Nyang Club

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Nyang Club is a private club in Prontera

NPCs inside mostly charges 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit for their services


Free Egg Scrolls

Talk to Chicken NPC

Receive a free Egg Scrolls every day.

Sophie Yggdrasil Blessing



For 1x 6909.png per hour, this npc can give you buff

Yggdrasil Blessing

All Stats +7, All Traits +1

ATK +30, MATK +30

HIT +5, FLEE +5, RES & MRES +5

Whiteberry Costume Enchant Stones


This NPC sells different Costume Enchant Stones, both in boxes or specific ones.

You can buy 23151.pngCostume Enchant Stone Thump Box, it's used to recycle 3 random costume enchant stones into a new one + you receive a 44591.pngStone Soul

You can buy different boxes, it's cheaper, but it's a lottery.
14629.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box, 14681.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 2, 14695.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 3, 22826.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 4, 22868.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 5

22905.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 6, 22953.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 7, 23001.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 8, 23058.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 9, 23086.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 10

23174.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 11, 23299.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 12, 23524.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 13, 23629.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 14, 23682.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 15

23770.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 16, 9510.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 17, 100019.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 18, 100052.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 19, 100202.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 20

100314.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 21, 100502.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 22, 100721.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 23, 100920.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 24, 101103.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 25

101271.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 26, 101416.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 27, 101675.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 28, 101876.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 29, 102193.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 30

Every 100x 44591.pngStone Soul that you collect, you can exchange for a specific Costume Enchant Stone.

There are 5 category stones, with tags of Upper, Upper II, Upper III, Lower and Lower II
Upper stones can be put on Upper costume headgears, and Lower stones can be put on Lower costume headgears.

List of all existing costume enchant stones:

1000520.pngASPD Stone(Upper III) 1000521.pngMinor Casting Stone (Upper III) 1000522.pngVariable Casting Stone(Upper III) 1000523.pngRange Stone (Upper III) 1000524.pngMelee Stone(Upper III) 1000525.pngSP Absorption Stone (Upper III) 1000526.pngHP Absorbtion Stone(Upper III) 1000527.pngMagic Power Stone(Upper III) 1000675.pngReload Stone (Upper III) 1000676.pngCreative Stone (Upper III) 1000855.pngCritical Stone (Upper III) 1000856.pngConcentration Stone (Upper III) 1000921.pngSpell Stone (Upper III) 1001055.pngPower Stone (Upper III) 1001172.pngStamina Wisdom Stone (Upper III)

6642.pngATK Stone (Upper II) 6643.pngMATK Stone (Upper II) 6717.pngStamina Stone (Upper II) 6742.pngRecovery Stone (Upper II) 6743.pngHP Stone (Upper II) 6744.pngSP Stone (Upper II) 6945.pngSTR Stone (Upper II) 6946.pngINT Stone (Upper II) 6947.pngAGI Stone (Upper II) 6948.pngDEX Stone (Upper II) 6949.pngVIT Stone (Upper II) 6950.pngLUK Stone (Upper II) 25001.pngDef Stone(Upper II) 25002.pngLUK Exchange Stone(Upper II) 25003.pngSTR Exchange Stone(Upper II) 25004.pngAGI Exchange Stone(Upper II) 25005.pngINT Exchange Stone(Upper II) 25006.pngVIT Exchange Stone(Upper II) 25007.pngDEX Exchange Stone(Upper II) 25060.pngCritical Stone (Upper II) 25061.pngRange Stone (Upper II) 25070.pngReload Stone (Upper II) 25141.pngExperience Stone (Upper II) 25173.pngVariable Casting Stone (Upper II) 25175.pngLex Aeterna Stone (Upper II) 25410.pngChampion Stone (Upper II) 25414.pngSniper Stone (Upper II) 25418.pngScholar Stone (Upper II) 25446.pngLord Knight Stone (Upper II) 25451.pngCreator Stone (Upper II) 25454.pngHigh Wizard Stone (Upper II) 25491.pngStalker Stone (Upper II) 25495.pngMastersmith Stone (Upper II) 25499.pngClown Gypsy Stone (Upper II) 25707.pngHigh Priest Stone (Upper II) 25711.pngPaladin Stone (Upper II) 25715.pngAssassin Cross Stone (Upper II) 25799.pngSura Stone II (Upper II) 25803.pngSorcerer Stone II (Upper II) 25807.pngShadow Chaser Stone II (Upper II) 25844.pngSoul Linker Stone (Upper II) 25847.pngStar Gladiator Stone (Upper II) 25851.pngNinja Stone (Upper II) 25856.pngGunslinger Stone (Upper II) 25860.pngDoram Stone (Upper II) 1000009.pngSniper Stone II (Upper II) 1000013.pngWhitesmith Stone II (Upper II) 1000017.pngHigh Priest Stone II (Upper II) 1000215.pngHigh Wizard Stone II (Upper II) 1000219.pngPaladin Stone II (Upper II) 1000223.pngAssassin Cross Stone II (Upper II) 1000298.pngLord Knight Stone II (Upper II) 1000302.pngCreator Stone II (Upper II) 1000306.pngClown Gypsy Stone II (Upper II) 1000378.pngMelee Stone (Upper II) 1000529.pngMagic Power Stone(Upper II) 1000611.pngRune Knight Stone (Upper II) 1000614.pngWarlock Stone (Upper II) 1000617.pngRoyal Guard Stone (Upper II) 1000667.pngWander Mins Stone (Upper II) 1000670.pngGenetic Stone (Upper II) 1000673.pngSorcerer Stone (Upper II) 1000858.pngArchbishop Stone (Upper II) 1000861.pngRanger Stone (Upper II) 1000864.pngShadow Chaser Stone (Upper II) 1000969.pngSura Stone (Upper II) 1000972.pngMechanic Stone (Upper II) 1000975.pngGuillotine Cross Stone (Upper II) 1001045.pngStar Emperor Stone (Upper II) 1001048.pngRebellion Stone (Upper II) 1001051.pngSoul Reaper Stone (Upper II) 1001160.pngKagerou Stone (Upper II) 1001163.pngOboro Stone (Upper II) 1001166.pngSummoner Stone (Upper II) 1001169.pngDefense Stone (Upper II)
6636.pngSTR Stone (Upper) 6637.pngINT Stone (Upper) 6638.pngAGI Stone (Upper) 6639.pngDEX Stone (Upper) 6640.pngVIT Stone (Upper) 6641.pngLUK Stone (Upper) 6716.pngCRI Stone (Upper) 6740.pngRecovery Stone (Upper) 6741.pngRecovery Skill Stone (Upper) 6790.pngLarge Stone (Upper) 6791.pngMedium Stone (Upper) 6792.pngSmall Stone (Upper) 6943.pngATK Stone (Upper) 6944.pngMATK Stone (Upper) 6999.pngHP Absorption Stone (Upper) 25000.pngSP Absorption Stone(Upper) 25068.pngASPD Stone (Upper) 25069.pngReload Stone (Upper) 25171.pngExperience Stone (Upper) 25172.pngVariable Casting Stone (Upper) 25304.pngCritical Stone (Upper) 25207.pngSPAbsorb Stone (Upper) 25210.pngHPAbsorb Stone (Upper) 25409.pngChampion Stone (Upper) 25413.pngSniper Stone (Upper) 25417.pngScholar Stone (Upper) 25445.pngLord Knight Stone (Upper) 25450.pngCreator Stone (Upper) 25453.pngHigh Wizard Stone (Upper) 25490.pngStalker Stone (Upper) 25494.pngMastersmith Stone (Upper) 25498.pngClown Gypsy Stone (Upper) 25706.pngHigh Priest Stone (Upper) 25710.pngPaladin Stone (Upper) 25714.pngAssassin Cross Stone (Upper) 25800.pngSura Stone II (Upper) 25804.pngSorcerer Stone II (Upper) 25808.pngShadow Chaser Stone II (Upper) 25843.pngSoul Linker Stone (Upper) 25846.pngStar Gladiator Stone (Upper) 25850.pngNinja Stone (Upper) 25855.pngGunslinger Stone (Upper) 25859.pngDoram Stone (Upper) 1000008.pngSniper Stone II (Top) 1000012.pngWhitesmith Stone II (Top) 1000016.pngHigh Priest Stone II (Top) 1000214.pngHigh Wizard Stone II (Upper) 1000218.pngPaladin Stone II (Upper) 1000222.pngAssassin Cross Stone II (Upper) 1000297.pngLord Knight Stone II (Upper) 1000301.pngCreator Stone II (Upper) 1000305.pngClown Gypsy Stone II (Upper) 1000375.pngRanged Stone (Upper) 1000377.pngMelee Stone (Upper) 1000528.pngMagic Power Stone(Upper) 1000610.pngRune Knight Stone (Upper) 1000613.pngWarlock Stone (Upper) 1000616.pngRoyal Guard (Upper) 1000666.pngWander Mins Stone (Upper) 1000669.pngGenetic Stone (Upper) 1000672.pngSorcerer Stone (Upper) 1000857.pngArchbishop Stone (Top) 1000860.pngRanger Stone (Top) 1000863.pngShadow Chaser Stone (Top) 1000968.pngSura Stone (Upper) 1000971.pngMechanic Stone (Upper) 1000974.pngGuillotine Cross Stone (Upper) 1001044.pngStar Emperor Stone (Upper) 1001047.pngRebellion Stone (Upper) 1001050.pngSoul Reaper Stone (Upper) 1001159.pngKagerou Stone (Upper) 1001162.pngOboro Stone (Upper) 1001165.pngSummoner Stone (Upper) 1001168.pngDefense Stone (Upper)
6908.pngStone ASPD (Lower II) 6963.pngHP Absorption Stone (Lower II) 6964.pngSP Absorption Stone (Lower II) 25067.pngCasting Stone (Lower II) 25170.pngMinor Casting Stone (Lower II) 25302.pngDouble Attack Stone (Lower II) 25303.pngCritical Stone (Lower II) 25306.pngVariable Casting Stone (Lower II) 25208.pngSPAbsorb Stone (Lower II) 25209.pngHPAbsorb Stone (Lower II) 25412.pngSura Stone (Lower II) 25416.pngRanger Stone (Lower II) 25420.pngSorcerer Stone (Lower II) 25448.pngRune Knight Stone (Lower II) 25449.pngGenetic Stone (Lower II) 25456.pngWarlock Stone (Lower II) 25493.pngShadow Chaser Stone (Lower II) 25497.pngMechanic Stone (Lower II) 25501.pngWanderer Minstrel Stone (Lower II) 25709.pngArchbishop Stone (Lower II) 25713.pngRoyal Guard Stone (Lower II) 25717.pngAssassin Cross Stone (Lower II) 25797.pngSura Stone II (Lower II) 25801.pngSorcerer Stone II (Lower II) 25805.pngShadow Chaser Stone II (Lower II) 25842.pngSoul Reaper Stone (Lower II) 25849.pngStar Emperor Stone (Lower II) 25853.pngKagerou Stone (Lower II) 25854.pngOboro Stone (Lower II) 25858.pngGunslinger Stone (Lower II) 25862.pngDoram Stone (Lower II) 1000011.pngRanger Stone II (Lower II) 1000015.pngMechanic Stone II (Lower II) 1000019.pngArchbishop Stone II (Lower II) 1000213.pngWarlock Stone II (Lower II) 1000217.pngRoyal Guard Stone II (Lower II) 1000221.pngGuillotine Cross Stone II (Lower II) 1000296.pngRune Knight Stone II (Lower II) 1000300.pngGenetic Stone II (Lower II) 1000304.pngWanderer Minstrel Stone II (Lower II) 1000922.pngSpell Magic Attack Stone (Lower II) 1001053.pngMelee Physical Attack Stone (Lower II) 1001054.pngRange Physical Attack Stone (Lower II) 1001171.pngResist Defense Stone (Garment)
6644.pngHIT Stone (Lower) 6645.pngFLEE Stone (Lower) 6718.pngMagic Stone (Lower) 6745.pngRecovery Stone (Low) 6951.pngHP Stone (Lower) 25008.pngVIT Exchange Stone(Lower) 25009.pngAGI Exchange Stone(Lower) 25010.pngDEX Exchange Stone(Lower) 25011.pngLUK Exchange Stone(Lower) 25012.pngSTR Exchange Stone(Lower) 25013.pngINT Exchange Stone(Lower) 25014.pngMdef Stone(Lower) 25015.pngEXP Stone(Lower) 25016.pngATK Stone(Lower) 25017.pngMATK Stone(Lower) 25062.pngGreed Stone (Lower) 25063.pngHealth Stone (Lower) 25064.pngMagic Stone (Lower) 25065.pngDetoxify Stone (Lower) 25066.pngRecovery Stone (Lower) 25071.pngReload Stone (Lower) 25072.pngKyrie Stone (Lower) 25139.pngIdentify Stone (Bottom) 25174.pngVariable Casting Stone (Bottom) 25227.pngHeal Stone (Bottom) 25228.pngTeleport Stone (Bottom) 25229.pngSteal Stone (Bottom) 25305.pngCritical Stone (Bottom) 25411.pngChampion Stone (Lower) 25415.pngSniper Stone (Lower) 25419.pngScholar Stone (Lower) 25447.pngLord Knight Stone (Lower) 25452.pngCreator Stone (Lower) 25455.pngHigh Wizard Stone (Lower) 25492.pngStalker Stone (Lower) 25496.pngMastersmith Stone (Lower) 25500.pngClown Gypsy Stone (Lower) 25708.pngHigh Priest Stone (Bottom) 25712.pngPaladin Stone (Bottom) 25716.pngAssassin Cross Stone (Bottom) 25798.pngSura Stone II (Bottom) 25802.pngSorcerer Stone II (Bottom) 25806.pngShadow Chaser Stone II (Bottom) 25845.pngSoul Linker Stone (Bottom) 25848.pngStar Gladiator Stone (Bottom) 25852.pngNinja Stone (Bottom) 25857.pngGunslinger Stone (Bottom) 25861.pngDoram Stone (Bottom) 1000010.pngSniper Stone II (Bottom)

