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MvP are special monsters with Boss protocol.

They are stronger than regular monsters and naturally spawns in fields and dungeons 1.

In our server, we have divived MvPs into Tiers, from Tier 1 to Tier 5, based on their power.

The respawn of MvPs are also unique, with respawn time of fixed hours and respawn hours amount based on tiers.

Use @mvpstatus to check spawn status ingame.

Ways to spawn MvP?

You can hunt MvP on Field or Dungeon when they naturally spawns.

You can buy 40060.pngBloody Branch from Starry Island to summon a random mvp from all Tiers.

You can hunt monsters inside Wilderness and summon MvPs after 1000 kills.

MvP List

All MvPs drops an unique item called MvP Footprint, you can use this item to exchange for rewards.

Tier 1 - Tier 2 drops: 44410.pngMvP Footprint A

Tier 3 drops: 44411.pngMvP Footprint B

Tier 4 drops: 44412.pngMvP Footprint C

Tier 5 drops: 44413.pngMvP Footprint D

Tier MvP Name Respawn Schedule
1 Big Eggring, Orc Hero, Maya, Orc Lord, Golden Thief Bug, Eddga, Osiris, Amon Ra,
Phreeoni, Dracula, Doppelganger, Mistress, Moonlight Flower, Lady Tanee,
Baphomet, Pharaoh, Drake, Stormy Knight, Boitata, Leak, Dark Lord, Gopinich,
Bacsojin, Garm, Moonlight Flower, Eddga, Mistress, Maya, Baphomet, Doppelganger,
Dark Lord, The Last One, King of the Alley, Angry Moonlight Flower,
Awakened Ktullanux, Angry Dracula
00:00, 01:00, 02:00, 03:00, 04:00, 05:00, 06:00

07:00, 08:00, 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00,

13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00,

19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 22:00, 23:00

2 Samurai Specter, RSX 0806, Evil Snake Lord, Turtle General, Tao Gunka, Atroce,
Kraken, Kiel D-01, Vesper, Detale, Fallen Bishop, Gloom Under Night,
Scaraba Queen, Gold Queen Scaraba, Egnigem Cenia, Randgris, Nightmare Amon Ra,
Ifrit, Beelzebub, Venomous Chimera, General Daehyun, Samurai Soheon, Gioia, Elvira,
Atroce, Angry Student Pyuriel, Kades
00:00, 02:00, 04:00, 06:00, 08:00, 10:00, 12:00,

14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, 22:00

3 Time Holder, Wounded Morocc, Spider Chariot, Rigid Muspellskoll,
Nightmare Baphomet, Corrupted Spider Queen, Corrupted Dark Lord, R48-85-Bestia,
Boss Meow, Jewel Ungoliant, Ominous Turtle General, Shining Teddy Bear, Ancient Tao Gunka, Ancient Wootan Defender, Silent Maya, Chaos Baphomet, Deep Sea Witch, Deep Sea Kraken
00:00, 03:00, 06:00, 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00

Bone Detardeurus, Burning Fang, Emperium Golem, R001-Bestia, Chimera The One,

Ultra Limacina, Valkyrie Reginleif, Valkyrie Ingrid

00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00

5 Death Witch, Flame Detarderus, Master of Death, Grassland Mistress, Glacial Ktullanux, Goblin King, Temple Valkyrie Randgris, Enhanced Venomous Chimera, Soul Gloom Under Night 00:00, 05:00, 10:00, 15:00, 20:00

MvP Footprint Merchant

NPC Boss Eisen in Prontera has a vast range of good item rewards in exchange of your MvP Footprints.

Pricing ranged between less than 10 MvP Footprints up to 100.

