Costume Hats

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Cash Egg Costumes

Exclusive Cash eggs changes every month.

It has small chance to give unique Custome headgear.

Cash egg costume headgear can be enchanted by bringing them to Big Brother NPC inside Item Mall

The enchant period is limited on their actual month

44802.pngCash Egg (Jan2024)

951006.png(C) Archangel Halo, 951007.png(C) Pengui n Fish, 951008.png(C) Snow Deer Hairband 942200.png(C) Red Fire Giant (Super Rare)

44801.pngCash Egg (Dec2023) (expired) 951003.png(C) Three Tailed Baby Fox, 951004.png(C) Crown of Blizzard, 951005.png(C) Pink Bunny Pin Cap

942200.png(C) Red Fire Giant (Super Rare)

44800.pngCash Egg (Nov2023) (expired) 951000.png(C) Billu Fairy Fox, 951001.png(C) Autumn Flavor Cap, 951002.png(C) Unicorn Helmet

Cheshire's Costumes

NPC is inside Nyang Club, has newest costume hats and changes every month.

NPC also sells 23154.pngSilvervine Cat Costume Thump Box, using this box gives 44589.pngCostume Stampo and a random costume hat. Collect 2000 44589.pngCostume Stampo for one 942200.png(C) Red Fire Giant Collect 5000 44589.pngCostume Stampo for one 942201.png(C) Gold Fire Giant

This Month Costumes:

942299.png(C) Purple Witch Hat 942300.png(C) Candle in Bird Cage 942301.png(C) Tiger Muffler 942302.png(C) Hachi Hat 942303.png(C) Hachi & Pachi

942304.png(C) Stripped Mini Bonhat 942305.png(C) Altair Hat 942306.png(C) Cinnamon 942307.png(C) Springler's Wig 942308.png(C) Ragdoll

942309.png(C) Blinking Ruby Eyes 942310.png(C) Fairy Poison Apple Decoration 942311.png(C) Nightmare Bat 942312.png(C) Lunare's Wig

Gelstar Machine Costumes

Regular to Costume Headgear

NPC Mr. Baguette on Starry Island can exchange most of regular headgear to Costume version.

If you see a regular hat missing in this list, you can contact Game Master to add it.

/navi pud_land 112/128

Base Materials

Available Costume Hats
1x Original Hat (item ID check NPC ingame)

500x 25399.pngGelstar

940037.png(C) Angel Hairband 940225.png(C) Beret 940038.png(C) Devil Hairband 940104.png(C) Corsair 940400.png(C) Jasper Circlet 940588.png(C) Holy Marching Hat 940688.png(C) Evil Marching Hat 940984.png(C) Palace Guard Cap 941556.png(C) Dog Officer Cap 941267.png(C) Amistr Beret 940465.png(C) Helm of Dragoon 940734.png(C) Heart Wings Hairband 940522.png(C) Lunatic Hat 940541.png(C) Seal Hat  940554.png(C) Savage Babe Hat 940374.png(C) Magnolia Hat 940492.png(C) Necromancer's Hood 940559.png(C) Wanderer's Sakkat 940019.png(C) Santa Hat 941241.png(C) Subject Aura 940486.png(C) Anubis Helm 940668.png(C) Tha Mai Mask 940381.png(C) Large Majestic Horns 940592.png(C) Gryphon Hat 940743.png(C) Lord of Death Helm 940129.png(C) Magician Hat 940040.png(C) Majestic Goat 941077.png(C) Piamette Hood, 940066.png(C) Sakkat, 940879.png(C) Green Maiden Spirit, 940149.png(C) Succubus Horn 940028.png(C) Sweet Hat 940224.png(C) Valkyrie Helmet 940031.png(C) Western Grace 940369.png(C) Wickebine's Ears 940402.png(C) Bone Head 940223.png(C) Feather Beret 940060.png(C) Ghost Bandana 940101.png(C) School Hat 940365.png(C) Dark Basilium 941677.png(C) Stripe Hat 940667.png(C) Tha Maero Mask 940694.png(C) Tha Despero Mask 941273.png(C) Spell Circuit 940569.png(C) Sigrun's Wings 940369.png(C) Wickebine's Ears 941267.png(C) Amistr Beret 941349.png(C) Classic Feather Hat 941556.png(C) Dog Officer Cap 940854.png(C) Unique Glasses 940734.png(C) Heart Wings Hairband 940423.png(C) Ifrit Ears 940590.png(C) Imp Hat 940486.png(C) Anubis Helm 940949.png(C) Poring Sunglasses 940984.png(C) Palace Guard Cap 941197.png(C) Elemental Crown 940871.png(C) Magic Booster 941456.png(C) Blue Back Ribbon 940840.png(C) Syringe in Mouth 940462.png(C) Bacsojin Doll 940644.png(C) Amistr Cap 940491.png(C) Wolf King Helmet 940688.png(C) Evil Marching Hat 942094.png(C) Cor Core Headset 941001.png(C) Celetial Dark Flame 940762.png(C) Cat Ear Beret

EXP Merit Costumes

NPC located in Prontera

/navi prontera 172/183

Collect EXP Merit points by leveling up.

