Weekly Ranking

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Receive weekly rewards for being the best!

Compete in Instance Clear Record, MvP hunting, Fishing, PvP Event and Auto Events.

Each ranking are reset on Monday, and the reward are sent to RODEX (mail) ingame at the same time.

Note: Every party member part of the record holding party receives the same reward.

Instance Clear Record

The time it took for your party to clear an instance is being recorded.

Holder for the fastest record for each instance will receive Weekly Ranking reward of 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit.

Instance List 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit

Hazy Forest, Friday Dungeon, Malangdo Culvert, Nydhoggs Nest, Old Glast Heim (Beginner), Sealed Shrine, Octopus Cave, Poring Village, 

Sara Memory, Orcs Memory, Weekend Dungeon, Magic Tournament, Half Moon Daylight


Old Glast Heim (Normal), Ghost Palace, Fall of Glastheim, Infinite Space, Airship Assault, Bakonawa Lake, Buwaya Cave, Charleston Crisis,

Room of Consciousness, Cor Mission 2, Devil Tower, Faceworm Nest, Bangungot Hospital


Isle of Bios, Thanatos Tower, Central Laboratory, Temple of Demon God, Somatology Laboratory Battle, Pontifex Villa, Morse Cave,

Lost Farm, Last Room, Old Glast Heim (Hard), Hidden Garden, Glastheim Challenge Mode, Wolchev Laboratory

Iwin Patrol, Airship Sabotage Operation, Bagut's Laboratory, Airship Crash Site 8
Constellation Tower, Tomb of Remorse 10
Orcs Memory (X), Octopus Cave (X) 20

MvP Ranking

Hunting of natural spawned MvPs out in the field or dungeons will reward you with MvP ranking points.

Top 10 ranked players will receive 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit.

Top 1 = 100x | Top 2 = 90x | Top 3 = 80x | Top 4-10 = 20x

See full list of MvPs.

PvP Ranking

Fight other players in special PvP events, kill, survive and claim points.

There are 2 PvP events: Gladiator Match and Arena Match.

Top 5 players receives 100x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit.'

Auto Event Ranking

Win Event Genie auto events in-game to get higher ranked in Event Raking.

The events are random and different.

Top 10 ranked players receives

100x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit