Player vs Player

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All our Player vs Player features has 99.6% skill damage reduction and 95% normal attack reduction.

Level requirement to participate: 200+

Old Player Tips:

PvP Meta in our server is RES/MRES as well as 4th Job Stats. Old Meta Resistance cards even reaching 100% won't give you immunity in our server, with mechanism of counter scripts such as Increased Ranged or Demi-Human Player damage items can easily penetrated your 100% resistance. 

PvP (Player vs Player)

Arena Match Gladiator Match
  • Schedule: Every 2 hours at minute 30
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Entrance: Type @joinpvp enter the [Event] room.
  • Entrance cool down: 30 seconds
  • Fee: 5,000 zeny
  • Description: A free for all PvP event, kill any player inside.
  • Rewards:
  • Scheduled: Every 2 hours at minute 20
  • Duration: 5 minutes.
  • Entrance: Sir Gladiator, in center of Prontera. (Can't re-enter)
  • Fee: 50,000 zeny / 10,000 zeny (vip3) / 1,000 zeny (vip6)
  • Description: Last man standing, survive until the end.
  • Rewards:

PK (Player Kill)

A handful rare farming maps has PK mode enabled.

Maps are: Gelnia F3, Wilderness Gold, Wilderness Rainbow, HvH Dungeon and HvH Mine

BG (Battleground)

  1. Bgicon.pngBattleground Icon, is under the basic menu.
  2. Select the BG mode that you'd like to join.
  3. Place yourself in Individual queue.
  4. Wait until the queue is full.
  5. When queue is full, Confirm and start.
  6. Win and earn 43068.pngBattle Badge

Follow instructions of each BG mode and good luck!

Tip: Arrange Battleground fights in @recruit channel.


Merchant NPCs

Battle Badge Storage NPC

/navi prontera 151/193

Submit 20x 43068.pngBattle Badge for 1 random Egg Scrolls

PvP Guide NPC

/navi prontera 157/193

Sells buff items for 10x 44186.pngKnight's Insignia

101522.pngFantasy Series 001, 101523.pngFantasy Series 002, 101524.pngFantasy Series 003, 101525.pngFantasy Series 004

101835.pngFantasy Series 005, 101705.pngFantasy Series 006, 101705.pngFantasy Series 006, 101706.pngFantasy Series 007

101837.pngFantasy Series 008, 101834.pngFantasy Series 009