Item Reform

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Item reform takes your equipment and changes them into a newer and stronger variant.

  • Requirements needed could be:
    • Base item in inventory.
    • Different materials.
    • Minimum refine level.
    • Minimum random options.
  • Results given could be:
    • Brand new equipment.
    • Refine level losses.
    • Refine level gains.
    • Random options.

Reckenberg Research Institute

Enter the Item Mall Guide located in Prontera. /navi prontera 166/170

Then enter the Reform Center by talking to Equip Reform PR Agent. /navi itemmal 14/50

NPC Info Buy extra upgrade stone

Ore Research

/navi rgsr_in 131/187

Exchange reform materials from this NPC using the following methods.

Upgrade stone refining Materials & Fee Top upgrade stone exchange Materials & Fee
1000430.pngWeapon Upgrade Stone(Lower)

1000431.pngWeapon Upgrade Stone(Intermediate)

1000434.pngArmor Upgrade Stone(Lower)

1000435.pngArmor Upgrade Stone(Intermediate)

1000438.pngAccessory Upgrade Stone(Lower)

1000439.pngAccessory Upgrade Stone(Intermediate)

1000431.pngWeapon Upgrade Stone(Intermediate)

1000432.pngWeapon Upgrade Stone(High)

1000435.pngArmor Upgrade Stone(Intermediate)

1000436.pngArmor Upgrade Stone(High)

1000439.pngAccessory Upgrade Stone(Intermediate)

1000440.pngAccessory Upgrade Stone(High)

1000432.pngWeapon Upgrade Stone(High) 1000433.pngWeapon Upgrade Stone(Superior)
1000436.pngArmor Upgrade Stone(High) 1000437.pngArmor Upgrade Stone(Superior)
1000440.pngAccessory Upgrade Stone(High) 1000441.pngAccessory Upgrade Stone(Superior)
1000433.pngWeapon Upgrade Stone(Superior)

1000437.pngArmor Upgrade Stone(Superior)

1000441.pngAccessory Upgrade Stone(Superior)

Thanos Weapon Reform

Weapon Researcher

/navi rgsr_in 115/169

Can reform your Thanos weapon into AD version if you bring him the needed materials.

He offers 2 methods, one is lesser which gives you -5 refine level in result, and the other is intermediate that gives -1 refine level in result.

Lesser Reforms needed materials. Intermediate Reforms needed materials.
Thanos Weapons AD Thanos Weapons
13441.pngThanos Sword [1] 500024.pngThanos Sword-AD [2]
21009.pngThanos Great Sword [1] 600016.pngThanatos Great Sword-AD [2]
16028.pngThanos Hammer [1] 590020.pngThanos Hammer-AD [2]
13093.pngThanos Dagger [1] 510030.pngThanos Dagger-AD [2]
2023.pngThanos Two-Handed Staff [1] 640017.pngThanatos Two-handed Staff-AD [2]
1988.pngThanos Whip [1] 580016.pngThanatos Whip-AD [2]
1933.pngThanos Violin [1] 570016.pngThanos Violin-AD [2]
1669.pngThanos Staff [1] 550023.pngThanos Staff-AD [2]
1438.pngThanos Spear [1] 530012.pngThanos Spear-AD [2]
28000.pngThanos Katar [1] 610019.pngThanatos Katar-AD [2]
28100.pngThanos Axe [1] 620009.pngThanatos Axe-AD [2]
18119.pngThanos Bow [1] 700029.pngThanatos Bow-AD [2]
1836.pngThanos Knuckle [1] 560017.pngThanos Knuckle-AD [2]

OS Weapon Reform

Weapon Researcher

/navi rgsr_in 115/169

Can reform your OS weapon into OSAD version if you bring him the needed materials.

He can reform the weapons without losing any refine level.

