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Free Cash Points

Donate to Midgard Tales gives you Credits.

Relog ingame to convert Credits to Cash points.

Note: DO NOT Donate if you are under 18.

(Exchange Table, one time exchange, does not accumulate.)

1 Credit = 1000 Cash Points

50 Credits = 52500 Cash Points

100 Credits = 110000 Cash Points

  • Staying online generates 1 Free Cash Point every 1 minute up to 300, then slower and resets daily, click on this icon ingame to claim = Online Point
  • Completing Tiny Tilby's quest gives 5+ Free Cash Point.
    • Low chance to trigger it when you kill mobs.
  • Receive up to 1400 Free Cash Points for each player you invite to the server.
    • NPC Nydhoggur in Prontera can help you out.

Item List

Cash Shop has some costume garments, fashion stones and some useful items.

Note that all those items are cosmetics and has no impact of game balance.

Most of the Cash Shop items are account bound.