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Leon of Midgard Tales


NPC is located on Eden Group @go 15.

The feature gives every player 3 novice characters per account to benefit of 42000.pngMT Ready2Play Box.

Box content:

101458.pngBooster Costume Helmet Box

You can choose one of the costume headgears.

440003.pngCostume Novice Rabbit Hood

440006.pngCostume Black Cat Hood

440007.pngCostume Beginner Squirrel Ear Hat

440009.pngCostume Beginner Black Moon Cat

100054.pngShadow Transcendental Time Crate

A full set of beginner useful shadow equipment.

24416.pngTemporal Transcendent Shadow Weapon

24417.pngTemporal Transcendent Shadow Armor

24418.pngTemporal Transcendent Shadow Shield

24419.pngTemporal Transcendent Shadow Shoes

24420.pngTemporal Transcendent Shadow Earring

24421.pngTemporal Transcendent Shadow Pendant

1000253.pngBooster Weapon Voucher

100340.pngBooster Weapon Upgrade Package

You can exchange for an unique Mega Booster weapon from NPC Centro in Eden.

Use the Upgrade Package to refine it straight to +13

Service and Merchant NPCs

Ready2Play NPCs

/navi moc_para01 106/23

Mega Master, Centro, RS26-1 and Level Gifter gives various services and merchants selling to Ready2Play registered character.

Level Gifter

Reach following base level to receive gift. Amount of 1000984.pngBooster Mission Ticket

Base Level 50


Base Level 100


Base Level 150


Base Level 200


Base Level 250


Mega Master

Booster Mission Ticket Store

Different useful items you can exchange for tickets.

The special growth gives a fixed amount of EXP that gives around 1-3 base levels between the level range.

Booster Shadow Gears


Each equipment shadow costs 100x1000984.png.

Each weapon shadow costs 150x1000984.png.

24584.pngBooster Shadow Armor, 24585.pngBooster Shadow Shield, 24586.pngBooster Shadow Shoes,

24587.pngBooster Shadow Earring, 24588.pngBooster Shadow Pendant,

24589.pngRune Knight's Booster Shadow Weapon, 24590.pngRoyal Guard's Booster Shadow Weapon,

24591.pngMechanic's Booster Shadow Weapon, 24592.pngGenetic's Booster Shadow Weapon, 24593.pngGuillotine Cross' Booster Shadow Weapon, 24594.pngShadow Chaser's Booster Shadow Weapon, 24595.pngWarlock's Booster Shadow Weapon, 24596.pngSorcerer's Booster Shadow Weapon, 24597.pngArchbishop's Booster Shadow Weapon, 24598.pngSura's Booster Shadow Weapon, 24599.pngRanger's Booster Shadow Weapon, 24600.pngMinstrel&Wanderer's Booster Shadow Weapon, 24739.pngSummoner Booster Shadow Weapon, 24740.pngStar Emperor Booster Shadow Weapon, 24741.pngKagerou & Oboro Booster Shadow Weapon, 24742.pngRebellion Booster Shadow Weapon, 24743.pngSoul Reaper Booster Shadow Weapon, 24744.pngSuper Novice Booster Shadow Weapon

Booster Costume Hood Enchantment

Apply 3 costume enchant stones to your Booster Costume hood.

Depends on the stone, the price costs 50x or 150x 1000984.png.

Details: Ready2Play Costume Hood Enchants


Automatic Booster Equipment

Buy character bound Automatic booster equipment using 1000984.pngBooster Mission Ticket.

100x1000984.png = 450218.pngAutomatic Armor Type A (bind) [1], 450219.pngAutomatic Armor Type B (bind) [1]

50x1000984.png = 480185.pngAutomatic Engine Wing Type A (Bundled) [1], 480186.pngAutomatic Engine Wing Type B (Bundled) [1]

50x1000984.png = 470125.pngAutomatic Leg Type A (bind) [1], 470126.pngAutomatic leg type B (bind) [1]

25x1000984.png = 490215.pngAutomatic Booster L (bind) [1], 490217.pngAutomatic Battle Chip L (bind) [1]

25x1000984.png = 490214.pngAutomatic Booster R (bind) [1], 490216.pngAutomatic Battle Chip R (bind) [1]

30x1000984.png = 101455.pngAutomatic (bound) upgrade package

Enchanter NPC


This NPC can enchant your Ready2Play Automatic set.

Details: Ready2Play Automatic Enchants