Eden Group

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Eden Union

Secretary Snow

/navi moc_para01 26/35 

Eden Union
  • You can Join or Leave Eden Union.
  • Being member of Eden Union grats 70% chance of 25051.pngUnion Token on every monster kill.
  • Invest in Eden reputation, 1 25051.png = 1 reputation point with Eden Group.
  • You can invest in 1, 10, 100 or 1000 quantities.
  • This NPC also gives Clan Buffs without joining a Clan.

Eden Shop


/navi moc_para 28/25

Eden Shop
  • General shop of Eden.
  • You can purchase different items using 25223.pngEden Coin.
  • Increasing reputation with Eden will unlock more item stock.
Purchase Mercenary

12153.pngBowman Scroll 1 12154.pngBowman Scroll 2 12155.pngBowman Scroll 3 12156.pngBowman Scroll 4 12157.pngBowman Scroll 5 12158.pngBowman Scroll 6

12159.pngBowman Scroll 7 12160.pngBowman Scroll 8 12161.pngBowman Scroll 9 12162.pngBowman Scroll 10

12163.pngFencer Scroll 1 12164.pngFencer Scroll 2 12165.pngFencer Scroll 3 12166.pngFencer Scroll 4 12167.pngFencer Scroll 5 12168.pngFencer Scroll 6

12169.pngFencer Scroll 7 12170.pngFencer Scroll 8 12171.pngFencer Scroll 9 12172.pngFencer Scroll 10

12173.pngSpearman Scroll 1 12174.pngSpearman Scroll 2 12175.pngSpearman Scroll 3 12176.pngSpearman Scroll 4 12177.pngSpearman Scroll 5 12178.pngSpearman Scroll 6

12179.pngSpearman Scroll 7 12180.pngSpearman Scroll 8 12181.pngSpearman Scroll 9 12182.pngSpearman Scroll 10

40000.pngBaby Desert Wolf Summon Book 40001.pngWild Rose Summon Book 40002.pngGalapago Summon Book 40003.pngMimic Summon Book 40004.pngDisguise Summon Book

40005.pngBaphomet Jr Summon Book 40006.pngAlice Summon Book 40007.pngWanderer Summon Book 40008.pngKasa Summon Book 40009.pngDiabolic Summon Book

40010.pngZealotus Summon Book 40011.pngCivil Servant Summon Book 40012.pngLoli Ruri Summon Book 40013.pngSedora Summon Book 40014.pngChepet Summon Book

40015.pngTeddy Bear Summon Book 40016.pngWicked Nymph Summon Book 40017.pngSalamander Summon Book 40018.pngAntler Scaraba Summon Book

40019.pngEgnigem Cenia Summon Book 40020.pngDoppelganger Summon Book 40021.pngEddga Summon Book 40022.pngKtullanux Summon Book

Reputation 0
Item Stock Fee Description
12263.pngField Manual 500 25223.png Experience gained +50% for 30 minutes.
41053.png(F) Freya's Infinity Potion 20 25223.png

MaxHP +5%, MaxSP +5%, casting cannot be interrupted.

Increases critical, long range physical and all elemental magic damage by 5%.

41054.png(F) Skadi's Power Potion 20 25223.png

ATK & MATK +30, MaxHP & MaxSP -10%

Increases Attack Speed by 5%, Reduces Variable Casting Time by 5%,

Chance to cast Concentration Lv 3 when dealing physical or magical damage.

28439.pngSea Otter Mini Fan [1] 1000 25223.png

All Stat + 1, increases EXP gained from killing monsters by 5%.

Extra random options can be applied.

5336.pngGuildsman Recruiter Hat
500 25223.png A helm with Guild Member wanted ad on it. Recruit friends and strangers alike.
Reputation 1

A little discount added.

Additional Item Stock Fee Description
41055.png(F) Life Potion I 18 Restores 5% of your MaxHP every 5 seconds.
41052.png(F) Njord's Power Potion 18

ATK & MATK +30, ATK & MATK +1%, HIT & FLEE +30, ASPD +1

Reduces SP costs of skills by 5%, Reduces Fixed Casting Time by 30%

28440.pngSeal Mini Fan [1]

All Stat + 1, increases EXP gained from killing monsters by 5%.

Extra random options can be applied.

