Bell & Your Home

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Upon completing the Izlude Academy, you receive 43070.pngService Bell.

To call the service, you can use the item or command @bell.

The service is disabled inside castle and battleground maps.

Buffs & Repairs

Pay 15000 zeny to receive 

10 minutes buff AGI Up and Blessing level 10.

Full repair of broken equipment in inventory.

Your Home

Unlock access for level 260.

Purchase a home shared for the whole account.

  • Extra Home storage.
  • Comfy Bed, it can reset your Fatigue once a day
Cultivation of Silvervine Cat Fruits Befriend with House Guard
  1. Buy 44130.pngDark Seed from Farmer Tasung
  2. Plant the seeds on Plant Spots (total 8 spots)
  3. Water the plant spots after planting (need 1x 44120.pngCrystal Liquid)
  4. Next day to harvest for 1-3 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit and 40% chance of 12103.pngBloody Branch
  1. Gift 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit to your House Guard.
  2. The higher level it gets the more Free Cash Points you receives from Anti AFK checker.
  • Note: you can gift once a day

Manage Builds

Save up to 3 status builds.

Load then at any point.

Instance CD Status

Simply checks for available or cool down of instance runs.

Login Settings

An onlogin setting for On/Off features.

With currently 4 options.

  • KS protection
  • PM block
  • Show EXP
  • Autoloot

Channel Settings

Disable global channels by On/Off

  • main
  • trade
  • help
  • recruit
  • pvp
  • bg
  • event

Autoloot Settings

Save up to 3 slots of autolooting or noautolooting item list

Each list can contain about 10 item IDs.

Point Wallet

Displays some of the major points your holding.
  • Cash Points
  • Free Cash Points
  • Event Ranking Points
  • PvP Ranking Points
  • Fishing Points
  • Mining Fatigue

MacroBan Reset

Give player the option to reset MacroBan count if they have 7 or more.

Reset fee is 10x 43054.pngZeny Coin(Platinum)

Change Guide

You can change the apperance of your guide.