1000014.pngWhitesmith Stone II (Bottom) 1000018.pngHigh Priest Stone II (Bottom) 1000216.pngHigh Wizard Stone II (Lower) 1000220.pngPaladin Stone II (Lower) 1000224.pngAssassin Cross Stone II (Lower) 1000299.pngLord Knight Stone II (Lower) 1000303.pngCreator Stone II (Lower) 1000307.pngClown Gypsy Stone II (Lower) 1000376.pngRanged Stone (Lower) 1000379.pngMelee Stone (Lower) 1000530.pngMagic Power Stone(Lower) 1000612.pngRune Knight Stone (Lower) 1000615.pngWarlock Stone (Lower) 1000618.pngRoyal Guard Stone (Lower) 1000668.pngWander Mins Stone (Lower) 1000671.pngGenetic Stone (Lower) 1000674.pngSorcerer Stone (Lower) 1000859.pngArchbishop Stone (Bottom) 1000862.pngRanger Stone (Bottom) 1000865.pngShadow Chaser Stone (Bottom) 1000970.pngSura Stone (Lower) 1000973.pngMechanic Stone (Lower) 1000976.pngGuillotine Cross Stone (Lower) 1001046.pngStar Emperor Stone (Lower) 1001049.pngRebellion Stone (Lower) 1001052.pngSoul Reaper Stone (Lower) 1001161.pngKagerou Stone (Lower) 1001164.pngOboro Stone (Lower) 1001167.pngSummoner Stone (Lower) 1001170.pngDefense Stone (Lower)