Use EXP Merit points to exchange for exclusive costumes.

942191.png(C) Mini King, 942171.png(C) Celestial Protection, 942172.png(C) Celestial Globe, 942206.png(C) Mini Evil, 942207.png(C) Mini Lehar

942208.png(C) Mini Marlbron, 942209.png(C) Mini Spica, 942182.png(C) Resting Tent, 942183.png(C) Traveller's Oil Lantern

942161.png(C) Mini Agnes, 942162.png(C) Mini Debris, 942163.png(C) Mini Elena, 942164.png(C) Mini Elumina, 942165.png(C) Mini Berner

942193.png(C) Mini Seyren, 942192.png(C) Mini Angeling, 942194.png(C) Mini Cute Poring, 942259.png(C) Mini Adventurer Pope942261.png(C) Mini Flying Tilby

Event Costumes

Achievement Costumes

Exclusive Costumes

More exclusive costume can be found on Starry Island. Little Pink /navi pud_land 139/130

Jeff the Doggie /navi pud_land 131/135

Tamarin in Disguise /navi pud_land 104/135

Iwin the Bird /navi 

Legion Costumes

The following costs: 10x 43201.pngAinz's Core:

The following costs: 999x 43204.pngShalltear's Pearl:

The following costs: 999x 43202.pngFiore's_Staff:

The following costs: 999x 43203.pngNarberal's Wig:

Atomic Energy

Costs: 5x 43201.pngAinz's Core, 700x 44121.pngShining Opal, 300x 44124.pngToxic Amethyst and 600x 25399.pngGelstar:

Electric Power

Costs: 3x 43201.pngAinz's Core, 700x 44122.pngCrystal Sapphire, 300x 44125.pngElectric Topaz and 900x 25399.pngGelstar:

Sacred Energy

 Costs: 4x 43201.pngAinz's Core, 400x 44117.pngAlunite Fragment, 600x 44118.pngSelenite Crystal and 900x 25399.pngGelstar:

Epic Costumes

The following costs: 999x 44108.pngSeed Teardrop:

The following costs: 999x 44109.pngSolid Magma:

The following costs: 999x 44110.pngSpider Eye:

The following costs: 999x 44111.pngElemental Leaf:

The following costs: 999x 44113.pngBlaze Heart:

The following costs: 999x 44114.pngHeated Earring:

The following costs: 999x 44116.pngBeast Saliva:

Divine Essence

Costs: 3x 44112.pngEmperium Lily, 1000x 44126.pngDark Emerald and 500x 25399.pngGelstar:

Over Flowing

Costs: 3x 44112.pngEmperium Lily, 1000x 44127.pngDemonic Ruby and 500x 25399.pngGelstar:

Celestial Energy

Costs: 15x 44115.pngFrozen Tooth, 1000x 44123.pngBlood Garnet and 500x 25399.pngGelstar:

Dragon Arcane Dragon Mystic Dragon Plate

Costs: 30x 43201.pngAinz's Core, 100x 7229.pngSilver Bullion, 100x 7228.pngGold Bullion, 300x 25399.pngGelstar and 1m zeny

Costs: 30x 44155.pngWill of Leviathan, 100x 7229.pngSilver Bullion, 100x 7228.pngGold Bullion, 300x 25399.pngGelstar and 1m zeny

Costs: 30x 44112.pngEmperium Lily, 100x 7229.pngSilver Bullion, 100x 7228.pngGold Bullion, 300x 25399.pngGelstar and 1m zeny

Dragon Scale Dragon Silk Dragon Skull

Costs: 100x 44115.pngFrozen Tooth, 100x 7229.pngSilver Bullion, 100x 7228.pngGold Bullion, 300x 25399.pngGelstar and 1m zeny

Costs: 900x 44160.pngSealed Memory Chip, 100x 7229.pngSilver Bullion, 100x 7228.pngGold Bullion, 300x 25399.pngGelstar and 1m zeny

Costs: 20x 44155.pngWill of Leviathan, 20x 44112.pngEmperium Lily, 20x 43201.pngAinz's Core and 300x 25399.pngGelstar

NPC Iwin Bird (/navi pud_land 108/137) on Starry Island can Reform your Dragon, Fury, Grace, Instinct, Might, Oblivion and Pride hats into Awakened version!

Reforming Dragon requires

Reform Fury requires

Reform Grace requires

Reform Instinct requires

Reforming Might requires Reforming Oblivion requires Reforming Pride requires

Explorer Bookmark Costumes

NPC Experienced Old Man in Prontera near Item Mall NPC
Hat Name Cost Hat Name Cost Hat Name Cost
942291.png(C) Black Protect Cloth 20x 44592.pngExplorer Bookmark 942294.png(C) Gentleman Poker Hat 6x 44592.pngExplorer Bookmark 942295.png(C) Improved Pursuit System 18x 44592.pngExplorer Bookmark
942296.png(C) Temari Candy Wig 14x 44592.pngExplorer Bookmark 942297.png(C) Flare Fox Ears 9x 44592.pngExplorer Bookmark 942298.png(C) Maple Leaf Hairpin 5x 44592.pngExplorer Bookmark