Mirror Counter) Level 1

310586.pngWolf Orb (Mirror Counter) Level 2 310587.pngWolf Orb (Mirror Counter) Level 3 310588.pngWolf Orb (Vital) Level 1 310589.pngWolf Orb (Mental) Level 1 310590.pngWolf Orb (Heal) Level 1 310591.pngWolf Orb (Vital) Level 2

310592.pngWolf Orb (Mental) Level 2 310593.pngWolf Orb (Heal) Level 2 310594.pngWolf Orb (Vital) Level 3 310595.pngWolf Orb (Mental) Level 3 310596.pngWolf Orb (Heal) Level 3 310597.pngWolf Orb (Robust) Level 1 310598.pngWolf Orb (Robust) Level 2

310599.pngWolf Orb (Robust) Level 3 310600.pngWolf Orb (Fixed Casting) Level 1 310601.pngWolf Orb (Fixed Casting) Level 2 310602.pngWolf Orb (Fixed Casting) Level 3 310603.pngWolf Orb (Magical Force) Level 1

310604.pngWolf Orb (Physical Force) Level 1 310605.pngWolf Orb (Magical Force) Level 2 310606.pngWolf Orb (Physical Force) Level 2 310607.pngWolf Orb (Magical Force) Level 3 310608.pngWolf Orb (Physical Force) Level 3

310609.pngWolf Orb (Unlimited Vital) 310610.pngWolf Orb (Spell Buster) 310611.pngWolf Orb (Firing Shot) 310612.pngWolf Orb (Overpower) 310613.pngWolf Orb (Fatal Flash) 310614.pngWolf Orb (Lucky Strike) 310615.pngWolf Orb (Delay After Attack) Level 1

310616.pngWolf Orb (Expert Archer) Level 1 310617.pngWolf Orb (Fatal) Level 1 310618.pngWolf Orb (Fighting Spirit) Level 1 310619.pngWolf Orb (Spell) Level 1 310620.pngWolf Orb (Delay After Attack) Level 2 310621.pngWolf Orb (Expert Archer) Level 2

310622.pngWolf Orb (Fatal) Level 2 310623.pngWolf Orb (Fighting Spirit) Level 2 310624.pngWolf Orb (Spell) Level 2 310625.pngWolf Orb (Delay After Attack) Level 3 310626.pngWolf Orb (Expert Archer) Level 3 310627.pngWolf Orb (Fatal) Level 3

310628.pngWolf Orb (Fighting Spirit) Level 3 310629.pngWolf Orb (Spell) Level 3 310630.pngWolf Orb (Delay After Attack) Level 4 310631.pngWolf Orb (Expert Archer) Level 4 310632.pngWolf Orb (Fatal) Level 4 310633.pngWolf Orb (Fighting Spirit) Level 4

310634.pngWolf Orb (Spell) Level 4 310635.pngWolf Orb (HP Recovery) Level 1 310636.pngWolf Orb (SP Recovery) Level 1 310637.pngWolf Orb (HP Recovery) Level 2 310638.pngWolf Orb (SP Recovery) Level 2 310639.pngWolf Orb (HP Recovery) Level 3 310640.pngWolf Orb (SP Recovery) Level 3 310641.pngWolf Orb (HP Recovery) Level 4 310642.pngWolf Orb (SP Recovery) Level 4 310643.pngWolf Orb (Drain Life) 310644.pngWolf Orb (Drain Soul) 310645.pngWolf Orb (Magic Healing)

310646.pngWolf Orb (Magic Soul) 310647.pngWolf Orb (All Force) 29706.pngTenacity Lv1 29707.pngTenacity Lv2 29708.pngTenacity Lv3 29091.pngMaster Archer Lv. 1 29092.pngMaster Archer Lv. 2 29093.pngMaster Archer Lv. 3 29101.pngAdamantine Lv. 1