You can turn 2x 44410.png to 44411.png | turn 2x 44411.png to 44412.png | turn 2x 44412.png to 44413.png

44410.pngMvP Footprint A

23150.pngLapine Big Box, 22979.png[Sale Battle Manual and Bubble Gum], 22999.pngEvent Transformation Pack, 23336.pngMysterious Medal Box 2168.pngImmune Shield [1], 28901.pngCursed Mad Bunny

20x 44410.pngMvP Footprint A 28942.pngCursed Knight's Shield [1], 22171.pngAncient Hero Boots [1], 2573.pngArchangel Wings [1], 2589.pngFallen Angel Wing [1], 2576.pngAdventurer's Backpack [1]

20842.pngCandy Pouch Bag (Physical) [1], 20843.pngCandy Pouch Bag (Range) [1], 20844.pngCandy Pouch Bag (Magic) [1] 20802.pngWarp Amistr Bag [1], 20803.pngHeal Amistr Bag [1], 20804.pngGreed Amistr Bag [1], 20805.pngIncrease Agility Amistr Bag [1], 20806.pngMagnum Break Amistr Bag [1], 20807.pngEndure Amistr Bag [1] 20808.pngSight Amistr Bag [1], 20809.pngImprove Concentration Amistr Bag [1], 20811.pngHiding Amistr Bag [1]

30x 44410.pngMvP Footprint A 5375.pngOrc Hero Headdress [1], 5476.pngGrand Peco Hairband, 5214.pngMoonlight Flower Hat, 5859.pngGlory FB Hat [1], 5498.pngWandering Wolf Helm [1], 5766.pngAmistr Cap [1], 19177.pngElemental Crown

18878.pngPalace Guard Cap [1], 5944.pngThief Bandana [1], 19179.pngMagic Rabit Hat [1], 19180.pngAnubis Helm [1], 5420.pngMask Of Ifrit [1], 5671.pngDrooping Morocc Minion [1], 5654.pngHoly Marching Hat [1]

5511.pngSamambaia [1], 19129.pngChick Hat [1], 18563.pngHeart Wing Hairband [1], 19242.pngCostume Neko Headress [1], 19249.pngSpell Circuit [1], 18572.pngKorean Judge Hat [1], 19300.pngDog Officer [1]

19296.pngFancy Feather Hat [1], 19308.pngAmistr Beret [1], 19263.pngGeneral's Helm [1] , 13865.pngObserver Box, 12564.png3D Glasses Box, 5864.pngMagical Booster, 19241.pngMagical Booster [1], 5936.png8Way Wings of Purgatory, 19031.pngFallen Angel Blessing, 5592.pngSigrun's Wings, 5985.pngNoble Mask 18813.pngNew Wave Sunglasses 5548.pngScarlet Rose, 19240.pngToy Syringe, 19243.pngIndigo Rear Ribbon, 19268.pngGigant Snake's Breath

44411.pngMvP Footprint B 100109.pngLapine Big Box 2, 22926.pngArmor +7 Refine Ticket, 22911.pngWeapon +7 Refine Ticket, 25375.pngPowerful Soul Essence, 7925.pngPowerful Dimensional Essence, 100784.pngShadow Changer (Weapon to Shield), 100890.pngShadow Changer (Armor to Weapon), 1000854.pngShadow Redemption Ticket
10-20x 44411.pngMvP Footprint B 18574.pngLord of Death [1], 18600.pngCat Ear Beret [1], 18601.pngRed Bread Hat [1], 18673.pngDrooping Pope [1], 19095.pngHappy Balloon, 19097.pngPiamette Ribbon, 19098.pngPiamette Hood [1], 19117.pngPoring Sunglasses

19135.pngSpirit of Green Maiden, 23161.pngGunslinger Box, 19168.pngKafra Staff Headband [1], 19211.pngMagical Feather [1], 19364.pngEngineer Cap [1], 23135.pngPoring Capsule, 19511.pngHeart Eye Patch 1

19512.pngHeart Eye Patch 2, 5497.pngKing Tiger Doll Hat [1], 5464.pngZaha Doll Hat [1], 19264.pngGold Fish Head Hat [1], 19267.pngSurvivor's Orb, 19266.pngSurvivor's Circlet [1], 5658.pngImp Hat [1]

19265.pngSmokie Transformation Leaf [1], 19134.pngWickebine's Black Cat Ears [1]