5337.pngParty Recruiter Hat
500 A helm with a Party Member wanted ad on it. Your next party member could be your newest friend.
Reputation 2

More discount added.

Additional Item Stock Fee Description
41051.png(F) Ymir Spirit Potion 16 MaxSP +10%, reduces SP cost of skills by 10%.
41058.png(F) Mana Potion I 16 Restores 5% of your MaxSP every 5 seconds.
41009.pngRiding Halter Box (1Day) 400 A box that contains 1 41008.pngRiding Halter.
5338.pngBF Recruiter Hat 500 A helm with a battle field ad on it.
Reputation 3

More discount added.

Additional Item Stock Fee Description
41062.png(F) Frigg's ASPD Potion 14

ASPD +3, Increases attack speeed by 5%

41063.png(F) Eir's Blessing 14

Increase healing power by 30%.

Increase efficiency of received healing and recovery items by 20%

5339.pngFriend Recruiter Hat 500 A helm with a friend wanted ad on it. Never go lonely again with this advertisement.
Reputation 4

More discount added.

Additional Item Stock Fee Description
41059.png(F) Gunnar's Defence Scroll 20 DEF +500 & MDEF +200
41060.png(F) Almighty 20 All Stats +10, ATK & MATK +30
5346.pngGF Recruiter Hat 500 A helm with a girlfriend wanted ad on it. Don't let those dating services fool you.

Shadow Gear Rental

Assistant Khelly

/navi moc_para01 22/35

1 day rent, full set Advanced Shadow Gear for 100 25223.pngEden Coin.

Advanced Shadow Gear

24693.pngAdvanced Paradise Shadow Shield, 24694.pngAdvanced Paradise Shadow Armor, 24695.pngAdvanced Paradise Shadow Shoes

24696.pngAdvanced Paradise Shadow Earring, 24697.pngAdvanced Paradise Shadow Pendant

24698.pngRune Knight Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon, 24699.pngRoyal Guard Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon

24700.pngMechanic Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon, 24701.pngGenetic Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon

24702.pngGuillotine Cross Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon, 24703.pngShadow Chaser Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon

24704.pngWarlock Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon, 24705.pngSorcerer Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon

24706.pngArch Bishop Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon, 24707.pngSura Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon

24708.pngRanger Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon, 24709.pngMinstrel & Wanderer Adva

24710.pngKagerou & Oboro Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon, 24711.pngRebellion Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon

24712.pngStar Emperor Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon, 24713.pngSoul Reaper Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon

24714.pngDoram Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon, 24715.pngSuper Novice Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon

Booster Weapon Shop


/navi moc_para01 19/35

Use 1000253.pngBooster Weapon Voucher to exchange for a weapon

Booster Weapon Shop

600012.pngIgnition Wave Booster Two-handed Sword, 630008.pngHundred Breath Booster Spear, 530005.pngVanishing Cannon Booster Spear, 500015.pngPressure Genesis Booster Sword
620003.pngPower Swing Booster Axe, 590008.pngArm Knuckle Booster Mace, 590009.pngAcid Cannon Booster Club, 500016.pngHell Tornado Booster Sword

540039.pngMoon Starlight Booster Book, 540040.pngSunshine Booster Book, 550052.pngEs Booster Staff, 550053.pngEvil Curse Booster Staff

610013.pngRolling Cross Booster Katar, 610028.pngCounter Assault Booster Katar, 700014.pngTriangle Bomb Booster Bow, 510018.pngMagic Fatal Booster Dagger

640009.pngCrimson Strain Booster Staff, 640010.pngChain Jack Booster Staff, 540009.pngSpell Bolt Booster Book, 550010.pngElemental Spell Booster Stick

550011.pngAdonus Booster Wand, 590010.pngDupledex Booster Mace, 560006.pngRampage Arrow Booster Knuckle, 560007.pngSky Cannon Booster Knuckle

700015.pngArrow Booster Bow, 700016.pngSharpbolt Booster Bow, 570024.pngRainstorm Booster Violin, 580024.pngRainstorm Booster Whip

570010.pngMetallic Vibration Booster Violin, 580010.pngMetallic Vibration Booster Whip, 500042.pngSuper Psychic Booster Saber, 500043.pngSuper Ignition Booster Saber

650017.pngWind Spear Petal Booster Huuma Shuriken, 650018.pngCross Petal Booster Huuma Shuriken, 800008.pngDesperado Fire Booster Revolver

830007.pngFire Round Booster Gatling Gun, 550050.pngLunatic Picky Booster Foxtail, 550051.pngCatnip Booster Foxtail Model

Refine Box & Random Options.

