Auto Events

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The events hosted by NPC are automatic and script based.

It happens every hour with a variarity of different events to participate.

/navi prontera 132/216


List of Events

Tag Race
Poring Hunter
Tarrot Reading
Rescue Mission

Daily Task

/navi prontera 136/223

Event Daily Task

NPC gives you a quest to participate in any auto event


20x 43006.pngEvent Coin

Aladdin Event Shop

Event Lottery

Lottery List Chances

5x 531.pngApple Juice


5x 532.pngBanana Juice


5x 534.pngCarrot Juice


5x 533.pngGrape Juice


5x 519.pngMilk 30
2x 520.pngHinalle Leaflet 20
2x 521.pngAloe Leaflet 20
2x 518.pngHoney 20
43001.pngClothing Dye Coupon_ 20
43002.pngHairstyle Ticket I 15
43003.pngHairstyle Ticket II 12
43004.pngHairstyle Ticket III 10
15x 25376.pngCupet Coin 10
645.pngConcentration Potion 10
656.pngAwakening Potion 10
657.pngBerserk Potion 10
505.pngBlue Potion 10
522.pngMastela Fruit 10
526.pngRoyal Jelly 10
12016.pngSpeed Potion 5
610.pngYggdrasil Leaf 5
608.pngYggdrasil Seed 5
607.pngYggdrasil Berry 5
3x 44214.pngQ Pet Coins Bag 5
43005.pngClassic Hat Ticket 1

Costume Headgear Boxes

Box Cost Box Cost
43008.pngCostume Box 1 400x 43006.pngEvent Coin

43018.pngCostume Box 11

1400x 43006.pngEvent Coin

43010.pngCostume Box 3

600x 43006.pngEvent Coin

43020.pngCostume Box 13

1600x 43006.pngEvent Coin

43012.pngCostume Box 5

800x 43006.pngEvent Coin

43022.pngCostume Box 15

1800x 43006.pngEvent Coin

43014.pngCostume Box 7 1000x 43006.pngEvent Coin 43024.pngCostume Box 17 2000x 43006.pngEvent Coin
43016.pngCostume Box 9 1200x 43006.pngEvent Coin 43026.pngCostume Box 19 2200x 43006.pngEvent Coin

Rental Costume dresses

Item List


43041.pngWedding Clothing Effect

10x 43006.pngEvent Coin

43042.pngSanta Clothing Effect 10x 43006.pngEvent Coin
43041.pngWedding Clothing Effect 10x 43006.pngEvent Coin
43045.pngHanbok Clothing Effect 10x 43006.pngEvent Coin
43046.pngOctoberfest Clothing Effect 10x 43006.pngEvent Coin