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With the addition of the cooking system, players can cook up various combinations of items to boost their stats temporarily. When a cooking item is eaten, HP are recovered by a small amount and stats increase by a certain amount. When consumed, stats will increase for 20 minutes, and stack with existing support skills (such as Blessing, Increase AGI, etc).
If several food items of the same type (Stat) are consumed, the highest level one takes precedence. Therefore, if a lower level food item is consumed while a higher level one is active, the low level one is ignored.
To make cooking items, a cooking kit is needed. The better it is, the higher the success to create an item. A cookbook (the recipes) of the correct level is also needed. Recipes exist for level 1-10 cooking items. The required items as listed in the recipe must also be obtained.
Bonus from cooked food (and item mall food depending on server) is lost if a character dies while still under the effects of the food item.
When the cooking kit is double clicked, it will bring up a list of possible dishes that can be created with the items and recipes (cookbooks) in a player's inventory. However just like the blacksmith hammer during weapon creation, the cooking kit is consumed during cooking. Success rate is affected by DEX and LUK, also higher level of recipes decreases success rate, the cooking set used will also affect success rate, and finally the more food you cook will give a small boost in success rate.

Cooking Kits

Start cooking by using the following kits Base Success Value
12125.pngOutdoor Cooking Kit 320
12126.pngHome Cooking Kit 480
12127.pngProfessional Cooking Kit 600
12128.pngRoyal Cooking Kit

Dropped by Dimik

12129.pngFantastic Cooking Kit

Dropped by Lady Tanee


Cooking Books

A cooking book is needed in inventory to cook

Get from

7472.pngLevel 1 Cookbook

Chef Assistant in Prontera 145/233

7473.pngLevel 2 Cookbook

Chef Assistant in Prontera 145/233

7474.pngLevel 3 Cookbook

Chef Assistant in Prontera 145/233

7475.pngLevel 4 Cookbook

Chef Assistant in Prontera 145/233

7476.pngLevel 5 Cookbook

Chef Assistant in Prontera 145/233

7477.pngLevel 6 Cookbook

Gorme in Vending Cellar (@go 16)

7478.pngLevel 7 Cookbook

Gorme in Vending Cellar (@go 16)

7479.pngLevel 8 Cookbook

Gorme in Vending Cellar (@go 16)

7480.pngLevel 9 Cookbook

Turtle General (1312), Swift Death Word (2858), Deathword (1698)

7481.pngLevel 10 Cookbook

Maya Purple (1289), Irene Elder (2542)

Ingredient Merchants

NPC For sale

Chef Assistants

/navi prontera 145/233

12849.pngCombination Kit, 581.pngEdible Mushroom, 7482.pngPot, 580.pngBread, 577.pngBag of Grain, 7457.pngCooking Oil, 7454.pngSavory Sauce, 7455.pngSpicy Sauce, 7453.pngSweet Sauce, 7456.pngRed Spice, 7452.pngYellow Spice, 579.pngFresh Fish, 12125.pngOutdoor Cooking Kit, 12126.pngHome Cooking Kit, 12127.pngProfessional Cooking Kit


/navi vending1 96/103

100075.pngLevel 5 Dishes, 100076.pngLevel 6 Dishes, 100077.pngLevel 7 Dishes, 100078.pngLevel 8 Dishes

STR Dishes

Product Effect Ingredients

12041.pngFried Grasshopper Legs

Str +1, Heal 100 HP

940.pngGrasshopper's Leg, 7457.pngCooking Oil

12042.pngSeasoned Sticky Webfoot

Str +2, Heal 180 HP

918.pngSticky Webfoot, 511.pngGreen Herb, 508.pngYellow Herb, 7454.pngSavory Sauce,

12043.pngBomber Steak Str +3, Heal 220 HP 517.pngMeat, 7031.pngOld Frying Pan, 511.pngGreen Herb, 7286.pngRed Chile, 7455.pngSpicy Sauce
12044.pngHerb Marinade Beef Str +4, Heal 260 HP 517.pngMeat, 507.pngRed Herb, 508.pngYellow Herb, 511.pngGreen Herb, 7453.pngSweet Sauce, 568.pngLemon
12045.pngLutie Lady's Pancake Str +5, Heal 300 HP 516.pngPotato, 518.pngHoney, 7457.pngCooking Oil, 515.pngCarrot, 577.pngBag of Grain
12071.pngShiny Marinade Beef Str +6, Heal 340 HP 517.pngMeat, 518.pngHoney, 508.pngYellow Herb, 522.pngMastela Fruit, 954.pngShining Scale
12072.pngWhole Roast Str +7, Heal 380 HP 517.pngMeat, 7098.pngLive Coal, 1003.pngCoal, 7455.pngSpicy Sauce, 1019.pngTrunk, 509.pngWhite Herb
12073.pngBearfoot Special Str +8, Heal 420 HP 948.pngBear's Footskin, 515.pngCarrot, 1062.pngJack o' Pumpkin, 521.pngAloe Leaflet, 520.pngHinalle Leaflet, 7454.pngSavory Sauce
12074.pngTendon Satay Str +9, Heal 460 HP 1050.pngTendon, 7482.pngPot, 548.pngCheese, 7455.pngSpicy Sauce, 1003.pngCoal, 511.pngGreen Herb, 1024.pngSquid Ink
12075.pngSteamed Tongue Str +10, Heal 500 HP 1015.pngTongue, 7482.pngPot, 970.pngAlcohol, 606.pngAloevera, 7455.pngSpicy Sauce, 526.pngRoyal Jelly, 610.pngYggdrasil Leaf, 505.pngBlue Potion

