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Letter of Gratitude

We wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for your generous support of Midgard Tales.
Your investment in our game server is a powerful endorsement of our vision, and we want you to know how much we appreciate it.

Your contribution directly fuels the growth and enhancement of Midgard Tales, ensuring a more exciting and immersive experience for our entire community.
We are committed to making every dollar count and keeping you informed about the positive impact your support has on the development of Midgard Tales.
Thank you for being a crucial part of our journey. We look forward to creating many more incredible moments together in the vast virtual world of Midgard Tales.

Donation Credits to Cash Points

Info Free Cash Points

Donating to Midgard Tales gives you Credits.

Relog ingame to convert Credits to Cash Points.

1 Credit = 1000 Cash Points

50 Credits = 55000 Cash Points

100 Credits = 120000 Cash Points

  • Staying online generates 1 Free Cash Point every 1 minute Online Point
  • Tiny Tilby's gives 20 up to 200 Free Cash Point.
    • Low chance to trigger it when you kill mobs in fields/dungeons.
  • Turn Zeny to Cash Points.
    • Best way to get free cash points!
  • Receive up to 1400 Free Cash Points for each player you invite to the server.
    • NPC Nydhoggur in Prontera can help you out.

Zeny to Cash Points

NPC Maram the Zeny Broker

Location: Item Mal (@go 42)

Turn 50,000 Zeny to 1 Cash Point (10% fee)

Turn 1 Cash Point to 50,000 Zeny

  • You can turn Zeny to CP any time.
  • You can't turn CP to Zeny, if there are no Zeny turned in by other players.

Loyalty Perks

Two ways to get Loyalty Perks.

1. Convert Credits to Cash Points, every 1 Cash Point converted equals 1 Loyalty EXP.

2. Invest 100,000 zeny to gain 1 Loyalty EXP.

Loyalty Level Need Loyalty EXP No P2W Benefits No P2W Benefits Fancy Auras Instance Resets Free Eggs
3 10000 Instant Heal + Agi & Blessing Buff from Healer 1x Weekly Lottery +11 2 7
4 50000 Debuff from Healer

4 9
5 100000

+6 6 11
6 200000


3x Weekly Lottery
8 13
7 500000

+8 10 15
8 1000000

12 17
9 2000000

9x Weekly Lottery +4 14 19
10 3000000

16 21
11 4000000

18 23
12 5000000

+3 20 25

Cash Shop Item List

Item Cost Item Cost Item Cost
41112.pngBattle Manual 300% 1000 7776.pngGym Pass 1000 41108.pngChar Name Change Ticket 3000
7621.pngToken Of Siegfried 800 41180.pngAP Recovery Potion 5 12710.pngGuyak Pudding 5
41110.pngMini Bubble Gum 2400 12858.pngRG Golden Potion 30 25793.pngInventory Expansion Coupon 800
41070.png(G) Life Potion I 120 41071.png(G) Life Potion II 180 41072.png(G) Life Potion III 150
41073.png(G) Mana Potion I 150 41074.png(G) Gunnar's Defense Scroll 300 41075.png(G) Almighty 250
41067.png(G) Njord's Power Potion 150 41068.png(G) Freya's Infinity Potion 100 41069.png(G) Skadi's Power Potion 50
41077.png(G) Frigg's ASPD Potion 50 41076.png(G) Tyr's Blessing 100 41066.png(G) Ymir Spirit Potion 50
41049.pngMega Resist Potion 60 41050.pngAbrasive Liquid 60 41024.pngRepair Weapon Scroll 50
41027.pngParty Blessing Lv10 Scroll 50 41030.pngParty Increase Agi Lv10 Scroll 50 41033.pngParty Assumptio Lv5 Scroll 50
14517.pngChemical Protection Helm Scroll 20 14518.pngChemical Protection Shield Scrol 20 14519.pngChemical Protection Armor Scroll 20
14520.pngChemical Protection Weapon Scroll 20 14515.pngLex Aeterna Scroll 100 14516.pngMagnificat Scroll 20
12220.pngLV5 Adrenaline Scroll 10 12219.pngLV10 Wind Walker Scroll 10 12217.pngLV5 Aspersio Scroll 20
41150.pngSoul Link Scroll 30 41215.pngToken of Siegfried Box (S) 6000 41216.pngToken of Siegfried Box (M) 20000
Weekend Sale = every weekend there are special items sold in Cash Shop at discounted price on Weekend Sales tab.
7776.pngGym Pass, 25793.pngInventory Expansion Coupon, 6635.pngBlacksmith Blessing, 41112.pngBattle Manual 300%
Costume Garments = 30000
931000.pngAngel Wings 931001.pngAdventurer Backpack 931002.pngFallen Angel Wings 931003.pngAmistr Backpack 931004.pngGolden Angel Wings 931005.pngKirin Wings 931006.pngCrimson Angel Wings 931007.pngHappy Angel Wings 931008.pngGreat Devil Wings

and more variations ingame.

Fashion Stones = 25000

921000.pngSakura Blossom 921040.pngCherry Blossom 921001.pngRainbow Bubbles 921054.pngMaple Falls 921048.pngRed Maples 921005.pngMusic Style 921012.pngAngelic Feathers 921030.pngPhoenix Feathers 921046.pngShining Wings 921011.pngGold Butterflies 921037.pngSapphire Butterflies

921009.pngMoonlight 921039.pngPhilosopher's Stone 921047.pngMagical Aquamarine and more variations ingame.