Easter Egg Hunting

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City Yuno is hosting a decorated Egg hunting event.

Seasonal event happening during April.

All event exclusive event items kept after the event.

Meet Yulata and Egg hunting hosting NPCs in Yuno

/navi yuno 175/162

Finding Happy Egg

  • Talk to Yulata

Happy Vending Machine Lottery

Item List Probability
11608.pngChocolate Egg 3000
11609.pngYummy Cookie Egg 2000
12019.pngHoly Egg 1000
659.pngHer Heart, 23189.pngSmall Needle Kit, 12361.pngDelicious Shaved Ice, 628.pngWell-Dried Bone, 630.pngDew Laden Moss, 631.pngDeadly Noxious Herb, 634.pngTropical Banana, 636.pngNo Recipient, 637.pngOld Broom, 620.pngOrange Juice, 641.pngContract in Shadow, 12395.pngTantan Noodle, 661.pngSoft Apron, 12360.pngVery Red Juice, 622.pngRainbow Carrot, 623.pngEarthworm the Dude, 632.pngFatty Chubby Earthworm, 627.pngSweet Milk, 633.pngSweet Potato, 12373.pngBoy's Pure Heart, 12370.pngGirl's Naivety, 12366.pngGirl's Doll 60

Happy Vending Machine Costumes

Headgears Exchange materials
940992.png(C) Evil Eggshell 100x 25294.pngClover Ticket
940538.png(C) Holy Egg Hat 100x 25294.pngClover Ticket
940993.png(C) Bunny Eggshell 100x 25294.pngClover Ticket
941309.png(C) Rabbit Eggshell 100x 25294.pngClover Ticket
941671.png(C) Fancy Egg Minihat 200x 25294.pngClover Ticket
941553.png(C) Crispinette 200x 25294.pngClover Ticket
15881.pngCostume Rose Crispinette 200x 25294.pngClover Ticket
941816.png(C) Luna on Shoulder 300x 25294.pngClover Ticket
941310.png(C) Lunatic Ear Pins
300x 25294.pngClover Ticket
941975.png(C) Basket of Wonder Eggs
500x 25294.pngClover Ticket