Blackphone Shadow Gears

This NPC sells all kinds of Shadow equipment boxes.

If you recycle 3 random shadow equipment using 22529.pngShadow Thump Box, you will receive a random shadow equipment + 44590.pngShadow Piece

If you get Improved Trait Master Shadows, you can bring it to this npc for additional enchants.

You can buy following Shadow Cubes using 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit

22827.pngShadow Cube 22973.pngShadow Cube (Weapon) 22974.pngShadow Cube (Armor) 22975.pngShadow Cube(Shield) 22976.pngShadow Cube(Shoes) 22977.pngShadow Cube (Pendant) 22978.pngShadow Cube (Earing)

23335.pngMaterial Shadow Cube 100690.pngMaterial Shadow Cube II 100198.pngSkill Shadow Cube 100512.pngExtended Class Skill Shadow Cube

14726.pngGrid Shadow Box 14727.pngHeal Shadow Box 14728.pngHiding Shadow Box 14729.pngCloaking Shadow Box 14731.pngTeleport Shadow Box 14732.pngSteal Shadow Box 17292.pngShadow Box 23924.pngSigrun Shadow Box

14704.pngGemstone Shadow Box 22813.pngBearer's Shadow Box 100707.pngMammoth Shadow Box 100785.pngAuto Spell Shadow Box 100886.pngPhysical Magical Shadow Box

You can buy following Shadow Boxes using 44590.pngShadow Piece

Trait Shadow: 24751.pngPhysical Power Shadow Weapon, 24752.pngPhysical Power Shadow Shield, 24753.pngMagical Spell Shadow Weapon, 24754.pngMagical Spell Shadow Shield, 24755.pngConcentration Shadow Weapon, 24756.pngConcentration Shadow Shield, 24757.pngWisdom Shadow Weapon, 24758.pngWisdom Shadow Shield, 24759.pngStamina Shadow Weapon, 24760.pngStamina Shadow Shield, 24761.pngCreative Shadow Weapon, 24762.pngCreative Shadow Shield

3-1 Job Shadows Cubes: 100951.pngIgnition Shadow Cube, 100952.pngCold Breath Shadow Cube, 100954.pngFire Breath Shadow Cube, 100955.pngSonic Shadow Cube, 100960.pngStrain Shadow Cube,100961.pngJack Shadow Cube, 100962.pngChain Shadow Cube, 100963.pngCrimson Shadow Cube, 100968.pngVulcaan Shadow Cube, 100969.pngBoomerang Shadow Cube,100970.pngArm Shadow Cube, 100971.pngTornado Shadow Cube, 100976.pngDuple Shadow Cube, 100977.pngMagnus Shadow Cube, 100978.pngAdoramus Shadow Cube,100979.pngJudex Shadow Cube, 100984.pngRolling Shadow Cube, 100985.pngRipper Slasher Shadow Cube, 100986.pngSlash Shadow Cube, 100987.pngKatar Shadow Cube,100992.pngShooting Shadow Cube, 100994.pngArrow Shadow Cube, 100995.pngAimed Shadow Cube, 100996.pngCluster Shadow Cube

3-2 Job Shadows Cubes: 100956.pngVanishing Cannon Shadow Cube, 100957.pngBrand Shadow Cube, 100958.pngGenesis Shadow Cube, 100959.pngChain Press Shadow Cube, 100964.pngGrave Shadow Cube,100965.pngDust Shadow Cube

100966.pngVaretyr Shadow Cube, 100967.pngPsychic Shadow Cube, 100972.pngSpore Bomb Shadow Cube, 100973.pngCannon Cart Shadow Cube, 100974.pngCrazy Shadow Cube, 100975.pngTornado Cart Shadow Cube100980.pngKnuckle Arrow Shadow Cube, 100981.pngSky Blow Shadow Cube, 100982.pngRampage Shadow Cube, 100983.pngTiger Cannon Shadow Cube, 100988.pngMenace Shadow Cube

100989.pngShadow Spell Shadow Cube, 100990.pngTriangle Shadow Cube, 100991.pngFeint Shadow Cube, 100997.pngRainstorm Shadow Cube, 100998.pngMetallic Shadow Cube, 100999.pngArrow Vulcan Shadow Cube, 101000.pngReverberation Shadow Cube

