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All our Player vs Player config has 99.6% skill damage reduction and 95% normal attack reduction, making it almost impossible to one-shot decent pvpers.

PvP meta in our server is RES/MRES, old meta resistance cards even reaching 100% won't give you immunity in our server, with mechanism of counter scripts such as Increased Ranged or Demi-Human Player damage items can easily ignore your 100% resistance build. Focus on RES/MRES!

PvP Events

Arena Match Gladiator Match
  • Schedule: Monday 10:00 & 16:00 | Wednesday 10:00 & 16:00
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Entrance: Type @joinpvp enter the [Event] room.
  • Entrance cool down: 30 seconds
  • Fee: 5,000 zeny
  • Description: A free for all PvP event, kill any player inside.
  • Rewards:
  • Scheduled: Tuesday 10:00 & 16:00 | Thursday 10:00 & 16:00
  • Duration: 5 minutes
  • Entrance: Sir Gladiator, in center of Prontera. (Can't re-enter)
  • Fee: 50,000 zeny
  • Description: Last man standing, survive until the end.
  • Rewards:

PvP Rewards

Arena Treasure

10x spawns every minute inside Arena Match, each treasures can drop items ->

PvP Guide Shop

/navi prontera 157/193

  • You can play PvP Lottery for 5x 44186.pngKnight's Insignia or 1x 44185.pngGladiator's Bookmark.
  • Buy exclusive Fantasy Series buffs, gives additional unique buffs!
    • You can only have 1 Fantasy buff activated at once.
    • We recommend the DEF/MDEF fantasy buff.
  • Check up on your weekly pvp rankings.
PvP Lottery Item Name Ratio PvP Lottery Item Name Ratio

942313.png(C) Awaking Bloom Cap


942314.png(C) Evil Eye of False God


490273.pngSealed Dimensional Key


490274.pngSealed Dimensional Lock


490275.pngSealed Dimensional Keychain


6238.png+11 Weapon Refine Ticket


6239.png+11 Armor Refine Ticket


6228.png+9 Weapon Refine Ticket


6232.png+9 Armor Refine Ticket


1001253.pngShadow Essence


44903.pngCostume Glitter


23436.pngShadow Refine Hammer


5x 44414.pngOuter Galaxy Crystal


1001300.pngDeep Ice Crystal


1001301.pngDeep Storm Crystal


1001302.pngDeep Soul Crystal


1001303.pngDeep Purification Crystal


1001304.pngDepth Corruption Crystal


1001305.pngDeep Poison Crystal


7444.pngTreasure Box


Fantasy Buffs Fee Description
101522.pngFantasy Series 001 10x 44186.pngKnight's Insignia

INT +5, FLEE +30.
Increases Movement Speed.

101523.pngFantasy Series 002 10x 44186.pngKnight's Insignia

MaxHP +10%, MaxSP +5%.
Increases HP Recovery Rate of 508.pngYellow Herb by 500%.

101524.pngFantasy Series 003 10x 44186.pngKnight's Insignia

Increases Ranged Physical Damage by 10%.

101527.pngFantasy Buff 003-2 10x 44186.pngKnight's Insignia

Increases Melee Physical Damage by 10%.

101528.pngFantasy Buff 003-3 10x 44186.pngKnight's Insignia

Increases Critical Damage by 10%.

101525.pngFantasy Series 004 10x 44186.pngKnight's Insignia

Skill casting cannot be interrupted.

101835.pngFantasy Series 005 10x 44186.pngKnight's Insignia

ASPD +3, Perfect HIT +10%.

101705.pngFantasy Series 006 10x 44186.pngKnight's Insignia

All Stats +5, ATK +2%, MATK +2%.

101706.pngFantasy Series 007 10x 44186.pngKnight's Insignia

Increases Magical Damage of Shadow, Holy, Water, Earth and Fire element by 10%.

101837.pngFantasy Series 008 10x 44186.pngKnight's Insignia

Increases Physical and Magical Damage against monsters of Demi-Human and Player race by 7%.
Decreases damage taken from monsters of Demi-Human and Player race by 7%.

101834.pngFantasy Series 009 10x 44186.pngKnight's Insignia

DEF +400, MDEF +100.