Enchant details: Booster Weapon Enchants

Item Stock Fee Description
1000253.pngBooster Weapon Voucher 100 A voucher used to exchange for a Booster Weapon from Eden.
100340.pngBooster Weapon Upgrade Package 100 A package that can refine a Booster Weapons to +13.
100722.pngBooster Modification Stone(Physical) 1 A mysterious item that can give 2 physical random options to Booster Weapons.
100723.pngBooster Modification Stone(Magical) 1 A mysterious item that can give 2 magical random options to Booster Weapons.

Illusion Gear Shop


/navi moc_para01 15/34

Costs 25223.pngEden Coin

Illusion Gear Shop

450147.pngIllusion Armor Type A (Bound) [1], 450148.pngIllusion Armor Type B (Bound) [1]

480062.pngIllusion Engine Wing Type A (Bound) [1], 480063.pngIllusion Engine Wing Type A (Bound) [1]

470054.pngIllusion Leg Type A (Bound) [1], 470055.pngIllusion Leg Type B (Bound) [1]

490072.pngIllusion Booster R(Bound) [1], 490074.pngIllusion Battle Chip R(Bound) [1], 490073.pngIllusion Booster L(Bound) [1], 490075.pngIllusion Battle Chip L(Bound) [1]

100341.pngIllusion (Bound) Upgrade Package

You can enchant, see details: Illusion Gear Enchants

Eden Quest Pub

Grandma - Farming Ground

/navi moc_para01 167/37

Farming Ground

  • Access special farming grounds for players up to Base Level 240.

  • The monsters inside training ground matches with quests from Eden Quest Board.
  • The monsters inside only drops 25223.pngEden Coin.
  • Farming Ground A maps: 50% to drop 1 25223.png.
  • Farming Ground B maps: 50% to drop 1-2 25223.png.
  • Farming Ground C maps: 50% to drop 1-3 25223.png.
  • Farming Ground D maps: 50% to drop 1-4 25223.png.

Eden Quest Board

/navi moc_para01 163/30

Eden Quest Board

  • The quest boards gives variations of monster hunting daily quests.
  • There are 6 different Quest boards with over 100 different hunting quests.
  • A good way to gain EXP if you are skipping Academy.
  • It also comes with good amount of 25223.pngEden Coin reward.
  • 25223.pngEden Coin rewards from 28 up to 76 per quest.
  • You have option to use Take All / Turn In All.

Champion Hunting Quests

/navi moc_para01 167/19

Champion Hunting Quests

  • This quest board gives daily quests to hunt Champion mobs.
  • Each quest will ask you to hunt 3 Champion mobs.
  • Gives good amount of EXP rewards.
  • It also comes with good amount of 25223.pngEden Coin, from 20 up to 280 per quest.
  • You have option to use Take All / Turn In All.

Logistic Manager

/navi moc_para01 176/28

Logistic Manager

  • Turn in batch of items to receive EXP and 50x 25223.pngEden Coin from this NPC.
  • The cool down of each turn in is 1 hour.
  • Turn in quests between level 200 to 230 with items from Episode 17.

Assistant Alonzo - Monster Sociaty

/navi moc_para01 175/35

Monster Sociaty

Wave Mode Challange

NPC Wave Mode Challenge

/navi moc_para01 40/90

There are 2 different modes that players can challenge.

The rewards are EXP from the monsters and good amount of Eden Group Coins

Join a Clan

On the upper floor of Eden Group, (/navi moc_para01 46/179) you can join a clan.

There are total 4 clans, each clan gives a permanent buff during the membership.

While being in a Clan, you can't join a Guild.

Type CTRL + G to view Clan window.

Secretary Snow can also give you Clan Buffs, without joining any Clan.

Sword Clan

STR +1, VIT +1, MHP +30, MSP +10

Arcwand Clan

INT +1, DEX +1, MHP +30, MSP +10

Golden Mace Clan

INT +1, LUK +1, MHP +30, MSP +10

Crossbow Clan

DEX +1, AGI +1, MHP +30, MSP +10