Needed Materials

OS Weapons OSAD Weapons
21047.pngBeam Claymor-OS [2] 600028.pngBeam Claymor-OSAD [2]
28038.pngMeuchler-OS [2] 610039.pngMeuchler-OSAD [2]
28136.pngBlasti-OS [2] 620018.pngBlasti-OSAD [2]
18178.pngVirtual Bow-OS [2] 700054.pngVirtual Bow-OSAD [2]
18179.pngMH-P89-OS [2] 700055.pngMH-P89-OSAD [2]
18180.pngAC-B44-OS [2] 700056.pngAC-B44-OSAD [2]
28253.pngHR-S55-OS [2] 810013.pngHR-S55-OSAD [2]
1862.pngBurning Knuckle-OS [2] 560034.pngBurning Knuckle-OSAD [2]
13493.pngCannon Rapier-OS [2] 500051.pngCannon Rapier-OSAD [2]
16088.pngSapphire Mace-OS [2] 590043.pngSaphir Hall-OSAD [2]
16089.pngUltio-OS [2] 590044.pngUltio-OSAD [2]
26151.pngRutilus Stick-OS [2] 550075.pngRutilus Stick-OSAD [2]
26164.pngElectric Fox-OS [2] 550076.pngElectric Fox-OSAD [2]
28629.pngCircuit Board-OS [2] 540051.pngCircuit Board-OSAD [2]
28755.pngKuroiro-OS [2] 510066.pngKuroiro-OSAD [2]
32019.pngBoost Lance-OS [2] 530031.pngBoost Lance-OSAD [2]

Special Armors Reform

Special Equipment Researcher

/navi rgsr_in 136/171

NPC can reform special armors obtained from Katsua or Wilderness Shops.

He offers 3 methods

Lesser reforms gives -5 refine level in result.

Intermediate reforms gives -1 refine level in result.

Advanced reforms is for none refine gears.

Lesser reforms material Intermediate reforms material Result
400135.pngThanos Warrior Helmet-LT [1]
400142.pngThanos Shooter Helmet-LT [1]
400145.pngThanos Magic Helmet-LT [1]
400151.pngThanos Fighter Helmet-LT [1]
470094.pngHero Boots-LT [1]
400152.pngSmokey's Transformation Leaf-LT [1]
400153.pngWickebine's Black Cat Ears-LT [1]
400154.pngSurvival Circlet-LT [1]
400155.pngGold Fish Head Hat-LT [1]
400156.pngImp Hat-LT [1]
400245.pngTiger King Doll Hat-LT [1]
400246.pngBaek Sojin Hat-LT [1]
460020.pngMad Bunny-LT [1]
400261.pngSagittarius Diadem-LT [1]
400262.pngScorpio Diadem-LT [1]
400263.pngGreat Magician's Ceremonial Crown-LT [1]
400264.pngStripe Hat-LT [1]
400265.pngPhantom Cap-LT [1]
400266.pngIgnis Cap-LT [1]
400267.pngRed Clock Casquette-LT [1]

400445.pngOfficer's Hat-LT [1]

400465.pngDrooping Thanatos's Dolor-LT [1]
Advanced Reforms Materials


19267.pngSurvivor's Orb

450x 7321.pngCrystal Fragment

100x 1000436.pngArmor Upgrade Stone(High)

420066.pngSurvive Orb-LT

490100.pngRed Force Pendant [1]

350x 25739.pngCurse Eroded Crystal

350x 25740.pngCurse Eroded Gemstone

150x 1000440.pngAccessory Upgrade Stone(High)

490382.pngRed Force Pendant-LT [1]

490101.pngBlue Mental Pendant [1]

350x 25739.pngCurse Eroded Crystal

350x 25740.pngCurse Eroded Gemstone

150x 1000440.pngAccessory Upgrade Stone(High)

490383.pngBlue Mental Pendant-LT [1]

Patent Weapon Reform

Special Equipment Researcher

/navi rgsr_in 136/171

NPC can reform weapons obtained from Katsua or Wilderness shop.

He offers 3 methods.

