Izlude Academy

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Basic Info Skip Academy

Every new character begins in the Izlude Academy.

Highly recommend to do all Academy tasks, takes around 5-10 minutes.

You can skip the Izlude Academy, but you'll lose all rewards given.

Being sent to Eden Group as Novice Level 1/1.

Captain Red can help you with the skip (can't do it with your 1st character).

Main Academy Quest Portrait Rewards
  • Teacher Anna - /navi iz_ac01 102/44
  • The npc teaches you mouse click, [Alt] + [Q] and basic skill usage.
Teacher Anna

44291.pngAcademy Yggdrasil Seed 18730.pngCryptura Academy Hat [1]

1000253.pngBooster Weapon Voucher 44285.pngIllusion Equipment Selection Box

  • Teacher Chulho - /navi iz_ac01 60/48
  • The npc teaches you about custom NPC healer, warper and rental service.
Teacher Chulho

10x 25223.pngEden Group Coin and rental 12622.pngReins Of Mount

  • Teacher Richard - /navi iz_ac01 136/48
  • The npc teaches you the basic of zeny and farming.
Teacher Richard

3x 12134.pngRed Envelope

  • Teacher Tim - /navi iz_ac01 86/88
  • The npc teaches you about custom @commands.
Teacher Tim

941318.png(C) Beginner Sign

  • Teacher Shalosh - /navi iz_ac01 100/150
  • The npc is final step of academy and graduation sending you to Eden Group.
  • Note: Once you leave, you won't be able to come back, recommend to do Side Academy Features, before leaving.
Teacher Shalosh

Skips main quests of Episode 13.1 to Episode 18.1

43070.pngService Bell, (1st character reward 43071.pngGraduation Gift + 42000.pngMT Ready2Play Box)

EXP Boost Buff and Life Insurance Buff

Instant turning 4th Job of selection and level 200/12.

Side Academy Quests Portrait Rewards
  • Kafra Employee - /navi iz_ac01 96/30
Kafra Employee

30x 569.pngNovice Potion, 10x 12323.pngNovice Fly Wing, 5x 12324.pngNovice Butterfly Wing

  • Teacher Maram - /navi iz_ac01 153/36
Teacher Maram

1x 41114.pngCash Coin

  • Teacher Talia - /navi iz_ac01 164/84
Teacher Talia

1x Mercenary

  • Trainer Mainz - /navi iz_ac01 57/80
Trainer Mainz 10x 512.pngApple

  • Teacher Eddy Wiz - /navi iz_ac01 53/74
Teacher Eddy Wiz 12115.pngElemental Converter

44285.pngIllusion Equipment Selection Box:

Physical Set Magical Set
450147.pngIllusion Armor Type A (Bound) [1] +10 450148.pngIllusion Armor Type B (Bound) [1] +10
480062.pngIllusion Engine Wing Type A (Bound) [1] +10 480063.pngIllusion Engine Wing Type A (Bound) [1] +10
470054.pngIllusion Leg Type A (Bound) [1] +10 470055.pngIllusion Leg Type B (Bound) [1] +10
490072.pngIllusion Booster R(Bound) [1] 490074.pngIllusion Battle Chip R(Bound) [1]
490073.pngIllusion Booster L(Bound) [1] 490075.pngIllusion Battle Chip L(Bound) [1]
28941.pngIllusion Shield (Bound) [1]
28941.pngIllusion Shield (Bound) [1]