Item Enchant

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Item Enchant is a feature to attach additional power to equipment. The enchantment doesn't apply to all equipments, the selected ones have different set of enchant powers and different set of enchant rules.

Target Item
  • Target Items are the equipment able to use the enchantment system.
  • Target Items may have certain requirements such as minimum grade and refine.
  • Line Options for Lapine Upgrade can be allowed and is preserved when enchanting.
  • Cards and refine are preserved when enchanting.
  • Grade may affect the enchant tables referred as the “Grade Changes”.
  • If applicable, Grade can alter the probabilities and unlock newer enchants by having a completely different enchant table.
Normal Enchant
  • Normal Enchant is the 1st tab of the Enchantment System UI.
  • Players can roll for a random enchant on the equipment in exchange for materials and zeny.
  • This enchant process is completely random and not selectable.
  • Players cannot select which slot to enchant.
  • There is only material and zeny loss upon failure.
Perfect Enchant
  • Perfect Enchant is the 2nd tab of the Enchantment System UI.
  • Players can select which enchant to be applied on the equipment in exchange for a greater amount materials and zeny.
  • Not all target items have Perfect Enchants and only certain slots may be applicable.
  • The success of perfect enchant is 100.00%.
  • Perfect Enchant process must follow the Slot Order.
Upgrade Enchant
  • Upgrade Enchant is the 3rd tab of the Enchantment System UI.
  • Certain enchants can be upgraded to a stronger version at 100.00% success rate in exchange for materials and zeny.
  • Players can upgrade the enchants at any point including for previous slots.
Reset Enchant
  • Reset Enchant is the 4th tab of the Enchantment System UI.
  • Players can reset target items at any point. It does not have to be fully enchanted in order to reset.
  • Some target items may have no ability to reset the enchantment.
  • There is only material and zeny loss upon failure.

Enchanter NPCs


Equipment List


/navi moc_para01 19/35

See details: Booster Weapon Enchants

600012.pngIgnition Wave Booster Two-handed Sword, 630008.pngHundred Breath Booster Spear, 530005.pngVanishing Cannon Booster Spear

500015.pngPressure Genesis Booster Sword, 620003.pngPower Swing Booster Axe, 590008.pngArm Knuckle Booster Mace, 590009.pngAcid Cannon Booster Club

500016.pngHell Tornado Booster Sword, 540039.pngMoon Starlight Booster Book, 540040.pngSunshine Booster Book, 550052.pngEs Booster Staff, 550053.pngEvil Curse Booster Staff

610013.pngRolling Cross Booster Katar, 610028.pngCounter Assault Booster Katar, 700014.pngTriangle Bomb Booster Bow, 510018.pngMagic Fatal Booster Dagger

640009.pngCrimson Strain Booster Staff, 640010.pngChain Jack Booster Staff, 540009.pngSpell Bolt Booster Book, 550010.pngElemental Spell Booster Stick

550011.pngAdonus Booster Wand, 590010.pngDupledex Booster Mace, 560006.pngRampage Arrow Booster Knuckle, 560007.pngSky Cannon Booster Knuckle

700015.pngArrow Booster Bow, 700016.pngSharpbolt Booster Bow, 570024.pngRainstorm Booster Violin, 580024.pngRainstorm Booster Whip, 570010.pngMetallic Vibration Booster Violin

580010.pngMetallic Vibration Booster Whip, 500042.pngSuper Psychic Booster Saber, 500043.pngSuper Ignition Booster Saber

650017.pngWind Spear Petal Booster Huuma Shuriken, 650018.pngCross Petal Booster Huuma Shuriken, 800008.pngDesperado Fire Booster Revolver

830007.pngFire Round Booster Gatling Gun, 550050.pngLunatic Picky Booster Foxtail, 550051.pngCatnip Booster Foxtail Model


/navi moc_para01 15/34

See details: Illusion Gear Enchants

450147.pngIllusion Armor Type A (Bound) [1], 450148.pngIllusion Armor Type B (Bound) [1]

480062.pngIllusion Engine Wing Type A (Bound) [1], 480063.pngIllusion Engine Wing Type A (Bound) [1]

470054.pngIllusion Leg Type A (Bound) [1], 470055.pngIllusion Leg Type B (Bound) [1]

490072.pngIllusion Booster R(Bound) [1], 490074.pngIllusion Battle Chip R(Bound) [1], 490073.pngIllusion Booster L(Bound) [1], 490075.pngIllusion Battle Chip L(Bound) [1]

Mega Master

/navi moc_para01 107/25

Ready2Play character

See details: Ready2Play Costume Hood Enchants

440003.pngCostume Novice Rabbit Hood, 440006.pngCostume Black Cat Hood

440007.pngCostume Beginner Squirrel Ear Hat, 440009.pngCostume Beginner Black Moon Cat


/navi moc_para01 107/16

Ready2Play character

See details: Ready2Play Automatic Enchants

450218.pngAutomatic Armor Type A (bind) [1], 450219.pngAutomatic Armor Type B (bind) [1]

480185.pngAutomatic Engine Wing Type A (Bundled) [1], 480186.pngAutomatic Engine Wing Type B (Bundled) [1]

470125.pngAutomatic Leg Type A (bind) [1], 470126.pngAutomatic leg type B (bind) [1]

490215.pngAutomatic Booster L (bind) [1], 490217.pngAutomatic Battle Chip L (bind) [1], 490214.pngAutomatic Booster R (bind) [1], 490216.pngAutomatic Battle Chip R (bind) [1]

Liz Arch

(@go 47)