29102.pngAdamantine Lv. 2 29103.pngAdamantine Lv. 3 29071.pngMagic Essence Lv. 1 29072.pngMagic Essence Lv. 2 29073.pngMagic Essence Lv. 3 29111.pngAffection Lv. 1 29112.pngAffection Lv. 2 29113.pngAffection Lv. 3 29061.pngMettle Lv. 1 29062.pngMettle Lv. 2

29063.pngMettle Lv. 3 29081.pngAcute Lv. 1 29082.pngAcute Lv. 2 29083.pngAcute Lv. 3 4809.pngFighting Spirit3 4815.pngSpell1 4818.pngSharp1 4832.pngExpert Archer1 4869.pngDelayafterAttack1Lv 4948.pngAfter Skill Delay Lv1 4872.pngDelayafterAttack2Lv

4873.pngDelayafterAttack3Lv 4814.pngSpell2 4813.pngSpell3 4833.pngExpert Archer2 4834.pngExpert Archer3 4949.pngAfter Skill Delay Lv2 4950.pngAfter Skill Delay Lv3 4817.pngSharp2 4816.pngSharp3 4808.pngFighting Spirit4 4820.pngFighting Spirit5


13232.pngBlind Bullet, 13222.pngBloody Shell, 13200.pngBullet, 13228.pngFlare Bullet, 13202.pngSurplus Bloody Shell, 13229.pngLightning Bullet, 13221.pngSilver Bullet, 13231.pngPoison Bullet, 13230.pngIce Bullet, 13201.pngSurplus Silver Bullet, 13215.pngArmor-Piercing Bullet,

13217.pngFreezing Bullet, 13219.pngMagic Stone Bullet, 13211.pngSlug Ammunition M, 13216.pngBlazing Bullet, 13220.pngPurifying Bullet, 13213.pngSlug Ammunition SH, 13212.pngSlug Ammunition H, 13214.pngSlug Ammunition XH, 13218.pngLightning Bullet,

13210.pngSlug Ammunition L

1750.pngArrow, 1754.pngCrystal Arrow, 1774.pngHunting Arrow, 1763.pngPoison Arrow, 1753.pngSteel Arrow, 1766.pngArrow of Counter Evil, 1773.pngElven Arrow, 1757.pngImmaterial Arrow, 1762.pngRusty Arrow, 1756.pngStone Arrow, 1767.pngArrow of Shadow, 1752.pngFire Arrow,

1770.pngIron Arrow, 1764.pngSharp Arrow, 1755.pngArrow of Wind, 1772.pngHoly Arrow, 1765.pngOridecon Arrow, 1751.pngSilver Arrow,

18001.pngHoly Cannon Ball, 18000.pngCannon Ball, 18004.pngIron Cannon Ball, 18002.pngDark Cannon Ball, 18003.pngSoul Cannon Ball, 18006.pngLightning Cannon Ball, 18005.pngIce Cannon Ball, 18009.pngPoison Cannon Ball, 18008.pngFire Cannon Ball,

13256.pngBlack Earth Kunai, 13252.pngFlash Shuriken, 13255.pngIcicle Kunai, 13250.pngShuriken, 1220002.pngKunai Of Nothing, 13292.pngDried Squid, 13293.pngFlying Fish, 13295.pngLight Shuriken, 13291.pngStarfish, 1220001.pngKunai, 13294.pngExplosive Kunai, 13258.pngHeat Wave Kunai,

13251.pngNimbus Shuriken, 13254.pngThorn Needle Shuriken, 1220004.pngKunai Of Hamaya, Fell Poison Kunai, 13257.pngHigh Wind Kunai, 13253.pngSharp Leaf Shuriken, 1220003.pngKunai Of Shadow


1000311.pngHawk Flute, 6145.pngVulcan Bullet, 6124.pngWolf Flute, 12848.pngFalcon Flute

505.pngBlue Potion, 11624.pngBlue Syrup, 1100004.pngConcentrated Blue Potion, 1100005.pngConcentrated Gold Potion, 1100003.pngConcentrated Red Potion, 545.pngCondensed Red Potion, 547.pngCondensed White Potion, 546.pngCondensed Yellow Potion,

