Bell & Your Home

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Upon completing the Izlude Academy, you receive 43070.pngService Bell.

To call the service, you can use the item or command @bell.

The service is disabled inside castle and battleground maps.

Buffs & Repairs

Pay 15000 zeny to receive 

10 minutes buff AGI Up and Blessing level 10.

Full repair of broken equipment in inventory.

Your Home

Unlock access for level 260.

Purchase a home shared for the whole account.

  • Extra Home storage.
  • Comfy Bed, it can reset your Fatigue once a day
  • It's also a good place to use your Dead Branches, nobody  can disturb you here.
Cultivation of Silvervine Cat Fruits Befriend with House Guard
  1. Buy 44130.pngDark Seed from Farmer Tasung
  2. Plant the seeds on Plant Spots (total 8 spots)
  3. Water the plant spots after planting (need 1x 1000502.pngHoly Water of Purification)
  4. Next day to harvest for 1-3 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit and 40% chance of 12103.pngBloody Branch
  1. Gift 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit to your House Guard.
  2. The higher level it gets the more Free Cash Points (up to 200) you receives from Tiny Tilby.
  • Note: you can gift once a day

Manage Builds

Save up to 5 status / skill builds.

Load them at any point.

Instance CD Status

Simply checks for available or cool down of instance runs.

Login Settings

An onlogin setting for On/Off features.

With currently 4 options.

  • KS protection
  • PM block
  • Show EXP
  • Autoloot

Channel Settings

Disable global channels by On/Off

  • main
  • trade
  • help
  • recruit
  • pvp
  • bg
  • event

Autoloot Settings

Save up to 3 slots of autolooting or noautolooting item list

Each list can contain about 10 item IDs.

Point Wallet

Displays some of the major points your holding.
  • Cash Points
  • Free Cash Points
  • Event Ranking Points
  • PvP Ranking Points
  • Fishing Points
  • Mining Fatigue

Change Guide

You can change the apperance of your guide.