See details: Illusion Dungeon Equipment Enchants

Illusion Dungeon Accessory Enchants

28922.pngIllusion Sacred Mission [1], 15195.pngIllusion Puente Robe [1], 19209.pngIllusion Nurse Cap [1], 19210.pngIllusion Apple of Archer [1], 20838.pngIllusion Muffler [1]

22133.pngIllusion Shoes [1], 20840.pngIllusion Ancient Cape [1], 20847.pngIllusion Survivor Manteau [1], 19223.pngIllusion Cap [1], 19247.pngIllusion Fancy Flower [1]

22190.pngIllusion Boots [1], 19344.pngIllusion Hot-blooded Headband [1], 19366.pngIllusion Goibne Helm [1], 15348.pngIllusion Goibne Armor [1]

22192.pngIllusion Goibne's Greaves [1], 20923.pngIllusion Goibne Spaulders [1], 19428.pngIllusion Morpheus's Hood [1], 20948.pngIllusion Morpheus's Shawl [1]

400053.pngIllusion Morrigane's Helm [1], 450144.pngIllusion Saint Robe [1], 450145.pngIllusion Saphien's Armor of Ocean [1], 450146.pngIllusion Chain Mail [1]

480054.pngIllusion Morrigane's Manteau [1], 450182.pngIllusion Sprint Mail [1], 470066.pngIllusion Sprint Shoes [1], 460017.pngIllusion Guard [1], 460018.pngIllusion Silver Guard [1]

490120.pngIllusion Sprint Ring [1], 490121.pngIllusion Sprint Glove [1], 28508.pngIllusion Skull Ring [1], 28509.pngIllusion Ring [1], 32238.pngIllusion Morpheus's Ring [1]

32239.pngIllusion Morpheus's Bracelet [1], 490069.pngIllusion Morrigane's Belt [1], 490070.pngIllusion Morrigane's Pendant [1]


/navi wolfvill 164/137

Completed Episode 18.1 quest

See details: Gray Wolf Enchants

450177.pngGray Wolf Suit [1], 450178.pngGray Wolf Robe [1], 480091.pngGray Wolf Manteau [1], 480090.pngGray Wolf Muffler [1]

470087.pngGray Wolf Boots [1], 470088.pngGray Wolf Shoes [1]

490106.pngGray Wolf Pendant [1], 490108.pngGray Wolf Earring [1], 490107.pngGray Wolf Ring [1], 490109.pngGray Wolf Necklace [1]


Dimensional Library (@go 46)

See details: Nebula Armor Enchants

450169.pngNebula Armor of Power [1], 450170.pngNebula Armor of Stamina [1], 450171.pngNebula Suit of Concentration [1]

450172.pngNebula Suit of Creative [1], 450173.pngNebula Robe of Spell [1], 450174.pngNebula Robe of Wisdom [1]


Dimensional Library (@go 46)

See details: Star Seal Enchants

490132.pngStellar Power Seal [1], 490133.pngStellar Stamina Seal [1], 490134.pngStellar Concentration Seal [1]

490135.pngStellar Creative Seal [1], 490136.pngStellar Spell Seal [1], 490137.pngStellar Wisdom Seal [1]


/navi itemmall 31/70

See details: Item Mall Enchants

460020.pngMad Bunny-LT [1], 490163.pngHero's Badge [1], 470094.pngHero Boots-LT [1], 19143.pngPoring Balloon, 19146.pngMarin Balloon, 19147.pngDrops Balloon, 19148.pngSanta Poring Balloon, 19149.pngPoporing Balloon, 19150.pngMetalring Balloon, 19151.pngDevilring Balloon, 19152.pngAngelring Balloon, 19153.pngGhostring Balloon, 19154.pngArch Angelring Balloon, 420017.pngYoung Leaf of World Tree (Str), 420018.pngYoung Leaf of World Tree (Dex), 420019.pngYoung Leaf of World Tree (Agi), 420020.pngYoung Leaf of World Tree (Luk), 420021.pngYoung Leaf of World Tree (Vit), 420022.pngYoung Leaf of World Tree (Int), 400236.pngHelm of Faith II (Kagerou & Oboro) [1], 400235.pngHelm of Faith (Kagerou & Oboro) [1], 400238.pngHelm of Faith II (Rebellion) [1], 400237.pngHelm of Faith (Rebellion) [1], 400240.pngHelm of Faith II (Soul Reaper) [1], 400239.pngHelm of Faith (Soul Reaper) [1], 400242.pngHelm of Faith II (Star Emperor) [1], 400241.pngHelm of Faith (Star Emperor) [1], 400244.pngHelm of Faith II (Summoner) [1], 400243.pngHelm of Faith (Summoner) [1], 400234.pngHelm of Faith II (Genetic) [1], 400233.pngHelm of Faith (Genetic) [1], 400231.pngHelm of Faith II (Mechanic) [1], 400230.pngHelm of Faith (Mechanic) [1], 400229.pngHelm of Faith II (Minstrel & Wanderer) [1], 400228.pngHelm of Faith (Minstrel & Wanderer) [1], 400227.pngHelm of Faith II (Rune Knight) [1], 400226.pngHelm of Faith (Rune Knight) [1], 400219.pngHelm of Faith II (Sorcerer) [1], 400218.pngHelm of Faith (Sorcerer) [1], 400217.pngHelm of Faith II (Guillotine Cross) [1], 400216.pngHelm of Faith (Guillotine Cross) [1], 400201.pngHelm of Faith II (Royal Guard) [1], 400200.pngHelm of Faith (Royal Guard) [1], 400199.pngHelm of Faith II (Ranger) [1], 400198.pngHelm of Faith (Ranger) [1], 400192.pngHelm of Faith II (Shadow Chaser) [1], 400191.pngHelm of Faith (Shadow Chaser) [1], 400190.pngHelm of Faith II (Archbishop) [1], 400189.pngHelm of Faith (Archbishop) [1], 400181.pngHelm of Faith II (Sura) [1], 400180.pngHelm of Faith (Sura) [1], 400179.pngHelm of Faith II (Warlock) [1], 400178.pngHelm of Faith (Warlock) [1], 400135.pngThanos Warrior Helmet-LT [1], 400142.pngThanos Shooter Helmet-LT [1], 400145.pngThanos Magic Helmet-LT [1], 400151.pngThanos Fighter Helmet-LT [1], 

