War of Emperium

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WoE (War of Emperium)

Participate in this war of conquering castle with your guild.

Fight the enemy guild and break the Emperium of the castle!

  • MvP cards disabled.
  • Skills damage reduction: 99.6%
  • Normal damage reduction: 95%

Old Player Tips:

GvG Meta in our server is RES/MRES as well as 4th Job Stats. Old Meta Resistance cards even reaching 100% won't give you immunity in our server, with mechanism of counter scripts such as Increased Ranged or Demi-Human Player damage items can easily penetrated your 100% resistance. 

Viblainn Time Table

  • Saturday 
  • Server Clock: 13:00
  • Normal Mode

Fadhgridh Time Table

  • Wednesday
  • Server Clock: 13:00
  • Normal Mode
Horn Time Table

Holy Shadow Time Table

An unique participation reward of 43068.pngBattle Badge, for every player who joins the hour of war.

Max participation reward accumulated up to 1000 43068.pngBattle Badge

Castle Owning Members Castle Attacker Members Emperium Breaker

Castle treasure reward is based on total participants in every WoE.

If total participants exceeds the required number, the treasure will be upgraded to a better.

Bronze Tier

(1 - 50 participants)

Silver Tier

(51  - 100 participants)

Gold Tier

(101 - 150 participants)

Platinum Tier

(151 - 200 participants) 

Guild Dungeons (GvG)

Use Warper NPC to access any Guild Dungeon Costs: Zeny fee, depends on which level you select from Warper NPC.

Gate Manager NPC

prt_gld 161/96, pay_gld 206/189, gef_fild13 189/206, alde_gld 191/164

This NPC can warp you to Guild Dungeon F1, F2, and Hall of Abyss for Zeny.

Guild Dungeon Chief

Near the Gate Manager NPC

This NPC can warp you to more specific guild dungeons and event the TE guild dungeons with zeny and display of 44209.pngGuild Dungeon Invitation (this item wont get deleted)!

God's Servant

NPC Located in Prontera, to exchange for exclusive items using 44204.png and 44205.png

/navi prontera 152/284

Godly Shop Star Shop

43056.pngSealed Asperika Box

43057.pngSealed Brynhild Box

43058.pngSealed Mjolnir Box

43059.pngSealed Sleipnir Box

43060.pngSealed Megingjord Box

43061.pngSealed Brisingamen Box

942262.png(C) Celestial Rabbit

921076.pngZeal of Zeus, 921077.pngZeal of Helios, 921078.pngZeal of Ares

931200.pngAll Star Robe (A), 931199.pngAll Star Robe (S), 931198.pngAll Star Robe (SS), 931197.pngAll Star Robe (SSS)