War of Emperium

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Basic Info and Schedules

Participate in this war of conquering castle with your guild.

Fight the enemy guild and break the Emperium of the castle!

  • MvP cards disabled.
  • Skills damage reduction: 99.6%
  • Normal damage reduction: 95%

GvG meta in our server is RES/MRES, old meta resistance cards even reaching 100% won't give you immunity in our server, with mechanism of counter scripts such as Increased Ranged or Demi-Human Player damage items can easily ignore your 100% resistance build. Focus on RES/MRES!

Viblainn Time Table

  • Saturday 
  • Server Clock: 13:00

Fadhgridh Time Table

  • Wednesday
  • Server Clock: 13:00
Horn Time Table
  • Sunday 
  • Server Clock: 13:00

Holy Shadow Time Table

  • Thursday
  • Server Clock: 21:00

An unique participation reward of 44416.pngSiege Crystal, for every player who joins the hour of war.

Max participation reward accumulated up to 1500 44416.pngSiege Crystal

Castle Owning Members Castle Attacker Members Emperium Breaker

Castle treasure reward is based on total participants in every WoE.

If total participants exceeds the required number, the treasure will be upgraded to a better.

Bronze Tier

(1 - 50 participants)

Silver Tier

(51  - 100 participants)

Gold Tier

(101 - 150 participants)

Platinum Tier

(151 - 200 participants) 

Guild Dungeons (GvG)

Use Warper NPC to access any Guild Dungeon Costs: Zeny fee, depends on which level you select from Warper NPC.

Gate Manager NPC

prt_gld 161/96, pay_gld 206/189, gef_fild13 189/206, alde_gld 191/164

This NPC can warp you to Guild Dungeon F1, F2, and Hall of Abyss for Zeny.

Guild Dungeon Chief

Near the Gate Manager NPC

This NPC can warp you to more specific guild dungeons and event the TE guild dungeons with zeny and display of 44209.pngGuild Dungeon Invitation (this item wont get deleted)!

God's Servant

God Servant

/navi prontera 152/284

  • Turn in 1x 44205.pngBell of Awakening to rent a Godly equipment for 3 days.
  • Get exclusive costumes.
Godly Rental Box Godly equipment Description
43056.pngSealed Asperika Box 2541.pngAsprika
  • 30% immunity from physicall attacks of all attributes.
  • FLEE + 30, MDEF + 5.
  • Enables use of the skill Warp Lv1.
  • Adds resistance to physical attacks in all elements by 30%.
  • Can not be refined and destroyed.
43057.pngSealed Brynhild Box 2383.pngBrynhild
  • Base level*20 MHP increase. Base Lv*5 MSP increase.
  • Physical attack power +10%,
  • Magic attack power +10%.
  • MDEF + 10
  • Cannot be knocked back.
  • Cannot be refined, or destroyed.
43058.pngSealed Mjolnir Box 1530.pngMjolnir
  • Str + 20, Dex + 50, Aspd + 10%
  • Adds a 10% chance of casting Level 10 Thunder Storm on the target when performing a physical attack.
  • Adds a 5% chance of buffing the user for 10 seconds when performing a physical attack; Enables Splash Damage.
  • This item cannot be upgraded.
  • This item is indestructible in battle.
43059.pngSealed Sleipnir Box 2410.pngSleipnir
  • Int + 25, Max HP + 20%, Max SP + 20%
  • SP Recovery + 25%
  • Mdef + 10
  • Increased Movement Speed.
  • This item cannot be upgraded.
43060.pngSealed Megingjord Box 2629.pngMegingjard
  • Str + 40, Mdef + 7
  • Additional Str + 1 for every 5 base levels.
  • If the user's base Str is 120 or higher, increases physical damage on boss monsters by 10%.
43061.pngSealed Brisingamen Box 2630.pngBrisingamen
  • Str + 6, Agi + 6, Vit + 6
  • Int + 10, Dex + 6, Luk + 10
  • Mdef + 5
  • Increases the recovery rate of recovery skills by 6%.
Item Name Fee Item Name Fee
942262.png(C) Celestial Rabbit

50x 44204.pngStar Engine Trinket

5000x 1000322.pngEtel Dust

500x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit

921076.pngZeal of Zeus

100x 41115.pngCash Coin Bag (S)

10x 44204.pngStar Engine Trinket

921077.pngZeal of Helios

100x 41115.pngCash Coin Bag (S)

10x 44204.pngStar Engine Trinket

921078.pngZeal of Ares

100x 41115.pngCash Coin Bag (S)

10x 44204.pngStar Engine Trinket

931200.pngAll Star Robe (A)

30x 41115.pngCash Coin Bag (S)

1x 44204.pngStar Engine Trinket

931199.pngAll Star Robe (S) 931200.pngAll Star Robe (A)

10x Star Engine Trinket

931198.pngAll Star Robe (SS) 931199.pngAll Star Robe (S)

100x 44204.pngStar Engine Trinket

5000x 1000322.pngEtel Dust

931197.pngAll Star Robe (SSS) 931198.pngAll Star Robe (SS)

200x 44204.pngStar Engine Trinket

3000x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit

WoE Lottery

WoE Lottery

/navi prontera 147/191

WoE Lottery Item Name Ratio WoE Lottery Item Name Ratio
44561.pngSealed Seal Card IV 1 6238.png+11 Weapon Refine Ticket 10
6239.png+11 Armor Refine Ticket 10 1000874.pngEnchant Ticket 50
25375.pngPowerful Soul Essence 200 7925.pngPowerful Dimensional Essence 200
23436.pngShadow Refine Hammer 200 40060.pngBloody Branch 200
3x 1000442.pngPower Meteorite Fragment 400 3x 1000443.pngStamina Meteorite Fragment 400
3x 1000444.pngAgile Meteorite Fragment 400 3x 1000445.pngLucky Meteorite Fragment 400
3x 1000446.pngMeteorite Fragment of Spell 400 3x 1000447.pngMeteorite Fragment of Wisdom 400
6635.pngBlacksmith Blessing 800 7444.pngTreasure Box 1000