Extended Job Skill Shadows Cubes: 101001.pngMoonlight Shadow Cube, 101002.pngSunshine Shadow Cube, 101003.pngStardust Shadow Cube, 101004.pngEs Shadow Cube, 101005.pngEvil Curse Shadow Cube101006.pngCross Shuriken Shadow Cube 101007.pngKunai Shadow Cube, 101008.pngWind Spear Petal Shadow Cube, 101009.pngFirst Exploding Draft Shadow Cube, 101010.pngGod Hammer Shadow Cube, 101011.pngShatter Buster Shadow Cube

101012.pngTail Dragon Shadow Cube, 101013.pngTrip Shadow Cube, 101014.pngFlare Dance Shadow Cube,101015.pngSuper Magic Shadow Cube, 101016.pngSuper Power Shadow Cube 101017.pngSilvervine Shadow Cube, 101018.pngCatnip Shadow Cube, 101019.pngSavage Rabbit Shadow Cube,101020.pngPicky Rush Shadow Cube

General Job Shadows: 101021.pngRune Knight Shadow Cube, 101022.pngRoyal Guard Shadow Cube, 101023.pngWarlock Shadow Cube, 101024.pngSorcerer Shadow Cube, 101025.pngMechanic Shadow Cube,101026.pngGenetic Shadow Cube

101027.pngArchbishop Shadow Cube, 101028.pngSura Shadow Cube, 101029.pngGuillotine Cross Shadow Cube, 101030.pngShadow Chaser Shadow Cube,101031.pngRanger Shadow Cube, 101032.pngWanderer Shadow Cube, 101033.pngMinstrel Shadow Cube, 101034.pngStar Emperor Shadow Cube, 101035.pngSoul Reaper Shadow Cube,101036.pngKagerou Shadow Cube,101037.pngOboro Shadow Cube 101038.pngRebellion Shadow Cube, 101039.pngSuper Novice Shadow Cube, 101040.pngDoram Shadow Cube

Cool Shadow Cubes: 101041.pngMammoth Shadow Cube, 101042.pngGemstone Shadow Cube, 101043.pngPenetration Shadow Cube 1, 101044.pngPenetration Shadow Cube 2101045.pngTempest Shadow Cube 1, 101046.pngTempest Shadow Cube 2

Rich Pigocto Premium Account

From this NPC you can buy

41119.pngPremium Account (30Days) 

with Cash Points or 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit

Premium Account Benefits

  • +5 Extra Character slots
  • +20% EXP rate increase
  • +10% Drop rate increase
  • 0% Death Penalty
  • Premium Storage

Nyan Time Buff Potions

A bunch of extra Buff potions for sale from this NPC

You can use 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit to buy following buff potions

41040.pngLife Potion I 41041.pngLife Potion II 41042.pngLife Potion III 41043.pngMana Potion I 41044.pngGunnar's Defence Scroll 41045.pngAlmighty

41037.pngNjord's Power Potion 41038.pngFreya's Infinity Potion 41039.pngSkadi's Power Potion 41047.pngFrigg's ASPD Potion 41046.pngTyr's Blessing 41036.pngYmir Spirit Potion

EXP and Drop manuals can be found from this NPC

22979.png[Sale Battle Manual and Bubble Gum] 44217.pngMystical Battle Manual & Gum

100351.pngCore Battle Manual 100352.pngReal Battle Manual 12412.pngHE Bubble Gum

Martin Meed Cash Costume Recycle

This NPC can recycle any of your Cash Shop costumes to Free Cash Points.

He takes a huge %!

Bold Trade LLC Cash Coin Bags

Exchange your Cash Points into 41115.pngCash Coin Bag (S) and trade with others.

NPC takes 5 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit exchange fee.

Secret Box Weekly Lottery

Once a week, you can pay 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit to get a secret gift!

The content is same as Katsua Secret Box.

Trinity Body Change Potion

You can buy Potion that changes your 4th Job sprite into 2nd Job, Transcendent, 3rd Job or 3rd Job Alternative looks!

Using Cash Points or 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit

Unbox Therapy

This NPC can unbox your Old Blue Box, Old Purple Box, Old Card Album, Gift Boxes and Gelstar Boxes super fast!

Each opening costs 1000 zeny.

Lydia Galaxy String converter

A converter NPC

Convert 100x 44165.pngGalaxy String from Instances into 3x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit