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  1. Bgicon.pngBattleground Icon, is under the basic menu.
  2. Select the BG mode that you'd like to join.
  3. Place yourself in Individual queue.
  4. Wait until the queue is full.
  5. When queue is full, Confirm and start.
  6. Win and earn 43068.pngBattle Badge

Follow instructions of each BG mode and good luck!

Tip: Arrange Battleground fights in @recruit channel.


KvM Spotlight Schedule

Saturday and Sunday 14:00

2x Badge reward for KvMs


KvM is VERY POPULAR during the Spotlight hours!!!!

BG Lottery

BG Lottery

/navi prontera 151/192

BG Lottery Item Ratio BG Lottery Item Ratio
44630.pngWeapon Level 5 Refine Ticket Box 1 44631.pngArmor Level 2 Refine Ticket Box 1
6238.png+11 Weapon Refine Ticket 10 6239.png+11 Armor Refine Ticket 10
6993.png+10 Weapon Certificate 40 6994.png+10 Armor Certificate 40
6228.png+9 Weapon Refine Ticket 100 6232.png+9 Armor Refine Ticket 100
6230.png+7 Weapon Refine Ticket 200 6234.png+7 Armor Refine Ticket 200
1001253.pngShadow Essence 40 23436.pngShadow Refine Hammer 200
40060.pngBloody Branch 200 5x 44414.pngOuter Galaxy Crystal 600
 5x 1000405.pngAmethyst Fragment 600  5x 1000608.pngSnow Flower 600
5x 1001217.pngSacred Cat Whiskers 600 6635.pngBlacksmith Blessing 800
7444.pngTreasure Box 800 44903.pngCostume Glitter 100

BG Store

BG Store

/navi prontera 153/193

  • Sells different useful items for 43068.pngBattle Badge.
  • Take the daily quest related to Battlegrounds.
BG Store Item Name Fee Description
12269.pngTasty Pink Ration 2x 43068.pngBattle Badge

ATK + 15 for 10 minutes.

12270.pngTasty White Ration 2x 43068.pngBattle Badge

MATK + 15 for 10 minutes.

12271.pngMilitary Ration A 2x 43068.pngBattle Badge

Restores amount of HP by 5%.

12272.pngMilitary Ration B 2x 43068.pngBattle Badge

Hit +33 for 10 minutes.

12273.pngMilitary Ration C 2x 43068.pngBattle Badge

Flee +33 for 10 minutes.

41180.pngAP Recovery Potion 10x 43068.pngBattle Badge

Recovers 10 AP.

44209.pngGuild Dungeon Invitation 100 43068.pngBattle Badge

Free access to guild dungeon

BG Supply Item Name Fee Description
100516.pngEye Cleaner 3x 43068.pngBattle Badge

Cures Deep Blind status from the user.

100517.pngEar Cleaner 3x 43068.pngBattle Badge

Cures Deep Silence status from the user.

100518.pngTonics 3x 43068.pngBattle Badge

Cures Lethargy status from the user.

100519.pngMini Extinguisher 3x 43068.pngBattle Badge

Cures Blaze status from the user.

100520.pngWater Of Lucky 3x 43068.pngBattle Badge

Cures Misfortune status from the user.

100521.pngStrong Antidote 3x 43068.pngBattle Badge

Cures Severe Poison status from the user.

100522.pngHigh Energy Chocolate 3x 43068.pngBattle Badge

Cures Depression status from the user.

100523.pngRefined Holy Water 3x 43068.pngBattle Badge

Cures Holy Fire status from the user.