400105.pngIsgardian Warrior Crown [1], 400106.pngIsgardian Magician Crown [1], 400107.pngIsgardianRanger Crown [1]


/navi itemmall 31/70

See details: Good and Evil Boots Enchants

470207.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Cardinal) [1], 470208.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Inquisitor) [1], 470209.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Soul Ascetic) [1]

470210.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Biolo) [1], 470211.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Dragon Knight) [1], 470212.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Spirit Handler) [1]

470215.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Sky Emperor) [1], 470214.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Windhawk) [1], 470213.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Elemental Master) [1]

470221.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Meister) [1], 470222.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Shadow Cross) [1], 470223.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Shinkiro & Shiranui) [1]

470224.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Abyss Chaser) [1], 470225.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Troubadour & Trouvere) [1], 470226.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Hyper Novice) [1]

470236.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Imperial Guard) [1], 470237.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Arch Mage) [1], 470238.pngBoots of Good and Evil (Night Watch) [1]

Alpha Assistance

@go 44

See details: Varmundt Rune Equipment Enchants

Varmundt Rune Accessory Enchants

450201.pngVarmundt Glade Rune Armor [1], 480145.pngVarmundt Glade Rune Manteau [1], 470108.pngVarmundt Glade Rune Boots [1]

450200.pngVarmundt Fire Rune Armor [1], 480146.pngVarmundt Fire Rune Manteau [1], 470109.pngVarmundt Fire Rune Boots [1]

450203.pngVarmundt Ice Rune Armor [1], 480148.pngVarmundt Ice Rune Manteau [1], 470111.pngVarmundt Ice Rune Boots [1]

450202.pngVarmundt Death Rune Robe [1], 480147.pngVarmundt Death Rune Manteau [1], 470110.pngVarmundt Death Rune Boots [1]

490299.pngVarmundt Soul Rune Ring [1], 490300.pngVarmundt Venom Rune Ring [1], 490301.pngVarmundt Temple Rune Ring [1]

101099.pngClock Regulator

Purchased from Huge Screw

/navi c_tower1 246/198

See details: Clocktower Weapon Enchants

21063.pngSolid Claymore [2], 640031.pngSolid Staff [2], 500044.pngSolid Edge [2], 510050.pngSolid Dagger [2], 530023.pngSolid Spear [2]

540041.pngSolid Manual [2], 550054.pngSolid Wand [2], 550055.pngSolid Rod [2]

610035.pngWicked Katar [2], 620016.pngWicked Axe [2], 500045.pngWicked Blade [2], 510051.pngWicked Dagger [2], 510052.pngWicked Edge [2]

540042.pngWicked Book [2], 550056.pngWicked Plant [2], 590036.pngWicked Cross [2]

650019.pngPrecision Slasher [2], 700050.pngPrecision Bow [2], 800009.pngPrecision Pistol [2], 810005.pngPrecision Piercer [2], 820004.pngPrecision Shatter [2]

830008.pngPrecision Splatter [2], 840004.pngPrecision Bomber [2], 560030.pngPrecision Fist [2], 570028.pngPrecision Lute [2], 580028.pngPrecision Whip [2]


/navi icas_in 185/63

Completed Episode 19.1 quest

See details: Snowflower and Glacier Enchants

450207.pngSnowflower Robe [1], 450206.pngSnowflower Armor [1]

480159.pngSnowflower Manteau [1], 480160.pngSnowflower Muffler [1]

470115.pngSnowflower Boots [1], 470116.pngSnowflower Shoes [1]

490176.pngSnowflower Pendant [1], 490177.pngSnowflower Ring [1], 490178.pngSnowflower Necklace [1], 490179.pngSnowflower Earring [1]

600027.pngGlacier Two-Handed Sword, 630018.pngGlacier Lance, 500049.pngGlacier Sword, 500050.pngGlacier Basic Sword, 530025.pngGlacier Spear

620017.pngGlacier Two-Handed Axe, 520017.pngGlacier Axe, 590038.pngGlacier Mace, 590039.pngGlacier Mechanic Mace, 510061.pngGlacier Rogue Knife

510062.pngGlacier Basic Knife, 700052.pngGlacier Bow, 560032.pngGlacier Knuckle, 540049.pngGlacier Book, 610037.pngGlacier Katar, 550069.pngGlacier Wand

640033.pngGlacier Staff, 550070.pngGlacier Foxtail Staff, 570029.pngGlacier Violin, 580030.pngGlacier Whip, 650025.pngGlacier Huuma, 800014.pngGlacier Revolver

810010.pngGlacier Rifle, 820008.pngGlacier Shotgun, 830013.pngGlacier Gatling, 840009.pngGlacier Launcher

