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Welcome to Midgard Tales! We are happy that you are here!

This was built for gamers by gamers, this page you can find information about our community!
We hope you have an amazing experience with us.


You will find bellow our basic configuration for the server:

✔️Rates ✔️General ✔️Configuration ✔️Game Play
  • Base EXP: 200x
  • Job EXP: 200x
  • MvP Bonus EXP: 200x
  • Quest EXP: 200x
  • Item Drop Rate: 20x
  • MvP Card Drop Rate: 15x
  • MvP Bonus Item Rate: 1x
  • Max Hairstyle: 42
  • Max Color Dye: 699
  • View Range: 20 Cells
  • Homunculus/Pet Friendly: 20x
  • Homunculus/Pet Rename: Enabled
  • Vending Tax: 0%
  • Monster Density: 2x
  • Mechanism: Renewal
  • Episode 20 The Immortal
  • Classes: 4th Job
  • Rebalances: Latest kRO
  • Max Level: 260/55
  • Max Client: 1 per PC
  • Max Characters: 15 + 5
  • Item Use minimum Delay: 300ms
  • Skill Use minimum Delay: 100ms
  • KS protection: 10 seconds
  • Party Share: 15 Levels
  • Death Penalty: 10% EXP Loss
  • PvP/GvG/BG reduction: 99.6%
  • Minimum Auto Bonus/Spell Rate: 3%

Feature Highlights

Episode 20.
  • First private server to introduce Episode 20, our vision is to stay close with content updated from kRO, however we do customize things that doesn't align with our high rate mindset.
  • Stable game progression, we learned that giving players a good time to enjoy their hard farmed epic fruits before adding new seeds is more appreciated by all means.
  • Episode skipper from Academy, you are skipped main quests of Episode 13 to 18! This allows you to dive right into the good game.
Many ways to get Cash Points! 
  • Literary a server were you can get Cash Points by just being online.
  • Every 1 minute spent in-game rewards with 1 Free Cash Point.
  • Receive free Cash Points when referring other players.
Less walking, more gaming with custom Town.
  • We have gathered most important features close to each other, allowing players to walk lesser.
  • Key feature such as healer, warper, rental npcs are all in view range of spawn point in Anchorage.
PvP is the true end game.
  • Weekly War of Emperium with unique rewarding feature for all participants.
  • Incredible good balanced reduction system to prevent 1 shot kills, where defense build matters. 
  • Highligthed BG and PvP features few times a week won't exhaust you!

Constant fun events, achievements and costume!

  • Our ingame events are continually happening with good variations.
  • Unique World Boss event that allows every participant to get something out of it.
  • Daily Achievements, were you can fulfill and farm achievement levels without making many characters.
  • Over 2000+ costume headgears, and monthly implementation of newest ones out in the market for you to dress your character to attract all eyes.

Want a private crib?

  • We have it! Everyone reaching level 260 gets an exclusive Home where you can cultivate your own 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit tree and 12103.pngBloody Branch daily!
  • You can even invite your friends to visit your Home, by having them on your party.
Tiny Tilby's random encounter

Free Cash Points

  • After finshing a monster in a field or dungeon, there is a tiny chance to encounter Tiny Tilby.
  • Tilby gives Free Cash Points.
  • You only have a few seconds to lock her in!!!
  • If you missed her, you have to find another one.
Limited Fly Wings and Giant Fly Wings

Monster Stone Fly Wings

  • In our server, players can't buy or farm Fly Wings, nor do we have infinite Fly Wings in Cash Shop.
  • Idea behind this is to combat macro/afk/bot setups by using AoE skills + teleport + autoloot.
  • Any player can claim 250-350 41140.pngFly Wing or 200-300 41141.pngGiant Fly Wing every hour from Monster Stone.
  • The NPC is located in major towns like Anchorage.

Daily Free Egg Scrolls

Free Egg Scrolls

  • A cool chicken resting in Anchorage.
  • Pay it a visit every day for free random Egg Scrolls.


Name Description Sample Usage
@changedress Removes all character costumes. Type @changedress to remove costume suits.
@refresh Synchronizes the player's position on the client with the one stored on the server.
Type @refresh to refresh your client.

Toggles automatic rejection of deals and invites.

Type @noask to turn on or off.

Protects 1 monster that you actively attacking.

Protects all monsters that are actively attacking on you.

Type @noks self for self protection only.

Type @noks party for protection whole party.

Type @noks guild for guild protection.


Enables or disables autolooting items from killed mobs.

If a percentage is given, only items dropped at that rate and below will be autolooted.

Type @autoloot for enable on or off. Type @autoloot 1 for looting items of 1% and below. Type @auoloot 100 for looting items of 100% and below.