32237.pngCeline's Brooch [1], 470033.pngElemental Boots [1]

30x 44411.pngMvP Footprint B 18164.pngRoyal Bow [2], 1847.pngIron Nail [2], 2048.pngAeon Staff [2], 13485.pngRed Lotus Sword [2], 21038.pngOriental Sword [2], 18170.pngNarcissus Bow [2], 600004.pngDragonic Slayer [2], 500003.pngLight Blade [2], 590002.pngMeteor Striker [2], 500004.pngSlate Sword [2], 26118.pngShadow Staff [2], 570002.pngTrumpet Shell [2], 580002.pngBarbed Wire Whip [2], 590003.pngSaint Mace [2], 560002.pngRay Knuckle [2], 610003.pngBlade Katar [2], 510006.pngFatalist [2], 700003.pngScarlet Dragon Leather Bow [2], 640004.pngBlue Crystal Staff [2], 550007.pngChilling Cane [2], 28764.pngKiri no Tsuyu [2], 28763.pngSurudoi Kaze [2], 13345.pngHuuma Shuriken Clearness [2], 28258.pngThe Black [2], 28257.pngGolden Lord Launcher [2], 28256.pngDemon Slayer Shot [2], 28255.pngMaster Soul Rifle [2], 32302.pngCrimson Rose [2], 28744.pngMadogum [2], 28130.pngAvenger [2], 32018.pngAquatic Spear [2], 28630.pngExoricist's Bible [2], 28039.pngKatar of Shiver [2], 26154.pngSpirit Pendulum [2], 26155.pngMeowmeow Foxtail [2], 28631.pngThousand Sun [2], 510070.pngBlessed Knife [2], 550080.pngFreedom Stick [2]
44412.pngMvP Footprint C 100268.pngTemporal Equipment 11 Refine Cube, 100270.pngFallen Warrior's Headgear 12 Refine Cube, 100355.pngBio Lab Weapon +12 Refinement Cube, 100436.pngTemporal Circlet +11 Refine Cube

100321.pngOS Weapon +11 Refinement Cube, 100354.pngAutomatic Armor +11 Refinement Cube, 100269.pngGeffen Magic Tournament 12 Refine Cube, 100322.pngRacing Cap +11 Refinement Cube

100271.pngAncient Hero Weapon 9 Refine Permission, 100272.pngAncient Hero Boots 9 Refine Permission, 100619.pngModified Thanos Refinement Hammer

20-60x 44412.pngMvP Footprint C 400049.pngStripe Hat [1], 400021.pngRed Clark Casquette [1], 400054.pngArchmage's Courtesy [1], 400022.pngIgnis Cap [1], 400059.pngScorpio Celestial Coronet [1], 400044.pngPhantom Cap [1], 400061.pngSagittarius Celestial Coronet [1]

400023.pngDrooping Thanatos's Dolor [1], 400000.pngWhistle, 400011.pngOfficer's Hat [1], 400001.pngVictory Wing Ears, 410016.pngBattle Processor, 420003.pngCD in Mouth, 436000.pngThanatos's Maeror Mask, 436001.pngThanatos's Despero Mask, 436002.pngThanatos's Odium Mask, 420031.pngNinja's Blue Mask, 420030.pngFeather In Mouth, 410079.pngDeep Blue Sunglasses