506.pngGreen Potion, 523.pngHoly Water, 502.pngOrange Potion, 525.pngPanacea, 501.pngRed Potion, 11621.pngRed Syrup, 504.pngWhite Potion, 11623.pngWhite Syrup, 503.pngYellow Potion, 11622.pngYellow Syrup, 14536.pngAbrasive, 23169.pngAlchemist box, 22744.pngArmor-Piercing Cartridge, 22745.pngIncandescence Shot Cartridge, 22749.pngPurification Shot Cartridge, 22748.pngHearthstone Shot Cartridge, 22747.pngDengeki Shot Cartridge, 22746.pngGlaciation Shot Cartridge, 12333.pngAncilla, 605.pngAnodyne, 12004.pngQuiver, 12729.pngOthila Rune, 656.pngAwakening Potion, 657.pngBerserk Potion, 23127.pngBlind Bullet Cartridge, 22737.pngBloody Cartridge, 100171.pngCannon Ball Box, 602.pngButterfly Wing, 100233.pngBlue Herb Activator, 100192.pngBlue Gemstone Pouch, 12149.pngCartridge, 12119.pngColdproof Potion, 645.pngConcentration Potion, 12012.pngCrystal Arrow Quiver, 12475.pngCure Free, 12020.pngCursed Water, 100176.pngDark Cannon Ball Box, 12720.pngDisheart, 12433.pngDrosera Herb Salad, 12120.pngEarthproof Potion, 12117.pngElemental Converter, 12115.pngElemental Converter, 12114.pngElemental Converter, 12116.pngElemental Converter, 12575.pngArrow Of Elf Cntr, 12437.pngConcentrated Ceromain Soup, 12008.pngFire Arrow Quiver, 100231.pngGolden X, 601.pngFly Wing, 23123.pngFlare Bullet Cartridge, 12118.pngFireproof Potion, 12733.pngHagalaz Rune, 12622.pngReins Of Mount, 14540.pngHoly Armor Scroll, 12183.pngHoly Arrow Quiver, 12423.pngHP Increase Potion (Medium), 12424.pngHP Increase Potion (Large), 100177.pngHoly Cannon Ball Box, 12928.pngSacred Scroll, 12422.pngHP Increase Potion (Small), 12576.pngHunting Arrow Cntr, 23125.pngIce Bullet Cartridge, 12014.pngImmaterial Arrow Quiver, 12728.pngIsa Rune, 100172.pngIron Cannon Ball Box, 12005.pngIron Arrow Quiver, 12718.pngLeech End, 23124.pngLightning Bullet Cartridge, 100178.pngLiquid Condensed Bullet Box, 22540.pngLux Anima Runestone, 23277.pngEmergency Magic Gear, 12215.pngLV10 Blessing Scroll, 12216.pngLV10 Agil Scroll, 12723.pngMagic Mushroom, 611.pngMagnifier, 12431.pngMinor Stew, 12717.pngParalyze, 12007.pngOridecon Arrow Quiver, 12719.pngOblivion Curse, 12725.pngNauthiz Rune, 12813.pngPeony Mamy, 12732.pngWyrd Rune, 12434.pngPetite Tail Noodles, 678.pngPoison Bottle, 23126.pngPoison Bullet Cartridge, 13973.pngPoison Bottle Box, 12550.pngDeadly Poison Box12722.pngPyrexia, 12104.pngRandom Quiver, 100194.pngRed Gemstone Pouch, 12015.pngRusty Arrow Quiver, 12726.pngRaido Rune, 14537.pngRegeneration Potion, 100232.pngRed Herb Activator, 12429.pngSavage Full Roast, 14539.pngShadow Armor Scroll, 12013.pngShadow Arrow Quiver, 12009.pngSilver Arrow Quiver, 12814.pngSlapping Herb, 12432.pngSiroma Iced Tea, 22738.pngSilver Cartridge, 12812.pngSnow Flip, 100173.pngSoul Cannon Ball Box, 12427.pngSP