Lesser reforms gives -5 refine level in result.

Intermediate reforms gives -1 refine level in result.

Advanced reforms gives +1 refine level in result.

Lesser reforms material Intermediate reforms material Advanced reforms material
Base Weapon Result Base Weapon Result
590030.pngSaint Mace-LT [2]

610034.pngBlade Katar-LT [2]

530019.pngAquatic Spear-LT [2]

610033.pngShiver Katar-LT [2]

540035.pngExorcist's Bible-LT [2]

600024.pngDragonic Slayer-LT [2]

500038.pngLight Blade-LT [2]

600023.pngOriental Sword-LT [2]

510040.pngMagic Sword-LT [2]

510060.pngKiri no Tsuyu-LT [2]

510041.pngFatalist-LT [2] 650024.pngHuuma Shuriken Clearness-LT [2]
640027.pngIron Staff-LT [2] 830012.pngThe Black-LT [2]
640028.pngBlue Crystal Staff-LT [2] 800013.pngCrimson Rose-LT [2]
550045.pngShadow Staff-LT [2] 820007.pngDemon Slayer Shot-LT [2]
550046.pngChilling Cane-LT [2] 540048.pngOne Sky One Sun-LT [2]
560026.pngIron Nail-LT [2] 840008.pngGolden Lord Launcher-LT [2]
560027.pngRay Knuckle-LT [2] 810009.pngMaster Soul Rifle-LT [2]
500039.pngRed Lotus Sword-LT [2] 550068.pngSpirit Pendulum-LT [2]
500040.pngSlate Sword-LT [2] 550067.pngMeow Meow Foxtail-LT [2]
700045.pngRoyal Bow-LT [2] 550082.pngFreedom Stick-LT [2]
700046.pngScarlet Leather Dragon Bow-LT [2] 510072.pngBlessed Knife-LT [2]
570027.pngTrumpet Shell-LT [2]

580027.pngBarbed Wire Whip-LT [2]

700049.pngNarcissus Bow-LT [2]

620015.pngAvenger-LT [2]

590034.pngMeteor Striker-LT [2]

FA Reform

Armor Researcher

/navi rgsr_in 115/180

NPC can reform garments obtained in list.

He offers 2 methods.

FA 1 reforms gives -5 refine level in result.

Fa 2 reforms gives -1 refine level in result.

FA 1 Reform Materials FA 2 Reform Materials Result

480136.pngMagic Swordsman Thanatos's Sword [1] +9

15x 7450.pngSkeletal Armor Piece

5x 100480.pngCondensed Sakrai's Wrath

5x 100486.pngCondensed Sakrai's Regret

50x 1000367.pngMinneas

200x 1000434.pngArmor Upgrade Stone(Lower)

480136.pngMagic Swordsman Thanatos's Sword [1] +9

30x 7450.pngSkeletal Armor Piece

9x 100480.pngCondensed Sakrai's Wrath

9x 100486.pngCondensed Sakrai's Regret

100x 1000367.pngMinneas

200x 1000435.pngArmor Upgrade Stone(Intermediate)

480324.pngMagic Swordsman Thanatos's Sword-FA [1]

Wolf Village

Damat Purification Rituals

/navi wolfvill 170/131

NPC can reform your Adulter weapon into Vivatus Fides weapon.

Offering 2 methods General reform gives -5 refine level in result and Advanced reform gives -1 refine level in result.

General materials Advanced materials Result
600018.pngVivatus Fides Two-handed Sword [2]

630013.pngVivatus Fides Lance [2]

500027.pngVivatus Fides Guardian Sword [2]

530014.pngVivatus Fides Guardian Spear [2]

520009.pngVivatus Fides Axe [2]

590023.pngVivatus Fides Mace [2]

500028.pngVivatus Fides Rapier [2]

590024.pngVivatus Fides Scepter [2]

610022.pngVivatus Fides Chakram [2]
610023.pngVivatus Fides Katar [2]
510033.pngVivatus Fides Dagger [2]
700033.pngVivatus Fides Cross Bow [2]
640021.pngVivatus Fides Two-handed Staff [2]
640022.pngVivatus Fides Rod [2]
540024.pngVivatus Fides Magic Book [2]
540025.pngVivatus Fides Poison Book [2]
540026.pngVivatus Fides Bible [2]
550029.pngVivatus Fides Wand [2]
560020.pngVivatus Fides Knuckle [2]
560021.pngVivatus Fides Claw [2]
700034.pngVivatus Fides Ballista [2]
700035.pngVivatus Fides Aiming Bow [2]
570019.pngVivatus Fides Violin [2]
580019.pngVivatus Fides Chain Rope [2]
570020.pngVivatus Fides Harp [2]
580020.pngVivatus Fides Ribbon [2]
650022.pngVivatus Fides Huuma Shuriken [2]
650021.pngVivatus Fides Cross Huuma Shuriken [2]
800012.pngVivatus Fides Revolver [2]
810008.pngVivatus Fides Rifle [2]
830011.pngVivatus Fides Gatling Gun [2]
840007.pngVivatus Fides Launcher [2]
540046.pngVivatus Fides Moon Book [2]
540045.pngVivatus Fides Stardust Book [2]
550064.pngVivatus Fides Soul Stick [2]
550063.pngVivatus Fides Dark Wand [2]
550065.pngVivatus Fides Foxtail Wand [2]
550066.pngVivatus Fides Foxtail Model [2]

Katsua / Wilderness

Reform items obtained from Katsua's Secret Box or Wilderness Stores.

100619.pngModified Thanos Refinement Hammer

Using it on refine +9 ~ +11 Thanos AD weapons

Fee: 14x 6635.pngBlacksmith Blessing

Result: +1 refine safe refine

500024.pngThanos Sword-AD [2] 510030.pngThanos Dagger-AD [2] 530012.pngThanos Spear-AD [2] 550023.pngThanos Staff-AD [2] 560017.pngThanos Knuckle-AD [2] 570016.pngThanos Violin-AD [2]

580016.pngThanatos Whip-AD [2] 590020.pngThanos Hammer-AD [2] 600016.pngThanatos Great Sword-AD [2] 610019.pngThanatos Katar-AD [2] 620009.pngThanatos Axe-AD [2]

640017.pngThanatos Two-handed Staff-AD [2] 700029.pngThanatos Bow-AD [2]

Varmundt's Rune Equipment

Beta NPC

You can reform your Varmundt's biopshere rune equipment into better version.

The reformation will keep the refinement, enchant and grade level of the former rune equipment.

/navi ba_in01 368/55

General Materials Result General Materials Result
450234.pngRune Armor of Flame [1]

450243.pngRune Armor of Plain [1]

470173.pngRune Boots of Flame [1]

470174.pngRune Boots of Plain [1]

480230.pngRune Manteau of Flame [1]

480231.pngRune Manteau of Plain [1]

450244.pngRune Armor of Ice [1]

450245.pngRune Robe of Death [1]

470175.pngRune Boots of Ice [1]

470176.pngRune Boots of Death [1]

480232.pngRune Manteau of Ice [1]

480233.pngRune Manteau of Death [1]

490302.pngSoul Rune Ring [1] 490305.pngSoul Magic Ring [1]
490303.pngVenom Rune Ring [1] 490306.pngVenom Magic Ring [1]
490304.pngTemple Rune Ring [1] 490307.pngTemple Magic Ring [1]

HvH Dimensional Wanderer Accessories

Reforming Technician

Inside HvH Garden @go 41

You can reform Sealed Dimensional Wanderer accessories to unsealed version.