Starts or stops autolooting a specified item. Typing "reset" will clear the autoloot item list. By default, 10 items can be autolooted at one time.

Type @alootid +512 to autoloot item ID 512.

Type @alootid +513 to autoloot item ID 513, you can repeat and save up to 10 item IDs. Type @alootid reset to reset the item id list.


Another version of autolooting a specified item. With this command, you may setup multiple items to be autolooted.

Type @alootid2 list to show the saved list of items.

Type @alootid2 save 1 512 513 514 515 516 517 518 519 520 521 to save the list of items that you want to autoloot on list 1. Type @alootid2 load 1 to load up the list 1 items.


Starts or stops autolooting a specified item type. Type List: healing = 0, usable = 2, etc = 3, weapon = 4, armor = 5, card = 6, petegg = 7, petarmor = 8, ammo = 10 Typing "reset" will clear the autoloot item list.

Type @autoloottype 2 to autoloot all usable items.

Type @autoloottype reset to reset the list.


Allows you continue vending offline, then logs off. The character will continue vending until you log in to that account again, all items are sold, or the auto vending duration expires (30 Days).

Type @autotrade when you have the vendor shop opened.

Warps to predefined locations in major cities. If no ID is given, all available maps will be displayed in the chat window. Disabled inside instances as well as Izlude Academy.

Type @go to show a list of available locations.

Type @go 0 to teleport to Prontera


Displays the server rates.

Type @rates

Displays the local server time, along with day/night information.

Type @time

Displays homunculus stats in different formats.

Type @hominfo

Displays homunculus stats in different formats.

Type @homstats

Returns a list of online characters.

@who2 will also return job classes.

Type @who2 charname

Displays monster information (rates, stats, drops, MVP data).

Type @mobinfo 1002 to display info about monster ID 1002.

Displays item information (type, price, weight, drops).

Type @iteminfo 512 to display info about item ID 512.

Displays a list of @ commands available to the player.

Type @commands




Opens your Kafra storage.

Type @storage

Displays the maps in which monster normally spawns.
This does not include mobs summoned by scripts.

Type @whereis 1002 to display monster ID 1002 whereabouts.

Displays a list of mobs which drop the specified item.
Only the highest drop rates are shown. 

Type @whodrops 512 to display where item ID 512 is dropped.

Accept a Duel invitation.

Type @accept

Reject a Duel invitation.

Type @reject

Leave a Dual.

Type @leave

Toggles the display of experience gain messages.

Type @showexp

Looks up an item by name (or part of a name).

Type @idsearch apple to show a list of apple related item IDs.

Displays remaining jail time.

Type @jailtime

Resets a Star Gladiator's marked maps.
Only works on Star Gladiator and Star Emperor classes.

Type @feelreset

Resets a Star Gladiator's marked monsters.
Only works on Star Gladiator and Star Emperor classes.

Type @hatereset

Displays a detailed stats given by equipment. 

Type @battlestats
@battleskills Displays bonus given by equipment to a certain skill ID. Type @battleskills skill_id example @battleskills 5
@verify Anti AFK check command, use it when you receives the prompt during monster farming. Type @verify 8digits example @verify 12345678
@bell Call up your personal game assistance feature.

-Buffs, Point Wallet, Instance CD check, Login settings, Channel settings, Autoloot settings.

Type @bell
@played Show your total online time of the character. Type @played
@main To send a message to Main channel.

Used for general chats with other players.

Type @main text.
@trade To send a message to Trade channel.

Used for S> B> T> sell, buy and trade of items.

Type @trade text.
@help To send a message to Help channel.

Used to ask questions or seek help.

Type @help text.
@recruit To send a message to Recruit channel.

Used to R> recruit a party member or guild member.

Type @recruit text.
@itemsearch Brings up the item search feature. Type @itemsearch
@hold To make your character stop moving. Type @hold


Show a list of vendors selling a certain item.

If vendor is available, you can warp to the vendor.

Type @whosell gelstar to show a list of players selling it.


Show a list of vendors buying a certain item.

If vendor is available, you can warp to the vendor.

Type @whobuys gelstar to show a list of players buying it.
@pc A price check command, showing item prices being sold through player Vends. Type @pc itemid
@joinpvp Only way to enter PvP arena. Type @joinpvp in any town.
@joingvg Only way to enter GvG arena. Type @joingvg in any town.
@expcontract Display the contract with EXP Merit feature Type @expcontract
@noalootid Prevent autoloot of defined IDs Type @noalootid +512
@whomap Display of which players on same map as yourself Type @whomap
@users Display of how many players on which maps Type @users
@pricecheck Receive information of item ID sold price by Player Vendors Type @priceheck 6909

Returns a list of online characters, will also return character positions.

Type @who

Creates a duel invitation to a player.

Type @duel charname to invite and start duel.
@invite Invites a player into your active duel. Type @invite charname
@font Sets channel chat font color for the invoking character only.
Typing "Normal" returns text to the normal channel color.
If no parameter is given, a list of available colors is displayed.
Option 'ColorOverride' must be enabled for this to take effect. 
Sets the client font.

Available types:
-- 0: Default
-- 1: RixLoveangel
-- 2: RixSquirrel
-- 3: NHCgogo
-- 4: RixDiary
-- 5: RixMiniHeart
-- 6: RixFreshman
-- 7: RixKid
-- 8: RixMagic
-- 9: RixJJangu
Type @font 1

Displays the text as a normal message with the format "*name <message>*" instead of "name: <message>".

Type @me is Afk

Opens the Identification window if any unappraised items are in your inventory.
@identifyall will automatically identify all unappraised items in your inventory.

Type @identifyall

Command what the player's pet will say.

Type @pettalk hello all
@mvpstatus Displaying the list of MvP spawning time and available status.

Betweent tier 1 - 5 to show different spawn times.

Type @mvpstatus 1
@autopot Enable auto use of HP or SP healing items at the speed of 500ms.

Healing Items with Cooldowns are blacklisted from this command.

Type @autopot
Type @autopot hp 501 80 it will auto use your Red Potions when HP is under 80%
@hideslave Disable visual display of other players pets, homunculus, ABR or other summons. Type @hideslave 1

Custom Service NPCs

Basic Info Apperance Description
Healing Service Healer
  • Giving full HP/SP healing (1000 zeny fee)
  • Giving Agi UP and Blessing Level 10 buffs for 10 minutes. (5000 zeny fee)
  • Get instant full heal and buffs for 3 days (1 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit)
  • Get instant full heal and buffs for 7 days (2 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit)
  • Get instant full heal + buffs reaching Level 3 Loyalty.
Warp Service Warper
  • Access warps directly to Fields, Dungeons, Instances and Wolf Village / Ice Castle.
  • Some of the warp destination requires pre-quests to be unlocked access.
Rental Service Rental Service
Stats/Skills Reset Resetter
  • You can reset your Stats, Traits and Skill tree.
  • The service is free if you are under level 200, but using it accumulates Usage Counter.
  • It costs 50k zeny x Usage Counter every time you the service.
  • Every Saturday, you can reset the Usage Counter.
  • NPC also provides Homunculus Stats Shuffles service.
Card Remover Card Remover
  • Remove cards from your equipment or weapons.
  • Option 1: 30k zeny fee per card.
    • 60% success rate, on failure costs your zeny fee.
  • Option 2: 10k zeny and 5x 1000322.pngEtel Dust per card.
    • 100% success rate.
Kafra Employee Kafra Employee

  • Save your position, respawn point.
  • Open up your Storage
    • Storage 2 (5000 zeny)
    • Storage 3 (10000 zeny)
    • Storage 4 (20000 zeny)
    • Premium Storage
  • Master Storage access, to setup a storage sharing with another account.
    • Gives access to other Accounts to access your main storage.
  • Warp and Rental (not useful because we have Warper and Rental services).
Job Changer

/navi anchorage 311/204

Job Changer
  • NPC will help you change your job to the next.
  • You won't really need it, because graduating from Izlude Academy set your character on 4th Job.
Quest Skills Giver

/navi anchorage 308/206

Quest Skill Giver
  • A fee of 20k zeny, this NPC will give your quest skills without doing the pre-quests.
Great Stylist

/navi anchorage 79/283

Great Stylist
  • Change cloth color up to 699 for 50k zeny every time.
  • Some colors might not look fit for newer jobs.
Guild Warehouse Manager

/navi prontera 150/191

Guild Warehouse Manager
  • Extra storage for Guild.
  • Members with Strg Permission can access it.
Nydhoggur Referral Guide

/navi anchorage 278/209

Referral NPC

EXP Merit Contractor

/navi anchorage 267/143

EXP Merit Contractor
  • Players under Base Level 50 can change their EXP Rate between 1% to 100% of 200x
  • Players receives EXP Merit Points when reaching Level 100, 150, 200 and 250.
  • Lower EXP Rate gives more EXP Merit Points.
  • Use EXP Merit Points to exchange costumes from Merit Shop.
Mercenary Shop

/navi prontera 182/216

Mercenary Shop
  • Exchange 1000322.pngEtel Dust for various Mercenary scrolls.

MvP Spawn Information

/navi anchorage 277/185

MvP Spawn Info
  • MvP are spawned on fixed hours.
  • There are total 5 tiers of MvPs with each tiers spawning on different hours.
  • Example: Tier 1 MvPs spawns on 00:00, 01:00, 02:00...