Increase Potion (Large), 12426.pngSP Increase Potion (Medium), 12016.pngSpeed Potion, 12341.pngSpecial Alloy Trap Box, 12425.pngSP Increase Potion (Small), 100072.pngSpell Book (Chain Lightning), 100073.pngSpell Book (Comet), 100071.pngSpell Book (Crimson Rock), 100068.pngSpell Book (Drain Life), 100067.pngSpell Book (Meteor Storm), 100066.pngSpell Book (Lord of Vermilion), 100069.pngSpell Book (Jack Frost), 100070.pngSpell Book (Earth Strain), 100065.pngSpell Book (Storm Gust), 100074.pngSpell Book (Tetra Vortex), 12006.pngSteel Arrow Quiver, 12011.pngStone Arrow Quiver, 12730.pngUruz Rune, 12731.pngThurisaz Rune, 12721.pngToxin, 12121.pngThunderproof Potion, 12724.pngVenom Bleed, 12727.pngBerkana Rune, 12436.pngVitata 500, 12383.pngVulcan Bullet Magazine, 12815.pngYggdrasil Dust, 100193.pngYellow Gemstone Pouch, 12010.pngWind Arrow Quiver, 12430.pngCocktail Warg Blood, 23084.pngBlack Earth Kunai Summon Scroll, 23082.pngIcicle Kunai Summon Scroll, 101114.pngKunai Scroll Shadow, 101121.pngSS Charm G Box, 100174.pngPoison Arrow Quiver, 23159.pngPoison Bottle Pack, 100179.pngLarge Mado Gear Fuel Tank, 101108.pngCannon Box Lightning, 100180.pngRepair A Box, 100181.pngRepair B Box, 100182.pngRepair C Box, 12805.pngMystic Powder, 101120.pngSS Charm W Box, 101113.pngKunai Scroll Nothing, 23085.pngFell Poison Kunai Summon Scroll, 101122.pngSS Charm L Box, 100190.pngEarth Amulet Bundle, 100189.pngWind Amulet Bundle, 100187.pngFire Amulet Bundle, 100184.pngIce Stone Bundle, 100158.pngMado Strengthening Suit, 101119.pngSS Charm F Box, 100188.pngIce Amulet Bundle, 23711.pngTrap Box, 23083.pngHigh Wind Kunai Summon Scroll, 101109.pngCannon Box Stone, 101107.pngCannon Box Ice, 100183.pngFlame Stone Bundle, 23377.pngEarth Armor Scroll, 101118.pngSS Charm Box, 101471.pngAlchemist Selection Box, 23376.pngWind Armor Scroll, 100197.pngDragon Tail Missile Cartridge, 101112.pngKunai Scroll, 23375.pngWater Armor Scroll, 100196.pngProjection Landmine Cartridge, 100195.pngFull Metal Jacket Cartridge, 101116.pngNw Grenade Box, 101115.pngKunai Scroll Hamaya, 23081.pngHeat Wave Kunai Summon Scroll, 100191.pngExplosive Kunai Summon Scroll, 101111.pngCannon Box Poison, 23374.pngFire Armor Scroll, 100185.pngWind Stone Bundle, 101110.pngCannon Box Fire, 101754.pngHvH Red Herb Jam, 101757.pngHvH White Herb Jam, 101753.pngHvH Purple Herb Jam, 101756.pngHvH Yellow Herb Jam, 101755.pngHvH Blue Herb Jam, 101117.pngSoa Charm Bundle, 100186.pngShadow Orb Bundle, 100516.pngEye Cleaner, 100517.pngEar Cleaner, 100518.pngTonics, 100519.pngMini Extinguisher, 100520.pngWater Of Lucky, 100521.pngStrong Antidote, 100522.pngHigh Energy Chocolate, 100523.pngRefined Holy Water, 11547.pngSiege Purple Potion, 11548.pngSiege White Potion, 11549.pngSiege Blue Potion