Enchantment Researcher

/navi rgsr_in 112/167

See details: OSAD Weapon Enchants

Modified Headgear Enchants, Modified Accessory Enchants

600028.pngBeam Claymore-OSAD [2], 610039.pngMeuchler-OSAD [2], 620018.pngBlasti-OSAD [2], 700054.pngVirtual Bow-OSAD [2], 700055.pngMH-P89-OSAD [2]

700056.pngAC-B44-OSAD [2], 500051.pngCannon Rapier-OSAD [2], 510066.pngKuroiro-OSAD [2], 530031.pngBoost Lance-OSAD [2], 540051.pngCircuit Board-OSAD [2]

550075.pngRutilus Stick-OSAD [2], 550076.pngElectric Fox-OSAD [2], 560034.pngBurning Knuckle-OSAD [2], 590043.pngSaphir Mace-OSAD [2], 590044.pngUltio-OSAD [2]

810013.pngHR-55-OSAD [2]

400445.pngOfficer's Hat-LT [1], 400465.pngDrooping Thanatos's Dolor-LT [1], 490382.pngRed Force Pendant-LT [1], 490383.pngBlue Mental Pendant-LT [1]


/navi icas_in 188/60

Completed Episode 19.1 quest

See details: Dim Glacier Enchants

800015.pngDim Glacier Pistol [1], 810015.pngDim Glacier Rifle [1], 820011.pngDim Glacier Shotgun [1], 830015.pngDim Glacier Gatling Gun [1]

840010.pngDim Glacier Grenade Launcher [1], 500054.pngDim Glacier Sword [1], 500055.pngDim Glacier Basic Sword [1], 510075.pngDim Glacier Rogue Knife [1]

510076.pngDim Glacier Basic Knife [1], 520021.pngDim Glacier Axe [1], 530034.pngDim Glacier Spear [1], 540056.pngDim Glacier Book [1], 550089.pngDim Glacier Wand [1]

550090.pngDim Glacier Foxtail [1], 560037.pngDim Glacier Knuckle [1], 570032.pngDim Glacier Violin [1], 580033.pngDim Glacier Whip [1], 590047.pngDim Glacier Mace [1]

590048.pngDim Glacier Mechanic Mace [1], 700059.pngDim Glacier Bow [1], 600030.pngDim Glacier Two-handed Sword [1], 610041.pngDim Glacier Katar [1]

620019.pngDim Glacier Mechanic Axe [1], 630019.pngDim Glacier Lance [1], 640034.pngDim Glacier Staff [1], 650028.pngDim Glacier Huuma Shuriken [1]

Beta Assistance

@go 44

See details: Rune Equipment Enchants

Rune Accessory Enchants

450234.pngRune Armor of Flame [1], 470173.pngRune Boots of Flame [1], 480230.pngRune Manteau of Flame [1]

450243.pngRune Armor of Plain [1], 470174.pngRune Boots of Plain [1], 480231.pngRune Manteau of Plain [1]

450244.pngRune Armor of Ice [1], 470175.pngRune Boots of Ice [1], 480232.pngRune Manteau of Ice [1]

450245.pngRune Robe of Death [1], 470176.pngRune Boots of Death [1], 480233.pngRune Manteau of Death [1]

490302.pngSoul Rune Ring [1], 490303.pngVenom Rune Ring [1], 490304.pngTemple Rune Ring [1]

490305.pngSoul Magic Ring [1], 490306.pngVenom Magic Ring [1], 490307.pngTemple Magic Ring [1]

Reforming Technician

/navi hero_lb 131/126

See details: Dimensional Accessory Enchants

490276.pngDimensional Wanderer's Key [1], 490277.pngDimensional Wanderer's Lock [1], 490278.pngDimensional Wanderer's Keychain [1]
Scientist Matt

/navi pud_land 102/103

See details: Good and Evil Weapon Enchants

Good and Evil Crown Enchants

560036.pngDemonic Claw [2], 540053.pngSealed Bible [2], 540054.pngDarkness Tablet [2], 640036.pngDevil Wing Staff [2], 540059.pngDoom Bible [2], 550093.pngSoul Harvest [2], 610044.pngThe Ripper [2], 510091.pngUnderworld Knife [2], 500062.pngDevil Cursed Sword [2], 700066.pngDark Angel Ray Bow [2], 570036.pngCrime Violin [2], 580037.pngCrime Whip [2], 830025.pngRG-5649 [2], 840020.pngDevil Lord Launcher [2], 810026.pngScreaming Rifle [2], 800026.pngDevil's Bullet [2], 820020.pngOutlaw Cursed Shotgun [2], 500065.pngBlood Rapier [2], 1341.pngDestruction axe [2], 650033.pngDevil Claw [2], 600041.pngExecution Great Sword [2], 500072.pngDevil Guardian Sword [2], 550115.pngDarkness Foxtail Model [2], 590045.pngPunish Scepter [2], 550088.pngSaint Bringer [2], 650034.pngWind Magic Shuriken Radiance [2], 630027.pngJupiter Spear [2], 530045.pngHoly Light Spear [2], 550116.pngLightforce Foxtail Wand [2], 610045.pngShining Light Katar [2], 700065.pngAngel Wing Bow [2], 500063.pngGuardian Saber [2], 510092.pngHoly Light Dagger [2], 570037.pngLight Power Harp [2], 580038.pngLight Power Spark [2], 830026.pngLightning Splatter [2], 840021.pngJustice Bomber [2], 810027.pngLast Dawn [2], 800027.pngDevil Hunter [2], 820021.pngLord of Glory [2], 500066.pngVictory Sword [2], 620022.pngDivine Buster [2], 540055.pngOrigin of Life [2], 640037.pngDestiny Staff [2], 540060.pngBlessed Bible [2], 550094.pngSoul Liberator [2], 400374.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Dragon Knight) [1], 400375.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Imperial Guard) [1], 400376.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Arch Mage) [1], 400377.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Elemental Master) [1], 400378.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Cardinal) [1], 400379.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Inquisitor) [1], 400380.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Meister) [1], 400381.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Biolo) [1], 400382.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Shadow Cross) [1], 400383.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Abyss Chaser) [1], 400384.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Windhawk) [1], 400385.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Trouvere & Troubadour) [1], 400386.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Shinkiro & Shiranui) [1], 400387.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Sky Emperor) [1], 400388.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Soul Ascetic) [1], 400389.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Hyper Novice) [1], 400390.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Spirit Handler) [1], 400391.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Night Watch - GL) [1], 400392.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Night Watch - Revolver) [1], 400393.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Night Watch - Gatling Gun) [1], 400394.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Night Watch - Shotgun) [1], 400395.pngCrown of Good and Evil (Night Watch - Rifle) [1]
Master Shadow Crafter

/navi hero_lb 127/132

See details: Master Shadow Enchants

24792.pngMaster Shadow Weapon, 24793.pngMaster Shadow Shield, 24800.pngM. Dragon Knight Shadow Armor, 24801.pngM. Dragon Knight Shadow Shoes, 24802.pngM. Dragon Knight Shadow Earring, 24803.pngM. Dragon Knight Shadow Pendant, 24804.pngM. Imperial Guard Shadow Armor, 24805.pngM. Imperial Guard Shadow Shoes, 24806.pngM. Imperial Guard Shadow Earring, 24807.pngM. Imperial Guard Shadow Pendant, 24808.pngM. Shadow Cross Shadow Armor, 24809.pngM. Shadow Cross Shadow Shoes, 24810.pngM. Shadow Cross Shadow Earring, 24811.pngM. Shadow Cross Shadow Pendant, 24812.pngM. Abyss Chaser Shadow Armor, 24813.pngM. Abyss Chaser Shadow Shoes, 24814.pngM. Abyss Chaser Shadow Earring, 24815.pngM. Abyss Chaser Shadow Pendant, 24816.pngM. Cardinal Shadow Armor, 24817.pngM. Cardinal Shadow Shoes, 24818.pngM. Cardinal Shadow Earring, 24819.pngM. Cardinal Shadow Pendant, 24820.pngM. Inquisitor Shadow Armor, 24821.pngM. Inquisitor Shadow Shoes, 24822.pngM. Inquisitor Shadow Earring, 24823.pngM. Inquisitor Shadow Pendant, 24824.pngM. Meister Shadow Armor, 24825.pngM. Meister Shadow Shoes, 24826.pngM. Meister Shadow Earring, 24827.pngM. Meister Shadow Pendant, 24828.pngM. Biolo Shadow Armor, 24829.pngM. Biolo Shadow Shoes, 24830.pngM. Biolo Shadow Earring, 24831.pngM. Biolo Shadow Pendant, 24832.pngM. Windhawk Shadow Armor, 24833.pngM. Windhawk Shadow Shoes, 24834.pngM. Windhawk Shadow Earring, 24835.pngM. Windhawk Shadow Pendant, 24836.pngM. Troubadour & Trouvere Shadow Armor, 24837.pngM. Troubadour & Trouvere Shadow Shoes, 24838.pngM. Troubadour & Trouvere Shadow Earring, 24839.pngM. Troubadour & Trouvere Shadow Pendant, 24840.pngM. Arch Mage Shadow Armor, 24841.pngM. Arch Mage Shadow Shoes, 24842.pngM. Arch Mage Shadow Earring, 24843.pngM. Arch Mage Shadow Pendant, 24844.pngM. Elemental Master Shadow Armor, 24845.pngM. Elemental Master Shadow Shoes, 24846.pngM. Elemental Master Shadow Earring, 24847.pngM. Elemental Master Shadow Pendant, 24848.pngM. Night Watch Shadow Armor, 24849.pngM. Night Watch Shadow Shoes, 24850.pngM. Night Watch Shadow Earring, 24851.pngM. Night Watch Shadow Pendant, 24852.pngM. Spirit Handler Shadow Armor, 24853.pngM. Spirit Handler Shadow Shoes, 24854.pngM. Spirit Handler Shadow Earring, 24855.pngM. Spirit Handler Shadow Pendant, 24856.pngM. Shinkiro & Shiranui Shadow Armor, 24857.pngM. Shinkiro & Shiranui Shadow Shoes, 24858.pngM. Shinkiro & Shiranui Shadow Earring, 24859.pngM. Shinkiro & Shiranui Shadow Pendant, 24860.pngM. Sky Emperor Shadow Armor, 24861.pngM. Sky Emperor Shadow Shoes, 24862.pngM. Sky Emperor Shadow Earring, 24863.pngM. Sky Emperor Shadow Pendant, 24864.pngM. Soul Ascetic Shadow Armor, 24865.pngM. Soul Ascetic Shadow Shoes, 24866.pngM. Soul Ascetic Shadow Earring, 24867.pngM. Soul Ascetic Shadow Pendant, 24868.pngM. Hyper Novice Shadow Armor, 24869.pngM. Hyper Novice Shadow Shoes, 24870.pngM. Hyper Novice Shadow Earring, 24871.pngM. Hyper Novice Shadow Pendant
Instance Edition

/navi itemmall 35/60

19238.pngPoring Village Leek, 19239.pngPoring Village Carrot, 28522.pngRing of The Fallen, 28387.pngFuze Necklace, 28483.pngRoyal Guardian Ring [1], 1994.pngInfinity Whip [1], 1938.pngInfinity Violin [1], 13323.pngInfinity Shuriken [1], 13126.pngInfinity Pistol [1], 28703.pngInfinity Dagger [1], 2024.pngInfinity Two-Handed Staff [1], 16038.pngInfinity Mace [1], 21014.pngInfinity Two-Handed Sword [1], 28105.pngInfinity Axe [1], 18128.pngInfinity Bow [1], 15141.pngRift Ancient Armor [1], 22075.pngRift Shoes [1], 20779.pngRift Manteau [1], 19033.pngAncient Rift Ornament [1], 15388.pngKing Schmidt's Suit [1], 15389.pngKing Schmidt's Manteau [1], 32228.pngKing Schmidt's Power Insignia [1], 32229.pngKing Schmidt's Divine Power Insignia [1], 32230.pngKing Schmidt's Hundred Lucks Insignia [1], 32231.pngKing Schmidt's Rigid Body Insignia [1], 32232.pngKing Schmidt's Flash Insignia [1], 32233.pngKing Schmidt's Celestial Insignia [1], 18849.pngCelines Ribbon [1], 18848.pngLush Rose [1], 2486.pngShadow Walk [1], 13442.pngOld Parasol [3], 2976.pngRed Lantern [1], 2977.pngHurt Mind [1], 2978.pngKind Heart [1], 2980.pngEvil Spirit Gloves [1], 32024.pngHarve [2], 32350.pngFarthezan [2], 32023.pngArgen Blanco [2], 21052.pngVernan [2], 21051.pngVolar [2], 32025.pngFortridge [2], 1866.pngDedicated Bandage [2], 1865.pngRaging Dragon Fist [2], 16096.pngBright Pendulum [2], 2057.pngAdorare Staff [2], 26161.pngPenitentia [2], 16095.pngLucis Flail [2], 16094.pngGene Rod [2], 32351.pngEstal [2], 16093.pngCoolant Injection [2], 16092.pngEngine Pilebuncker [2], 28138.pngMaxi Spanner [2], 1333.pngGolden Wrench [2], 26159.pngPsychic Spear Rod [2], 26160.pngDust Grave [2], 28633.pngBoltijin [2], 26158.pngCrimson Rose Stick [2], 2056.pngGravitation Staff [2], 2055.pngStaff of Miracle [2], 18186.pngAiming Bow [2], 18188.pngWind Gale [2], 18187.pngFalken Shooter [2], 18184.pngRapid Fire [2], 18185.pngSharp Star Bow [2], 28767.pngJack The Knife [2], 28768.pngPlatinum Dagger [2], 28765.pngJudgement Slasher [2], 28044.pngAgudo Filo [2], 28042.pngRipper Cross [2], 32107.pngBlack Circle [2], 32108.pngAntique Cello [2], 26212.pngHeart Whip [2], 26213.pngScarlet Ribbon [2], 22000.pngTemporal Boots Of Strength, 22001.pngTemporal Boots Of Intelligence, 22002.pngTemporal Boots Of Agility, 22003.pngTemporal Boots Of Vitality, 22004.pngTemporal Boots Of Dexterity, 22005.pngTemporal Boots Of Luck, 22107.pngModified Str Boots, 22108.pngModified Int Boots, 22109.pngModified Agi Boots, 22110.pngModified Vit Boots, 22111.pngModified Dex Boots, 22112.pngModified Luk Boots, 22006.pngTemporal Boots Of Strength [1], 22007.pngTemporal Boots Of Vitality [1], 22008.pngTemporal Boots Of Dexterity [1], 22009.pngTemporal Boots Of Intelligence [1], 22010.pngTemporal Boots Of Agility [1], 22011.pngTemporal Boots Of Luck [1], 22113.pngModified Str Boots [1], 22114.pngModified Int Boots [1], 22115.pngModified Agi Boots [1], 22116.pngModified Vit Boots [1], 22117.pngModified Dex Boots [1], 22118.pngModified Luk Boots [1], 19474.pngTemporal Circlet (Rune Knight) [1], 19475.pngTemporal Circlet (Royal Guard) [1], 19476.pngTemporal Circlet (Mechanic) [1], 19477.pngTemporal Circlet (Genetic) [1], 19478.pngTemporal Circlet (Guillotine Cross) [1], 19479.pngTemporal Circlet (Shadow Chaser) [1], 19480.pngTemporal Circlet (Archbishop) [1], 19481.pngTemporal Circlet (Sura) [1], 19482.pngTemporal Circlet (Warlock) [1], 19483.pngTemporal Circlet (Sorcerer) [1], 19484.pngTemporal Circlet (Ranger) [1], 19485.pngTemporal Circlet (Wanderer & Minstrel) [1], 19486.pngTemporal Circlet (Star Emperor) [1], 19487.pngTemporal Circlet (Soul Reaper) [1], 19488.pngTemporal Circlet (Rebellion) [1], 19489.pngTemporal Circlet (Oboro) [1], 19490.pngTemporal Circlet (Kagerou) [1], 19491.pngTemporal Circlet (Super Novice) [1], 19492.pngTemporal Circlet (Summoner) [1]
Dungeon Edition

/navi itemmall 35/63

19189.pngRacing Cap (Mechanic) [1], 19190.pngRacing Cap (Geneticist) [1], 19191.pngRacing Cap (Guillotine Cross) [1], 19192.pngRacing Cap (Shadow Chaser) [1], 19193.pngRacing Cap (Warlock) [1], 19194.pngRacing Cap (Sorcerer) [1], 19195.pngRacing Cap (Rune Knight) [1], 19196.pngRacing Cap (Royal Guard) [1], 19197.pngRacing Cap (Archbishop) [1], 19198.pngRacing Cap (Sura) [1], 19199.pngRacing Cap (Ranger) [1], 19200.pngRacing Cap (Minstrel) [1], 19201.pngRacing Cap (Wanderer) [1], 19202.pngRacing Cap (Gunslinger) [1], 19203.pngRacing Cap (Ninja) [1], 19204.pngRacing Cap (Super Novice) [1], 19205.pngRacing Cap (Summoner) [1], 19396.pngRacing Cap (Star Gladiator) [1], 19397.pngRacing Cap (Soul Linker) [1], 18971.pngOld Rune Circlet [1], 18972.pngOld Mitra [1], 18973.pngOld Driver Band [1], 18974.pngOld Driver Band(Yellow) [1], 18975.pngOld Shadow Handicraft [1], 18976.pngOld Minstrel Song's Hat [1], 18977.pngOld Midas Whisper [1], 18978.pngOld Magic Stone Hat [1], 18979.pngOld Blazing Soul [1], 18980.pngOld Wind Whisper [1], 18981.pngOld Dying Swan [1], 18982.pngOld Circlet Of Bones [1], 18983.pngOld Protect Of Crown [1], 18984.pngOld Camouflage Rabbit Hood [1], 18985.pngFalconer Flute, 490044.pngSinful Ruby Ring [1], 490045.pngSinful Ruby Necklace [1], 490046.pngSinful Emerald Ring [1], 490047.pngSinful Emerald Necklace [1], 490048.pngSinful Topaz Ring [1], 490049.pngSinful Topaz Necklace [1], 490050.pngSinful Amethyst Ring [1], 490051.pngSinful Amethyst Necklace [1], 490052.pngSinful Sapphire Ring [1], 490053.pngSinful Sapphire Necklace [1], 490054.pngSinful Opal Ring [1], 490055.pngSinful Opal Necklace [1], 490056.pngBrilliant Light Ruby Ring [1], 490057.pngBrilliant Light Ruby Necklace [1], 490058.pngBrilliant Light Amethyst Ring [1], 490059.pngBrilliant Light Amethyst Necklace [1], 490060.pngBrilliant Light Emerald Ring [1], 490061.pngBrilliant Light Emerald Necklace [1], 490062.pngBrilliant Light Zircon Ring [1], 490063.pngBrilliant Light Zircon Necklace [1], 490064.pngBrilliant Light Sapphire Ring [1], 490065.pngBrilliant Light Sapphire Necklace [1], 490066.pngBrilliant Light Aquamarine Ring [1], 490067.pngBrilliant Light Aquamarine Necklace [1], 15397.pngSTR Soutane [1], 15398.pngAGI Soutane [1], 15399.pngVIT Soutane [1], 15400.pngDEX Soutane [1], 15401.pngINT Soutane [1], 15402.pngLUK Soutane [1], 20947.pngClergy's Manteau [1], 22209.pngClergy's Boots [1]
Blacksmith Sinea

/navi ra_in01 118/385
See details: Muqaddas Weapon Enchants

500074.pngMuqaddas Sasyiir [2], 630028.pngMuqaddas Banjiiraa [2], 640046.pngMuqaddas Jaydukhar [2], 540074.pngMuqaddas Kitab [2], 510102.pngMuqaddas Tasyiribatiy [2], 610054.pngMuqaddas Dayats [2], 520031.pngMuqaddas Tabar [2], 590062.pngMuqaddas Daablunta [2], 560048.pngMuqaddas Mashts [2], 550117.pngMuqaddas Baru [2], 700076.pngMuqaddas Kahassu [2], 570045.pngMuqaddas Saz [2], 580046.pngMuqaddas Syaraq [2], 550118.pngMuqaddas Sharman [2], 550119.pngMuqaddas Kharawasu [2], 540075.pngMuqaddas Kajuza [2], 510103.pngMuqaddas Nazar [2], 510104.pngMuqaddas Kanjar, 590063.pngMuqaddas Ayyasy [2], 840028.pngMuqaddas Naranzak [2], 810034.pngMuqaddas Tabanji [2], 820028.pngMuqaddas Saka [2], 830033.pngMuqaddas Taliin [2]
Flush MK4U

/navi ein_fild08 201/49

See details: Flush Weapon Enchants

510105.pngFlush Metal Detector Mk47 [2], 510077.pngFlush Jewel Detector Mk47 [2], 500056.pngFlush Safety Saber [2], 550091.pngFlush Safety Foxtail [2], 530035.pngFlush Blocking Spear [2], 600031.pngFlush Claw Sword [2], 590049.pngFlush Rubber Hammer [2], 620020.pngFlush Saw Axe [2], 560038.pngFlush Safety Knuckle [2], 540058.pngFlush Safety Manual [2], 550092.pngFlush Welding Wand [2], 640035.pngFlush Detecting Staff [2], 650029.pngFlush Grinder Huuma Shuriken [2], 700060.pngFlush Bolt Shooter [2], 610042.pngFlush Bolt Crusher [2], 800016.pngFlush Bolt Revolver [2], 580034.pngFlush Safety Whip [2], 570033.pngFlush Safety Lute [2]

/navi icas_in 169/65

See details: Glacier Equipment Enchants

450264.pngGlacier Armor [1], 450265.pngGlacier Robe [1],

450266.pngGlacier Manteau [1], 450267.pngGlacier Muffler [1], 450268.pngGlacier Shoes [1], 470196.pngGlacier Boots [1]

490327.pngGlacier Ring [1], 490328.pngGlacier Pendant [1], 490329.pngGlacier Earring [1], 490330.pngGlacier Necklace [1], 460040.pngGlacier Guard [1]


/navi icas_in 169/65

See details: Dim Glacier Equipment Enchants

450270.pngDim Glacier Armor [1], 450271.pngDim Glacier Robe [1], 470197.pngDim Glacier Boots [1], 470198.pngDim Glacier Shoes [1]

480283.pngDim Glacier Manteau [1], 480284.pngDim Glacier Muffler [1]

Equipment Tech Manager

@go 44

See details: Deep Biosphere Enchants

450274.pngFiery Earth Rune Armor [1], 450279.pngIcy Storm Rune Suit [1]

450280.pngSoul Purifying Rune Robe [1], 450281.pngCorrupted Poison Rune Cloth [1]

450282.pngEngraved Fiery Earth Rune Armor [1], 450283.pngEngraved Icy Storm Rune Suit [1]

450284.pngEngraved Soul Purifying Rune Robe [1], 450285.pngEngraved Corrupted Poison Rune Cloth [1]

Jewel Mastersmith

@go 44

See details: Dimensions Weapon Enchants

Dimensions Crown Enchants

600054.pngDimensions Dragon Sword [2], 610064.pngDimensions Shadow Katar [2], 610065.pngDimensions Shadow Chakram [2], 620037.pngDimensions Mechanical Axe [2]

630041.pngDimensions Dragon Lance [2], 640049.pngDimensions Arc Staff [2], 640050.pngDimensions Arc Road [2], 650046.pngDimensions Moonlight Wind Demon Shuriken [2]

650047.pngDimensions Moonlight Wheel Repair Sword [2], 700092.pngDimensions Abyss Bow [2], 700093.pngDimensions Wind Cross Bow [2], 700094.pngDimensions Wind Bow [2]

810040.pngDimensions Night Rifle [2], 840032.pngDimensions Night Launcher [2], 500092.pngDimensions Imperial Sword [2], 500093.pngDimensions Biological Sword [2]

500094.pngDimensions Hyper Sword [2], 510139.pngDimensions Abyss Knife [2], 530054.pngDimensions Imperial Spear [2], 540079.pngDimensions Elemental Magic Book [2]

540080.pngDimensions Elemental Spellbook [2], 540081.pngDimensions Saint Bible [2], 540082.pngDimensions Emperor Moonbook [2]

540083.pngDimensions Emperor Book of the Sun [2]550130.pngDimensions St. Road [2], 550131.pngDimensions Soul Stick [2], 550132.pngDimensions Soul Road [2]

550133.pngDimensions Hyper Road [2]550134.pngDimensions Spirit Foxtail [2], 550135.pngDimensions Spirit Foxtail Model [2], 560060.pngDimensions Judgment Knuckle [2]

560061.pngDimensions Judgment Crow [2]570062.pngDimensions Musical Violin [2], 580061.pngDimensions Musical Ribbon [2], 590079.pngDimensions Mechanical Mace [2]

590080.pngDimensions Biological Hall [2]570063.pngDimensions Musical Harp [2], 580062.pngDimensions Musical Rope [2]

400529.pngDimensions Crown (Dragon Knight) [1] 400530.pngDimensions Crown (Imperial Guard) [1] 400531.pngDimensions Crown (Meister) [1]

400532.pngDimensions Crown (Biolo) [1] 400533.pngDimensions Crown (Shadow Cross) [1] 400534.pngDimensions Crown (Abyss Chaser) [1]

400535.pngDimensions Crown (Arch Mage) [1] 400536.pngDimensions Crown (Elemental Master) [1] 400537.pngDimensions Crown (Cardinal) [1]

400538.pngDimensions Crown (Inquisitor) [1] 400539.pngDimensions Crown (Windhawk) [1] 400540.pngDimensions Crown (Troubadour & Trouvere) [1]

400541.pngDimensions Crown (Shinkiro & Shiranui) [1] 400542.pngDimensions Crown (Night Watch) [1] 400543.pngDimensions Crown (Sky Emperor) [1]

400544.pngDimensions Crown (Soul Ascetic) [1] 400545.pngDimensions Crown (Hyper Novice) [1] 400546.pngDimensions Crown (Spirit Handler) [1]

Mystical Enchantment Subspace Vend

Garden of Time

See details: Manteau of Mystical Beast Enchants

Circulation of Life Enchants

Signet of Circulation Enchants

490483.pngSignet of Circulation: Spring [1], 490484.pngSignet of Circulation: Summer [1]

490485.pngSignet of Circulation: Autumn [1], 490486.pngSignet of Circulation: Winter [1]

480345.pngMantaeu of Mystical Beast: Spring [1], 480346.pngManteau of Mystical Beast: Summer [1]

480347.pngManteau of Mystical Beast: Autumn [1],480348.pngManteau of Mystical Beast: Winter [1]

480349.pngCirculation of Life: Spring [1], 480350.pngCirculation of Life: Summer [1]

480351.pngCirculation of Life: Autumn [1], 480352.pngCirculation of Life: Winter [1]