30x 44412.pngMvP Footprint C 400134.pngThanos Warrior Helmet [1], 400141.pngThanos Shooter Helmet [1], 400146.pngThanos Magic Helmet [1], 400150.pngThanos Fighter Helmet [1]
20x 44412.pngMvP Footprint C 23178.pngKafra Box, 100585.pngThanatos Necklace Box, 100273.pngAncient Hero Boots Modification Cube, 100553.pngTree of Sprout Box, 450179.pngCeline's Dress [1], 480124.pngConvertible Physical Wing [1], 480125.pngConvertible Magical Wing [1], 480197.pngConvertible Critical Wing [1]
15x 44412.pngMvP Footprint C 100274.pngOriental Sword Modification Cube, 100275.pngDragonic Slayer Modification Cube, 100276.pngShiver Katar Modification Cube, 100277.pngBlade Katar Modification Cube, 100360.pngAvenger Remodeling Cube, 100361.pngMeteor Striker Remodeling Cube, 100362.pngMado Sword Remodeling Cube, 100363.pngFatalist Remodeling Cube, 100376.pngRoyal Bow Remodeling Cube, 100377.pngScarlet Dragon Leather Bow Remodeling Cube, 100378.pngShadow Staff Remodeling Cube, 100379.pngChilling Cane Remodeling Cube, 100388.pngIron Nail Remodeling Cube, 100390.pngRay Knuckle Remodeling Cube, 100393.pngAquatic Spear Remodeling Cube, 100394.pngLight Blade Remodeling Cube, 100395.pngIron Staff Remodeling Cube, 100396.pngBlue Crystal Staff Remodeling Cube, 100397.pngExorcist's Bible Remodeling Cube, 100398.pngSaint Scepter Remodeling Cube, 100399.pngMeowmeow Foxtail Remodeling Cube, 100400.pngKiri no Tsuyu Remodeling Cube, 100401.pngClarity Huuma Shuriken Remodeling Cube, 100404.pngCrimson Rose Modification Cube, 100405.pngMaster Soul Rifle Modification Cube, 100406.pngGolden Lord Launcher Modification Cube, 100407.pngThe Black Modification Cube, 100408.png Demon Slayer Shot Modification Cube, 100402.pngThousand Sun Modification Cube, 100403.pngSpirit Pendulum Modification Cube, 101483.pngBlessed Knife Remodeling Cube, 101482.pngFreedom Stick Remodeling Cube, 100327.pngRed Lotus Sword Remodeling Cube
30x 44412.pngMvP Footprint C

490163.pngHero's Badge [1],490164.pngHeroic Token (Shadow Cross) [1], 490165.pngHeroic Token (Abyss Chaser) [1], 490166.pngHeroic Token (Dragon Knight) [1], 490167.pngHeroic Token (Biolo) [1], 490171.pngHeroic Token (Elemental Master) [1], 490172.pngHeroic Token (Troubadour / Trouvere) [1], 490152.pngHeroic Token (Arch Mage) [1], 490153.pngHeroic Token (Windhawk) [1], 490155.pngHeroic Token (Imperial Guard) [1], 490156.pngHeroic Token (Cardinal) [1], 490180.pngMark of a Hero (Meister) [1], 490181.pngToken of a Hero (Inquisitor) [1], 490184.pngToken of a Hero (Shinkiro & Shiranui) [1], 490185.pngToken of a Hero (Night's Watch) [1], 490186.pngToken of a Hero (Youngdosa) [1], 490187.pngToken of a Hero (Heaven) [1], 490188.pngToken of a Hero (Spirit Death) [1]

