Heroes vs Heroes

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A exclusive feature to acquire Dimensional acceesories and Master Shaodw gears.

Players can either Farm inside HvH Dungeon or participate HvH Battle.

HvH Battle

Basic Info

Points Distribution

  • Schedule: Friday 7am and 1pm
  • Duration: 35 minutes
  • Phases: 4
  • Level: 250+
  • Max Party Size: 5
  • Minimum Points for reward: 330
  • Note: It's important to stay active and online until the end of the HvH battle to qualify for the reward.
  • Stay within the HvH arena: 1 point / min
  • Eliminate another player: 5 points
  • Elimiante monster on Phase 1: 10 points + 2x 43068.png
  • Eliminate monsters on Phase 2: 25 points
  • Eliminate Boss on Phase 2: 300 points
  • Eliminate barricade on Phase 3: 30 points + 10x 43068.png
  • Final Phase eliminate Universe Orb: 300 points

Distributed to all members of ranked party:

Rank 1: 200x 101750.pngHvH Gift Box

Rank 2: 80x 101750.pngHvH Gift Box

Rank 3: 30x 101750.pngHvH Gift Box

Rank 4: 15x 101750.pngHvH Gift Box
Rank 5: 5x 101750.pngHvH Gift Box
Rank 6-20: 1x 101750.pngHvH Gift Box

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4

Hunt down 100 monsters.

Eliminate as many as you can.

The Boss fight, to gain a huge leap in the ranks.

Parties can choose to eliminate other monsters.

Eliminate as many season barricades as possible.

A good chance to eliminate your enemies too.

Rush to be the first party to break the Universe Orb.

Disturb others to prevent them from winning it.

The Lobby

HvH NPC About

Maintenance Cat

The NPC can warp players to the HvH Dungeon and Training Ground.

Inside HvH Dungeon, players can farm HvH related materials for crafting.

Ranking Board

Displays the ranked Party and Players of recent HvH battle.

HvH Equipment Dealer

Purchase any HvH weapons for 10x 984.pngOridecon + 1m zeny

Purchase any HvH equipment for 10x 985.pngElunium + 1m zeny

Master Shadow Crafter 44255.pngMaster Shadow Cube, 24793.pngMaster Shadow Shield, 24792.pngMaster Shadow Weapon, 1001253.pngShadow Essence,

44256.pngDK Master Shadow Cube, 44257.pngIG Master Shadow Cube, 44258.pngSC Master Shadow Cube, 44259.pngAC Master Shadow Cube, 44260.pngCD Master Shadow Cube, 44261.pngIQ Master Shadow Cube, 44262.pngMS_Master Shadow Cube, 44263.pngBO_Master Shadow Cube, 44264.pngWH Master Shadow Cube, 44265.pngTT Master Shadow Cube, 44266.pngAM Master Shadow Cube, 44267.pngEM Master Shadow Cube, 44268.pngNW_Master Shadow Cube, 44269.pngSH_Master Shadow Cube, 44270.pngSS_Master Shadow Cube, 44271.pngSE_Master Shadow Cube, 44272.pngSA_Master Shadow Cube, 44273.pngHN_Master Shadow Cube Can also enchant the Master Shadow equipment.

Reforming Technician 490276.pngDimensional Wanderer's Key [1], 490277.pngDimensional Wanderer's Lock [1], 490278.pngDimensional Wanderer's Keychain [1]

Can put enchants to Wanderer accessories

Reforming Details

HvH Merchants




Mineral Forger

Turn 5x HvH ores into 1 bar.

5x 1001096.pngHeroria Gold Ore

5x 1001097.pngHeroria Silver Ore
5x 1001098.pngHeroria Copper Ore
5x 1001099.pngHeroria Iron Ore

1001100.pngHeroria Gold Bar

1001101.pngHeroria Silver Bar
1001102.pngHeroria copper ingot
1001103.pngHeroria Iron


To craft Jams using HvH herbs.

5x 1001114.pngHeroria Red Herb

5x 1001115.pngHeroria Blue Herb
5x 1001116.pngHeroria Yellow Herb
5x 1001117.pngHeroria White Herb
2x1001133.png + 2x1001132.png
3x1001131.png + 3x1001132.png + 3x1001133.png
2x 1001131.pngHeroria Red Herb Powder
2x 1001132.pngHeroria Blue Herb Powder
2x 1001133.pngHeroria Yellow Herb Powder
2x 1001134.png Heroria White Herb Powder

1001131.pngHeroria Red Herb Powder

1001132.pngHeroria Blue Herb Powder
1001133.pngHeroria Yellow Herb Powder
1001134.pngHeroria White Herb Powder
44128.pngFatigue Reduction Potion
101753.pngHvH Purple Herb Jam
101754.pngHvH Red Herb Jam
101755.pngHvH Blue Herb Jam
101756.pngHvH Yellow Herb Jam
101757.pngHvH White Herb Jam

Gem Polisher

Turn Gemstone ores into Gemstones and to craft key parts to powerful Accessories.

5x 1001104.pngHeroria Ruby Ore
5x 1001105.pngHeroria Topaz Gemstone
5x 1001106.pngHeroria Sapphire Gemstone
5x 1001107.pngHeroria Emerald Ore
5x 1001108.pngHeroria Diamond Ore
5x1001109.pngHeroria Ruby
5x 1001110.pngHeroria Topaz
5x 1001111.pngHeroria Sapphire
5x 1001112.pngHeroria Emerald
5x 1001113.pngHeroria Diamond
5x 1001092.pngHeroria Jewel Fragment + 3x 1001130.pngHeroic Glory
5x 1001090.pngDimensional Jewel Fragment + 3x1001129.pngDefinition of Heroria
5x 1001091.pngDimensional Jewel Decoration Fragment + 3x 1001128.pngHeroria's Faith

1001109.pngHeroria Ruby
1001110.pngHeroria Topaz
1001111.pngHeroria Sapphire
1001112.pngHeroria Emerald
1001113.pngHeroria Diamond
1001123.pngBrilliant Heroria Ruby
1001124.pngBrilliant Heroria Topaz
1001125.pngBrilliant Heroria Sapphire
1001126.pngBrilliant Heroria Emerald
1001127.pngBrilliant Heroria Diamond
1001095.pngHeroria Jewel
1001093.pngDimensional Jewel
1001094.pngDimensional craftsmanship

Key Crafter

Section 1 - cross exchange unsealed keys

490273.pngSealed Dimensional Key

490274.pngSealed Dimensional Lock 490275.pngSealed Dimensional Keychain and 50m zeny

490273.pngSealed Dimensional Key

490274.pngSealed Dimensional Lock 490275.pngSealed Dimensional Keychain

Key Crafter

Section 2 - exchange unsealed keys

500x 1001100.pngHeroria Gold Bar

1000x 1001101.pngHeroria Silver Bar 1500x 1001102.pngHeroria copper ingot 2000x 1001103.pngHeroria Iron

490273.pngSealed Dimensional Key

490274.pngSealed Dimensional Lock 490275.pngSealed Dimensional Keychain

Key Crafter

Section 3 - exchange key materials

500x 1001109.pngHeroria Ruby

500x 1001110.pngHeroria Topaz 500x 1001111.pngHeroria Sapphire 500x 1001112.pngHeroria Emerald 500x 1001113.pngHeroria Diamond

1001128.pngHeroria's Faith

1001129.pngDefinition of Heroria 1001130.pngHeroic Glory 1001092.pngHeroria Jewel Fragment 1001090.pngDimensional Jewel Fragment 1001091.pngDimensional Jewel Decoration Fragment

Lit Guard

Exchange Lit Pets

 Use Cash Points or Materials.

9074.pngRubylit Egg, 9075.pngSapphilit Egg, 9076.pngEmelit Egg,

9077.pngTopalit Egg, 9078.pngAmelit Egg, 9079.pngMythlit Egg

The Sanctuary

The dungeon of HvH where players can farm exclusive materials for crating.

NPC Maintenance Cat gives access.

Monster Spawns
Garden Wolf, Garden Ginseng, Garden Red Stone, Garden Yellow Stone, Garden Green Stone,
Garden Blue Stone, Garden Red Plant, Garden Yellow Plant, Garden Blue Plant,
Garden White Plant, Garden Red Ferus, Garden Green Ferus, Garden Purple Ferus,
Garden Patrol, Garden Guard

Boss Spawn

Floral Pegasus

Dungeon monsters drops follow materials

1001096.pngHeroria Gold Ore, 1001097.pngHeroria Silver Ore, 1001098.pngHeroria Copper Ore, 1001099.pngHeroria Iron Ore

1001114.pngHeroria Red Herb, 1001115.pngHeroria Blue Herb, 1001116.pngHeroria Yellow Herb, 1001117.pngHeroria White Herb Kill of any monster inside has 1% fixed chance to drop 101750.pngHvH Gift Box.

HvH Gift Box

Item List Chance Item List Chance
490273.pngSealed Dimensional Key 1 2 1001096.pngHeroria Gold Ore 250
490274.pngSealed Dimensional Lock 1 2 1001097.pngHeroria Silver Ore 400
490275.pngSealed Dimensional Keychain 1 2 1001098.pngHeroria Copper Ore 600
1001128.pngHeroria's Faith 10 2 1001099.pngHeroria Iron Ore 800
1001129.pngDefinition of Heroria 10 1001133.pngHeroria Yellow Herb Powder 300
1001130.pngHeroic Glory 10 1001134.pngHeroria White Herb Powder 300
1001092.pngHeroria Jewel Fragment 10 1001132.pngHeroria Blue Herb Powder 300
1001090.pngDimensional Jewel Fragment 10 1001131.pngHeroria Red Herb Powder 300
1001091.pngDimensional Jewel Decoration Fragment 10

1001109.pngHeroria Ruby 250

1001110.pngHeroria Topaz 250

1001111.pngHeroria Sapphire 250

1001112.pngHeroria Emerald 250

1001113.pngHeroria Diamond 250

Whitelisted Item Vault

Only items listed below can be used in HvH related maps.


490255.pngHeroria Cool Time Earrings, 490254.pngHeroria Critical Ring, 490256.pngHeroria Defender Necklace, 490252.pngHeroria Earrings, 490253.pngHeroria Necklace, 490251.pngHeroria Ring

450233.pngHeroria Full Plate, 450232.pngHeroria Magic Robe, 450229.pngHeroria Mail, 450231.pngHeroria Suits, 450230.pngHeroria Tides

480217.pngHeroria Clock, 480218.pngHeroria Hood, 480215.pngHeroria Cloak, 480216.pngHeroria Scarf, 480219.pngHeroria Foldrun
460036.pngHeroria Brutal Guard, 460034.pngHeroria Brutal Shield, 460037.pngHeroria Cranial Guard, 460035.pngHeroria Cranial Shield
400337.pngHeroria Marksman's Apple, 400338.pngHeroria Wizard's Hat, 400339.pngHeroria beret, 400340.pngHeroria Viretta, 400336.pngHeroria Helm
470154.pngHeroria Casting Shoes, 470157.pngHeroria Cool Sandals, 470155.pngHeroria Critical Shoes, 470156.pngHeroria Fix Sandals, 470153.pngHeroria Speed Boots


520022.pngHeroria Axe, 540063.pngHeroria Demonic Bible, 540062.pngHeroic Sorceric Book, 540061.pngHeroria Elemental Book, 540064.pngHeroria Star Book, 540065.pngHeroria Gladiator Book, 540066.pngHeroic Book of Orders, 700063.pngHeroria Crossbow,

700062.pngHeroria Hunter Bow, 700064.pngHeroria Rhythm Bow, 700061.pngHeroria Log Bow, 510079.pngHeroria Alchemic Dagger, 510080.pngHeroria Assassin Dagger I, 510081.pngHeroria Assassin Dagger II, 510082.pngHeroria Assassin Knife I

510083.pngHeroria Assassin Knife II, 510086.pngHeroria Hunter Knife, 510087.pngHeroria Ninja Dagger I, 510088.pngHeroria Ninja Dagger II, 510089.pngHeroria Ninjudo I, 510090.pngHeroria Ninjudo II, 510085.pngHeroria Log Dagger, 510084.pngHeroria Log Knife,

560040.pngHeroria Crowe, 560039.pngHeroria Knuckles, 830016.pngHeroria Gatlinggun, 840011.pngHeroria Launcher, 570035.pngHeroria guitar, 570034.pngHeroria Violin, 610043.pngHeroria Katar, 590051.pngHeroria Alchemic Mace, 590052.pngHeroria Monk Mace,

590050.pngHeroria Smith Mace, 800017.pngHeroria Revolver, 810016.pngHeroria Rifle, 550099.pngHeroria Arc Wand, 550106.pngHeroria Basic Rod, 550107.pngHeroria Basic Wand, 550104.pngHeroria foxtail, 550100.pngHeroria Soul Stick, 550101.pngHeroria Link Wand,

550098.pngHeroria Holy Wand, 550105.pngHeroria foxtail model, 550102.pngHeroria Soul Wand, 550097.pngHeroria Spell Wand, 550103.pngHeroria Summoner Foxtail, 550096.pngHeroria Wizardry Wand, 820012.pngHeroria Shotgun, 650030.pngHeroria Fuma Shuriken,

530036.pngHeroria Spear, 500059.pngHeroria Alchemic Sword, 500060.pngHeroria Basic Sword, 500057.pngHeroria Crusader Sword, 500058.pngHeroria Guardian Sword, 620021.pngHeroria Giant Axe, 640039.pngHeroria Magical Staff, 640038.pngHeroria Wizardry Staff,

630020.pngHeroria Lance, 21064.pngHeroria Two-handed Sword, 600032.pngHeroria Zweihander, 580035.pngHeroria Rope, 580036.pngHeroria Whip


13232.pngBlind Bullet, 13222.pngBloody Shell, 13200.pngBullet, 13228.pngFlare Bullet, 13202.pngSurplus Bloody Shell, 13229.pngLightning Bullet, 13221.pngSilver Bullet, 13231.pngPoison Bullet, 13230.pngIce Bullet, 13201.pngSurplus Silver Bullet, 13215.pngArmor-Piercing Bullet,

13217.pngFreezing Bullet, 13219.pngMagic Stone Bullet, 13211.pngSlug Ammunition M, 13216.pngBlazing Bullet, 13220.pngPurifying Bullet, 13213.pngSlug Ammunition SH, 13212.pngSlug Ammunition H, 13214.pngSlug Ammunition XH, 13218.pngLightning Bullet,

13210.pngSlug Ammunition L

1750.pngArrow, 1754.pngCrystal Arrow, 1774.pngHunting Arrow, 1763.pngPoison Arrow, 1753.pngSteel Arrow, 1766.pngArrow of Counter Evil, 1773.pngElven Arrow, 1757.pngImmaterial Arrow, 1762.pngRusty Arrow, 1756.pngStone Arrow, 1767.pngArrow of Shadow, 1752.pngFire Arrow,

1770.pngIron Arrow, 1764.pngSharp Arrow, 1755.pngArrow of Wind, 1772.pngHoly Arrow, 1765.pngOridecon Arrow, 1751.pngSilver Arrow,

18001.pngHoly Cannon Ball, 18000.pngCannon Ball, 18004.pngIron Cannon Ball, 18002.pngDark Cannon Ball, 18003.pngSoul Cannon Ball, 18006.pngLightning Cannon Ball, 18005.pngIce Cannon Ball, 18009.pngPoison Cannon Ball, 18008.pngFire Cannon Ball,

13256.pngBlack Earth Kunai, 13252.pngFlash Shuriken, 13255.pngIcicle Kunai, 13250.pngShuriken, 1220002.pngKunai Of Nothing, 13292.pngDried Squid, 13293.pngFlying Fish, 13295.pngLight Shuriken, 13291.pngStarfish, 1220001.pngKunai, 13294.pngExplosive Kunai, 13258.pngHeat Wave Kunai,

13251.pngNimbus Shuriken, 13254.pngThorn Needle Shuriken, 1220004.pngKunai Of Hamaya, Fell Poison Kunai, 13257.pngHigh Wind Kunai, 13253.pngSharp Leaf Shuriken, 1220003.pngKunai Of Shadow


1000311.pngHawk Flute, 6145.pngVulcan Bullet, 6124.pngWolf Flute, 12848.pngFalcon Flute

505.pngBlue Potion, 11624.pngBlue Syrup, 1100004.pngConcentrated Blue Potion, 1100005.pngConcentrated Gold Potion, 1100003.pngConcentrated Red Potion, 545.pngCondensed Red Potion, 547.pngCondensed White Potion, 546.pngCondensed Yellow Potion,

506.pngGreen Potion, 523.pngHoly Water, 502.pngOrange Potion, 525.pngPanacea, 501.pngRed Potion, 11621.pngRed Syrup, 504.pngWhite Potion, 11623.pngWhite Syrup, 503.pngYellow Potion, 11622.pngYellow Syrup, 14536.pngAbrasive, 23169.pngAlchemist box, 22744.pngArmor-Piercing Cartridge, 22745.pngIncandescence Shot Cartridge, 22749.pngPurification Shot Cartridge, 22748.pngHearthstone Shot Cartridge, 22747.pngDengeki Shot Cartridge, 22746.pngGlaciation Shot Cartridge, 12333.pngAncilla, 605.pngAnodyne, 12004.pngQuiver, 12729.pngOthila Rune, 656.pngAwakening Potion, 657.pngBerserk Potion, 23127.pngBlind Bullet Cartridge, 22737.pngBloody Cartridge, 100171.pngCannon Ball Box, 602.pngButterfly Wing, 100233.pngBlue Herb Activator, 100192.pngBlue Gemstone Pouch, 12149.pngCartridge, 12119.pngColdproof Potion, 645.pngConcentration Potion, 12012.pngCrystal Arrow Quiver, 12475.pngCure Free, 12020.pngCursed Water, 100176.pngDark Cannon Ball Box, 12720.pngDisheart, 12433.pngDrosera Herb Salad, 12120.pngEarthproof Potion, 12117.pngElemental Converter, 12115.pngElemental Converter, 12114.pngElemental Converter, 12116.pngElemental Converter, 12575.pngArrow Of Elf Cntr, 12437.pngConcentrated Ceromain Soup, 12008.pngFire Arrow Quiver, 100231.pngGolden X, 601.pngFly Wing, 23123.pngFlare Bullet Cartridge, 12118.pngFireproof Potion, 12733.pngHagalaz Rune, 12622.pngReins Of Mount, 14540.pngHoly Armor Scroll, 12183.pngHoly Arrow Quiver, 12423.pngHP Increase Potion (Medium), 12424.pngHP Increase Potion (Large), 100177.pngHoly Cannon Ball Box, 12928.pngSacred Scroll, 12422.pngHP Increase Potion (Small), 12576.pngHunting Arrow Cntr, 23125.pngIce Bullet Cartridge, 12014.pngImmaterial Arrow Quiver, 12728.pngIsa Rune, 100172.pngIron Cannon Ball Box, 12005.pngIron Arrow Quiver, 12718.pngLeech End, 23124.pngLightning Bullet Cartridge, 100178.pngLiquid Condensed Bullet Box, 22540.pngLux Anima Runestone, 23277.pngEmergency Magic Gear, 12215.pngLV10 Blessing Scroll, 12216.pngLV10 Agil Scroll, 12723.pngMagic Mushroom, 611.pngMagnifier, 12431.pngMinor Stew, 12717.pngParalyze, 12007.pngOridecon Arrow Quiver, 12719.pngOblivion Curse, 12725.pngNauthiz Rune, 12813.pngPeony Mamy, 12732.pngWyrd Rune, 12434.pngPetite Tail Noodles, 678.pngPoison Bottle, 23126.pngPoison Bullet Cartridge, 13973.pngPoison Bottle Box, 12550.pngDeadly Poison Box, 12722.pngPyrexia, 12104.pngRandom Quiver, 100194.pngRed Gemstone Pouch, 12015.pngRusty Arrow Quiver, 12726.pngRaido Rune, 14537.pngRegeneration Potion, 100232.pngRed Herb Activator, 12429.pngSavage Full Roast, 14539.pngShadow Armor Scroll, 12013.pngShadow Arrow Quiver, 12009.pngSilver Arrow Quiver, 12814.pngSlapping Herb, 12432.pngSiroma Iced Tea, 22738.pngSilver Cartridge, 12812.pngSnow Flip, 100173.pngSoul Cannon Ball Box, 12427.pngSP Increase Potion (Large), 12426.pngSP Increase Potion (Medium), 12016.pngSpeed Potion, 12341.pngSpecial Alloy Trap Box, 12425.pngSP Increase Potion (Small), 100072.pngSpell Book (Chain Lightning), 100073.pngSpell Book (Comet), 100071.pngSpell Book (Crimson Rock), 100068.pngSpell Book (Drain Life), 100067.pngSpell Book (Meteor Storm), 100066.pngSpell Book (Lord of Vermilion), 100069.pngSpell Book (Jack Frost), 100070.pngSpell Book (Earth Strain), 100065.pngSpell Book (Storm Gust), 100074.pngSpell Book (Tetra Vortex), 12006.pngSteel Arrow Quiver, 12011.pngStone Arrow Quiver, 12730.pngUruz Rune, 12731.pngThurisaz Rune, 12721.pngToxin, 12121.pngThunderproof Potion, 12724.pngVenom Bleed, 12727.pngBerkana Rune, 12436.pngVitata 500, 12383.pngVulcan Bullet Magazine, 12815.pngYggdrasil Dust, 100193.pngYellow Gemstone Pouch, 12010.pngWind Arrow Quiver, 12430.pngCocktail Warg Blood, 23084.pngBlack Earth Kunai Summon Scroll, 23082.pngIcicle Kunai Summon Scroll, 101114.pngKunai Scroll Shadow, 101121.pngSS Charm G Box, 100174.pngPoison Arrow Quiver, 23159.pngPoison Bottle Pack, 100179.pngLarge Mado Gear Fuel Tank, 101108.pngCannon Box Lightning, 100180.pngRepair A Box, 100181.pngRepair B Box, 100182.pngRepair C Box, 12805.pngMystic Powder, 101120.pngSS Charm W Box, 101113.pngKunai Scroll Nothing, 23085.pngFell Poison Kunai Summon Scroll, 101122.pngSS Charm L Box, 100190.pngEarth Amulet Bundle, 100189.pngWind Amulet Bundle, 100187.pngFire Amulet Bundle, 100184.pngIce Stone Bundle, 100158.pngMado Strengthening Suit, 101119.pngSS Charm F Box, 100188.pngIce Amulet Bundle, 23711.pngTrap Box, 23083.pngHigh Wind Kunai Summon Scroll, 101109.pngCannon Box Stone, 101107.pngCannon Box Ice, 100183.pngFlame Stone Bundle, 23377.pngEarth Armor Scroll, 101118.pngSS Charm Box, 101471.pngAlchemist Selection Box, 23376.pngWind Armor Scroll, 100197.pngDragon Tail Missile Cartridge, 101112.pngKunai Scroll, 23375.pngWater Armor Scroll, 100196.pngProjection Landmine Cartridge, 100195.pngFull Metal Jacket Cartridge, 101116.pngNw Grenade Box, 101115.pngKunai Scroll Hamaya, 23081.pngHeat Wave Kunai Summon Scroll, 100191.pngExplosive Kunai Summon Scroll, 101111.pngCannon Box Poison, 23374.pngFire Armor Scroll, 100185.pngWind Stone Bundle, 101110.pngCannon Box Fire, 101754.pngHvH Red Herb Jam, 101757.pngHvH White Herb Jam, 101753.pngHvH Purple Herb Jam, 101756.pngHvH Yellow Herb Jam, 101755.pngHvH Blue Herb Jam, 101117.pngSoa Charm Bundle, 100186.pngShadow Orb Bundle