Base Item General Materials Result

490273.pngSealed Dimensional Key

1001093.pngDimensional Jewel

1001094.pngDimensional craftsmanship

1001095.pngHeroria Jewel

1001128.pngHeroria's Faith

490276.pngDimensional Wanderer's Key [1]
490274.pngSealed Dimensional Lock

1001093.pngDimensional Jewel

1001094.pngDimensional craftsmanship

1001095.pngHeroria Jewel

1001129.pngDefinition of Heroria

490277.pngDimensional Wanderer's Lock [1]
490275.pngSealed Dimensional Keychain

1001093.pngDimensional Jewel

1001094.pngDimensional craftsmanship

1001095.pngHeroria Jewel

1001130.pngHeroic Glory

490278.pngDimensional Wanderer's Keychain [1]

Flush  Weapons

Amplification Blueprints are dropped by low chance from monsters inside Mjolnir Underground Cave.

When reforming, all random options and refine levels are removed.

Initiator Item Base Weapon Reformed Weapon
102018.pngAmplification Schematic (Metal Detector MK47) 28771.pngMetal Detector Mk47 [2]

510105.pngFlush Metal Detector Mk47 [2]

102020.pngAmplification Schematic (Gem Detector Mk47)

28772.pngJewel Detector Mk47 [2]

510077.pngFlush Jewel Detector Mk47 [2]

102019.pngAmplification Blueprint (Safety Saver)

32352.pngSafety Saber [2]

500056.pngFlush Safety Saber [2]

102021.pngAmplification Schematic (Safety Foxtail)

550006.pngSafety Foxtail [2]

550091.pngFlush Safety Foxtail [2]

102022.pngAmplification Blueprint (Crowsword)

21054.pngClaw Sword [2]

600031.pngFlush Claw Sword [2]

102023.pngAmplification Schematic (Blocking Spear)

32026.pngBlocking Spear [2]

530035.pngFlush Blocking Spear [2]

102024.pngAmplification Schematic (Rubber Hammer)

16099.pngRubber Hammer [2]

590049.pngFlush Rubber Hammer [2]

102025.pngAmplification Blueprint (Saw Ax)

28140.pngSaw Axe [2]

620020.pngFlush Saw Axe [2]

102026.pngAmplification Schematic (Safety Knuckle)

1867.pngSafety Knuckle [2]

560038.pngFlush Safety Knuckle [2]

102027.pngAmplification Schematic (Safety Manual)

28635.pngSafety Manual [2]

540058.pngFlush Safety Manual [2]

102028.pngAmplification Schematic (Welding Wand)

26162.pngWelding Wand [2]

550092.pngFlush Welding Wand [2]

102029.pngAmplification Blueprint (Detecting Staff)

2058.pngDetecting Staff [2]

640035.pngFlush Detecting Staff [2]

102030.pngAmplification Blueprint (Grinder Fengma Shuriken)

13346.pngGrinder Huuma Shuriken [2]

650029.pngFlush Grinder Huuma Shuriken [2]

102031.pngAmplification Schematic (Volt Shooter)

18190.pngBolt Shooter [2]

700060.pngFlush Bolt Shooter [2]

102032.pngAmplified Blueprint (Bolt Crusher)

28045.pngBolt Crusher [2]

610042.pngFlush Bolt Crusher [2]

102033.pngAmplified Schematic (Volt Revolver)

32303.pngBolt Revolver [2]

800016.pngFlush Bolt Revolver [2]

102034.pngAmplified Schematic (Safety Whip)

26215.pngSafety Whip [2]

580034.pngFlush Safety Whip [2]

102035.pngAmplification Schematic (Safety Lute)

32110.pngSafety Lute [2]

570033.pngFlush Safety Lute [2]

102126.pngAmplification Schematic (Metal Detector MK47-2) 28771.pngMetal Detector Mk47 [2] 510106.pngFlush Metal Detector Mk47-2

Rune Tablet Equipment Print

Rune Tablet NPC

/navi prontera 159/284

Turn regular equipment to Printed equipment etc materials for crafting Runes for Rune Tablet.

Episode 17 Series

Turn any of following equipment to printed equal version.

Printed (Reformed) Items

21047.pngBeam Claymor-OS [2], 28038.pngMeuchler-OS [2], 28136.pngBlasti-OS [2], 18178.pngVirtual Bow-OS [2], 18179.pngMH-P89-OS [2], 18180.pngAC-B44-OS [2], 28253.pngHR-S55-OS [2], 1862.pngBurning Knuckle-OS [2], 13493.pngCannon Rapier-OS [2], 16088.pngSapphire Mace-OS [2], 16089.pngUltio-OS [2], 26151.pngRutilus Stick-OS [2], 26164.pngElectric Fox-OS [2], 28629.pngCircuit Board-OS [2], 28755.pngKuroiro-OS [2], 32019.pngBoost Lance-OS [2], 450127.pngAutomatic Armor Type A [1], 450128.pngAutomatic Armor Type B [1], 480020.pngAutomatic Engine Wing Type A [1], 480021.pngAutomatic Engine Wing Type B [1], 470022.pngAutomatic Leg Type A [1], 470023.pngAutomatic Leg Type B [1], 490026.pngAutomatic Battle Chip R [1], 490027.pngAutomatic Battle Chip L [1], 490024.pngAutomatic Booster R [1], 490025.pngAutomatic Booster L [1], 500007.pngHypocrisy Machine [3], 600008.pngHypocrisy Edge [2], 550008.pngGreed Wand [2], 540004.pngSloth Text [2], 520002.pngPride Steel [2], 500008.pngInvidia Bundle [2], 700007.pngSuperbia String [2], 700008.pngGula Gun [2], 560004.pngIra Fist [2], 530002.pngGluttony Stick [2], 630003.pngLuxuria Pierce [2], 510008.pngWrath Rack [2], 610006.pngAvaritia Metal [2], 640005.pngPride Stone [2], 540005.pngSloth Bible [2], 510009.pngGula Teeth [2], 580005.pngPigritia Spark [2], 570005.pngPigritia Wave [2], 700009.pngPigritia Rhythm [2], 650003.pngWrath Wheel [2], 590006.pngEnvy Blunt [2], 550009.pngAddiction Wand [2], 810000.pngLust Pointer [2], 820000.pngLust Shatter [2], 830001.pngLust Crusher [2], 840000.pngLust Boom [2]

1001360.pngPrinted Saphir Mace-OS, 1001361.pngPrinted Electric Fox-OS, 1001363.pngPrinted Circuit Board-OS, 1001364.pngPrinted Boost Lance-OS, 1001365.pngPrinted Blasti-OS, 1001366.pngPrinted Beam Claymor-OS, 1001367.pngPrinted Cannon Rapier-OS, 1001368.pngPrinted AC-B44-OS, 1001369.pngPrinted Virtual Bow-OS, 1001370.pngPrinted HR-S55-OS, 1001371.pngPrinted MH-P89-OS, 1001372.pngPrinted Kuroiro-OS, 1001373.pngPrinted Meuchler-OS, 1001374.pngPrinted Burning Knuckle-OS, 1001375.pngPrinted Ultio-OS, 1001377.pngPrinted Automatic Battle Chip R, 1001378.pngPrinted Automatic Booster R, 1001379.pngPrinted Automatic Armor A-type, 1001380.pngPrinted Automatic Engine wing A-type, 1001381.pngPrinted Automatic Leg A-type, 1001382.pngPrinted Automatic Battle Chip L, 1001383.pngPrinted Automatic Booster L, 1001384.pngPrinted Automatic Armor B-type, 1001385.pngPrinted Automatic Engine wing B-type, 1001386.pngPrinted Automatic Leg B-type, 1001387.pngPrinted Hypocrisy Machine, 1001388.pngPrinted Greed Wand, 1001389.pngPrinted Sloth Text, 1001390.pngPrinted Invidia Bundle, 1001391.pngPrinted Superbia String, 1001392.pngPrinted Gula Gun, 1001393.pngPrinted Ira Fist, 1001394.pngPrinted Gluttony Stick, 1001395.pngPrinted Luxuria Pierce, 1001396.pngPrinted Wrath Rack, 1001397.pngPrinted Avaritia Metal, 1001398.pngPrinted Pride Stone, 1001399.pngPrinted Sloth Bible, 1001400.pngPrinted Gula Teeth, 1001401.pngPrinted Pigritia Spark, 1001402.pngPrinted Pigritia Wave, 1001403.pngPrinted Wrath Wheel, 1001404.pngPrinted Envy Blunt, 1001405.pngPrinted Addiction Plant, 1001406.pngPrinted Lust Pointer, 1001407.pngPrinted Lust Shatter, 1001408.pngPrinted Lust Crusher, 1001409.pngPrinted Lust Boom, 1001410.pngPrinted Pride Steel, 1001411.pngPrinted Hypocrisy Edge, 1001412.pngPrinted Pigritia Rhythm
6379.pngCard Coin 300482.pngLesser Rune Card

Engrave Rune Armor (Deep Biosphere)

Engrave Rune Armor

After engraving armor will be Character Bound.

Refine level, enchants are kept.

Unengrave Rune Armor

Ungraving turns Rune Armor back to previous version.

Refine level, enchants are kept.

Base Items and Material Engraved Item Base Item and Materials Unengraved Item

450274.pngFiery Earth Rune Armor [1]

20x 1001306.pngRune of Deep Fire

20x 1001307.pngDeep Earth Rune

10x 1001314.pngEssence of Deep Fire

10x 1001315.pngEssence of Deep Earth

450282.pngEngraved Fiery Earth Rune Armor [1]

450282.pngEngraved Fiery Earth Rune Armor [1]

30x 1001306.pngRune of Deep Fire

30x 1001307.pngDeep Earth Rune

15x 1001314.pngEssence of Deep Fire

15x 1001315.png

450274.pngFiery Earth Rune Armor [1]

450279.pngIcy Storm Rune Suit [1]

20x 1001308.pngDeep Cold Rune

20x 1001309.pngDeep Storm Rune

10x 1001316.pngEssence of Deep Cold

10x 1001317.pngEssence of the Deep Storm

450283.pngEngraved Icy Storm Rune Suit [1]

450283.pngEngraved Icy Storm Rune Suit [1]

30x 1001308.pngDeep Cold Rune

30x 1001309.pngDeep Storm Rune

15x 1001316.pngEssence of Deep Cold

15x 1001317.pngEssence of the Deep Storm

450279.pngIcy Storm Rune Suit [1]

450280.pngSoul Purifying Rune Robe [1]

20x 1001310.pngDeep Soul Rune

20x 1001311.pngDeep Cleansing Rune

10x 1001318.pngDeep Soul Essence

10x 1001319.pngEssence of Deep Purification

450284.pngEngraved Soul Purifying Rune Robe [1]

450284.pngEngraved Soul Purifying Rune Robe [1]

30x 1001310.pngDeep Soul Rune

30x 1001311.pngDeep Cleansing Rune

15x 1001318.pngDeep Soul Essence

15x 1001319.pngEssence of Deep Purification

450280.pngSoul Purifying Rune Robe [1]

450281.pngCorrupted Poison Rune Cloth [1]

20x 1001312.pngDeep Corruption Rune

20x 1001313.pngRune of Deep Poison

10x 1001320.pngEssence of Deep Corruption

10x 1001321.pngEssence of Deep Venom

450285.pngEngraved Corrupted Poison Rune Cloth [1]

450285.pngEngraved Corrupted Poison Rune Cloth [1]

30x 1001312.pngDeep Corruption Rune

30x 1001313.pngRune of Deep Poison

15x 1001320.pngEssence of Deep Corruption

15x 1001321.pngEssence of Deep Venom

450281.pngCorrupted Poison Rune Cloth [1]