44413.pngMvP Footprint D 100603.pngLapine Big Box, 100821.pngModified Hero's Weapon Refinement Hammer I, 100822.pngModified Hero's Weapon Refinement Hammer II, 100835.pngModified Hero's Weapon Refinement Hammer III, 100917.pngModified Hero's Weapon Refinement Hammer IV, 100938.pngModified Hero's Weapon Refinement Hammer V, 101189.pngModified Hero's Weapon Refinement Hammer VI, 101306.pngPoenitentia Refining Hammer, 101259.pngRefinement Hammer for Special Hats[1]
80x 44413.pngMvP Footprint D 540053.pngSealed Bible [2], 540054.pngDarkness Tablet [2], 540055.pngOrigin of Life [2], 540059.pngDoom Bible [2], 540060.pngBlessed Bible [2], 550088.pngSaint Bringer [2], 550093.pngSoul Harvest [2], 550094.pngSoul Liberator [2], 560036.pngDemonic Claw [2], 590045.pngPunish Scepter [2], 640036.pngDevil Wing Staff [2], 640037.pngDestiny Staff [2], 500062.pngDevil Cursed Sword [2], 500063.pngGuardian Saber [2], 510091.pngUnderworld Knife [2], 610044.pngThe Ripper [2], 610045.pngShining Light Katar [2], 700065.pngAngel Wing Bow [2], 510092.pngHoly Light Dagger [2], 570036.pngCrime Violin [2], 570037.pngLight Power Harp [2], 580037.pngCrime Whip [2], 580038.pngLight Power Spark [2], 700066.pngDark Angel Ray Bow [2], 800026.pngDevil's Bullet [2], 800027.pngDevil Hunter [2], 810026.pngScreaming Rifle [2], 810027.pngLast Dawn [2], 820020.pngOutlaw Cursed Shotgun [2], 820021.pngLord of Glory [2], 830025.pngRG-5649 [2], 830026.pngLightning Splatter [2], 840020.pngDevil Lord Launcher [2], 840021.pngJustice Bomber [2], 1341.pngDestruction axe [2], 500065.pngBlood Rapier [2], 500066.pngVictory Sword [2], 620022.pngDivine Buster [2], 650033.pngDevil Claw [2], 650034.pngWind Magic Shuriken Radiance [2], 500072.pngDevil Guardian Sword [2], 530045.pngHoly Light Spear [2], 550115.pngDarkness Foxtail Model [2], 550116.pngLightforce Foxtail Wand [2], 600041.pngExecution Great Sword [2], 630027.pngJupiter Spear [2]
120x 44413.pngMvP Footprint D 470207.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Cardinal) [1], 470208.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Inquisitor) [1], 470209.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Soul Ascetic) [1], 470210.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Biolo) [1], 470211.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Dragon Knight) [1], 470212.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Spirit Handler) [1], 470215.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Sky Emperor) [1], 470214.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Windhawk) [1], 470213.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Elemental Master) [1], 470221.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Meister) [1], 470222.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Shadow Cross) [1], 470223.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Shinkiro & Shiranui) [1], 470224.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Abyss Chaser) [1], 470225.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Troubadour & Trouvere) [1], 470226.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Hyper Novice) [1], 470236.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Imperial Guard) [1], 470237.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Arch Mage) [1], 470238.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Night Watch) [1]
200x 44413.pngMvP Footprint D 400374.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Dragon Knight) [1], 400375.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Imperial Guard) [1], 400376.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Arch Mage) [1]

400377.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Elemental Master) [1], 400378.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Cardinal) [1], 400379.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Inquisitor) [1]

400380.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Meister) [1], 400381.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Biolo) [1], 400382.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Shadow Cross) [1]

400383.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Abyss Chaser) [1], 400384.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Windhawk) [1], 400385.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Trouvere & Troubadour) [1]

400386.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Shinkiro & Shiranui) [1], 400387.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Sky Emperor) [1], 400388.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Soul Ascetic) [1]

400389.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Hyper Novice) [1], 400390.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Spirit Handler) [1], 400391.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Night Watch - GL) [1]

400392.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Night Watch - Revolver) [1], 400393.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Night Watch - Gatling Gun) [1]

400394.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Night Watch - Shotgun) [1], 400395.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Night Watch - Rifle) [1]

World Boss

Hunt 500 naturally spawned MvPs on field or dungeons to spawn World Boss.

When it begins, you can enter the fighting map through NPC warp in Prontera.

During this fight against World Boss, players have 10 minutes to deal as much damage as they can.

Rewards are sent to the Top 20 damage dealers.

World Boss Reward

Top Damage Rank Reward
1 5x 44415.pngShining Galaxy Crystal & 50x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit
2 4x 44415.pngShining Galaxy Crystal & 60x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit
3 3x 44415.pngShining Galaxy Crystal & 70x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit
4 2x 44415.pngShining Galaxy Crystal & 80x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit
5 1x 44415.pngShining Galaxy Crystal & 90x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit
6-10 10x 44414.pngOuter Galaxy Crystal & 100x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit
11-20 5x 44414.pngOuter Galaxy Crystal & 50x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit

Varmundt's MvP Card Shop

The Varmundt NPC offers the MvP card as a reward,

obtainable through the exchange of Galaxy Crystals.

/navi prontera 146/159

Crystal Exchange

10x 44416.pngSiege Crystal = 1x 44414.pngOuter Galaxy Crystal50x 44414.pngOuter Galaxy Crystal = 1x 44415.pngShining Galaxy Crystal

Weapon MvP Card Fee44415.pngShining Galaxy Crystal

4142.pngDoppelganger Card


4137.pngDrake Card


4507.pngQueen Scaraba Card


300078.pngSweety Card 50
4134.pngDracula Card 60
4121.pngPhreeoni Card 100
4603.pngCorruption Root Card 100
4399.pngMemory of Thanatos Card 100
4361.pngMasterSmith Card 120
27182.pngCaptain Felock Card 120
4147.pngBaphomet Card 120
4425.pngAtroce Card 130
4697.pngCharleston3 Card 140
4318.pngStormy Knight Card 150
4574.pngGeneral Daehyon Card 150
4578.pngAngry Student Pyuriel Card 150
27265.pngEvil Fanatics Card 160
31023.pngCeline Kimi Card 160
300176.pngUnidentified Creature card 170
27020.pngT W O Card 180
4649.pngInfinite Phreeoni Card 180
4604.pngRealized Corruption Root Card 200
4625.pngTime Holder Card 200
4263.pngSamurai Spector Card 200
4276.pngLord of The Dead Card 200
300151.pngDeep Sea Kraken Card 200
4407.pngRandgris Card 250
4305.pngTurtle General Card 300
4367.pngSniper Card 300
Headgear MvP Card Fee44415.pngShining Galaxy Crystal

4148.pngPharaoh Card


4132.pngMistress Card 50
4143.pngOrc Hero Card 60
4330.pngEvil Snake Lord Card 60
27162.pngGopinich Card 60
4509.pngGold Queen Scaraba Card 70
4528.pngMutant Coelacanth Card 70
4529.pngViolent Coelacanth Card 70
4372.pngWhite Lady Card 90
4357.pngLord Knight Card 100
4374.pngVesper Card 120
4650.pngInfinite Orc Hero Card 150
4365.pngHigh Wizard Card 200
27294.pngAncient Tao Gunka Card 200
27327.pngGrim Reaper Ankou Card 220
4403.pngKiel-D-01 Card 300
4556.pngFenrir Card 300
300377.pngUltra Limacina Card 300
Armor MvP card Fee44415.pngShining Galaxy Crystal

4526.pngWeird Coelacanth Card


4651.pngInfinite Tao Gunka Card 50
4590.pngBangungot Card 80
4591.pngBakonawa Card 80
4592.pngBuwaya Card 80
27151.pngHeart Hunter Evil Card 80
4386.pngDetardeurus Card 90
27081.pngAngry Moonlight Flower Card 90
4363.pngHigh Priest Card 100
4560.pngClown Alphoccio Card 100
4566.pngGypsy Trentini Card 100
27113.pngAwaken Ktullanux Card 100
27326.pngMorocc's Minion Card 100
4342.pngRSX-0806 Card 120
4527.pngDark Coelacanth Card 120
4601.pngAmdarais Card 120
27334.pngChaotic Baphomet Card 130
4610.pngSarah Card 140
27126.pngBoitata Card 140
27319.pngR48-85-BESTIA Card 140
27329.pngCursed Schmidt Card 140
300013.pngReginleif Card 140
300014.pngIngrid Card 140
4451.pngEntweihen Crothen Card 150
27106.pngAwaken Pere Card 150
300079.pngRed Pepper Card 150
4135.pngOrc Lord Card 160
4324.pngHatii Card 160
4534.pngGiant Octopus Card 160
300007.pngJeweled Ungoliant Card 160
300080.pngSenior Red Pepper Card 160
300021.pngBone Detardeurus Card 160
300266.pngUnknown Swordsman Card 170
4456.pngNidhoggur Shadow Card 180
4457.pngNaght Sieger Card 180
300445.pngGaia Pol Card 200
4408.pngGloom Under Night Card 200
4419.pngKtullanux Card 200
4561.pngProfessor Celia Card 200
4562.pngChampion Chen Card 200
4563.pngCreator Flamel Card 200
4564.pngStalker Gertie Card 200
4565.pngPaladin Randel Card 200
4652.pngNightmare Amon Ra Card 200
300227.pngSchulang Card 220
300228.pngTwisted God Card 220
4602.pngRealized Amdarais Card 240
4302.pngTao Gunka Card 300
300378.pngSimulation Juncea Card 300
300472.pngUltimate Rasgandr Card 300
Shield MvP Card Fee44415.pngShining Galaxy Crystal

300099.pngSilva Papilia Card


300239.pngSilent Maya Card 140
4146.pngMaya Card 150
4636.pngBijou Card 160
300100.pngGran Papilia Card 160
27346.pngRigid Muspellskoll Card 180
27119.pngOminous Turtle General Card 200
27298.pngAncient Wootan Defender Card 200
4128.pngGolden Thief Bug Card 500
Garment MvP Card Fee44415.pngShining Galaxy Crystal

4662.pngBig Eggring Card


4525.pngKraken Card 80
4520.pngLeak Card 100
27104.pngFurious Dracula Card 110
4580.pngDark Guardian Kades Card 140
4673.pngMinstel Alphoccio Card 150
4674.pngGuillotine Cross Eremes Card 150
4675.pngArch Bishop Magaleta Card 150
4683.pngWanderer Trentini Card 150
4359.pngAssassin Cross Card 160
4677.pngMechanic Howard Card 160
4671.pngSorcerer Celia Card 180
4682.pngShadow Chaser Gertie Card 180
4676.pngRanger Cecil Card 190
4672.pngSura Chen Card 200
4678.pngWarlock Kathryne Card 200
4679.pngRune Knight Seyren Card 200
4680.pngRoyal Guard Randel Card 200
4681.pngGenetic Flamel Card 200
4576.pngGioia Card 300
27362.pngPolluted Queen Spider Card 300
27381.pngHimmelmez's Phantom Card 300
300145.pngDeep Sea Witch Card 300
300382.pngAquila Card 300
300473.pngSnowstorm Angel Card 300
300474.pngSanctuary Cleaning Chief Card 300
Footgear MvP Card Fee44415.pngShining Galaxy Crystal

4123.pngEddga Card


4131.pngMoonlight Flower Card 50
4376.pngLady Tanee Card 80
4648.pngInfinite Eddga Card 60
27287.pngShiny Teddy Bear Card 100
27318.pngMiguel Card 100
300217.pngBurning Fang Card 100
27152.pngCutie Card 120
31026.pngStephane Jack Earnest Wolf Card 120
14236.pngAmon Ra Card 140
4352.pngGeneral Egnigem Cenia Card 150
27150.pngToxic Enchanted Chimera Card 170
27383.pngAmdarais's Phantom Card 180
300280.pngBroken Memory of Thanatos Card 180
300297.pngGoblin King Card 180
4168.pngDark Lord Card 200
4441.pngFallen Bishop Hibram Card 200
27164.pngFaceworm Queen Card 200
300248.pngDeath Witch Card 200
300262.pngThe One Card 200
300281.pngR001-Bestia Card 200
300450.pngRenire Card 200
Accessory MvP Card Fee 44415.pngShining Galaxy Crystal
4144.pngOsiris Card 20
4647.pngInfinite Osiris Card 30
300107.pngBoss Pitaya Card 50
4145.pngBerzebub Card 120
4430.pngIfrit Card 150
27025.pngLich Lord Card 150
27363.pngPolluted Dark Lord Card 180
27180.pngMechaspider Card 200
27305.pngEL A17T Card 200
300471.pngFallen Angel Slug Card 300