INT Dishes

Product Effect Ingredients

12046.pngGrape Juice Herbal Tea

Int +1, Heal 100 HP

514.pngGrape, 501.pngRed Potion

12047.pngAutumn Red Tea

Int +2, Heal 180 HP

510.pngBlue Herb, 507.pngRed Herb, 508.pngYellow Herb

12048.pngHoney Herbal Tea Int +3, Heal 220 HP 518.pngHoney, 509.pngWhite Herb, 7452.pngYellow Spice
12049.pngMorocc Fruit Wine Int +4, Heal 260 HP 578.pngStrawberry, 568.pngLemon, 582.pngOrange, 970.pngAlcohol, 514.pngGrape
12050.pngMastela Fruit Wine Int +5, Heal 300 HP 522.pngMastela Fruit, 505.pngBlue Potion, 970.pngAlcohol, 568.pngLemon, 7452.pngYellow Spice
12076.pngRed Mushroom Wine Int +6, Heal 340 HP 581.pngEdible Mushroom, 533.pngGrape Juice, 921.pngMushroom Spore, Alcohol, Red Spice
12077.pngSpecial Royal Jelly Herbal Tea Int +7, Heal 380 HP 510.pngBlue Herb, 518.pngHoney, 509.pngWhite Herb, 520.pngHinalle Leaflet, 7452.pngYellow Spice
12078.pngRoyal Family Tea Int +8, Heal 420 HP 576.pngPrickly Fruit, 520.pngHinalle Leaflet, 610.pngYggdrasil Leaf, 521.pngAloe Leaflet, 526.pngRoyal Jelly, 7452.pngYellow Spice
12079.pngTristan XII Int +9, Heal 460 HP 610.pngYggdrasil Leaf, 582.pngOrange, 970.pngAlcohol, 526.pngRoyal Jelly, 505.pngBlue Potion, 7452.pngYellow Spice, 521.pngAloe Leaflet
12080.pngDragon Breath Cocktail Int +10, Heal 500 HP 1033.pngManeater Root, 707.pngSinging Plant, 521.pngAloe Leaflet, 526.pngRoyal Jelly, 568.pngLemon, 576.pngPrickly Fruit, 607.pngYggdrasil Berry, 510.pngBlue Herb

VIT Dishes

Product Effect Ingredients

12051.pngSteamed Crab Nippers

Vit +1, Heal 100 HP

960.pngNipper, 511.pngGreen Herb, 501.pngRed Potion

12052.pngAssorted Seafood

Vit +2, Heal 180 HP

966.pngClam Flesh, 956.pngGill, 951.pngFin, 579.pngFresh Fish

12053.pngClam Soup Vit +3, Heal 220 HP 966.pngClam Flesh, 961.pngConch, 518.pngHoney, 7453.pngSweet Sauce
12054.pngSeasoned Jellyfish Vit +4, Heal 260 HP 962.pngTentacle, 509.pngWhite Herb, 7194.pngSoft Blade of Grass, 7031.pngOld Frying Pan, 1024.pngSquid Ink
12055.pngSpicy Fried Bao Vit +5, Heal 300 HP 553.pngBao, 508.pngYellow Herb, 7455.pngSpicy Sauce, 7456.pngRed Spice, 511.pngGreen Herb
12081.pngAwfully Bitter Bracer Vit +6, Heal 340 HP 7188.pngBrown Root, 1033.pngManeater Root, 921.pngMushroom Spore, 581.pngEdible Mushroom, 518.pngHoney
12082.pngSumptuous Feast Vit +7, Heal 380 HP 1023.pngFish Tail, 521.pngAloe Leaflet, 1028.pngMane, 579.pngFresh Fish, 537.pngPet Food, 7453.pngSweet Sauce
12083.pngGiant Burito Vit +8, Heal 420 HP 7298.pngFig Leaf, 517.pngMeat, 622.pngRainbow Carrot, 1062.pngJack o' Pumpkin, 7454.pngSavory Sauce, 577.pngBag of Grain
12084.pngAscending Dragon Soup Vit +9, Heal 460 HP 7123.pngDragon Skin, 1037.pngDragon Tail, 610.pngYggdrasil Leaf, 526.pngRoyal Jelly, 7455.pngSpicy Sauce, 7456.pngRed Spice, 632.pngFatty Chubby Earthworm
12085.pngImmortal Stew Vit +10, Heal 500 HP 929.pngImmortal Heart, 934.pngMemento, 608.pngYggdrasil Seed, 605.pngAnodyne, 950.pngHeart of Mermaid, 7455.pngSpicy Sauce, 609.pngAmulet, 621.pngBitter Herb

AGI Dishes

Product Effect Ingredients

12056.pngFrog Egg Squid Ink Soup

Agi +1, Heal 100 HP

577.pngBag of Grain, 908.pngSpawn

12057.pngSmooth Noodle

Agi +2, Heal 180 HP

577.pngBag of Grain, 7454.pngSavory Sauce, 1062.pngJack o' Pumpkin, 515.pngCarrot

12058.pngTentacle Cheese Gratin Agi +3, Heal 220 HP 962.pngTentacle, 548.pngCheese, 549.pngYam, 7453.pngSweet Sauce
12059.pngLutie Cold Noodle Agi +4, Heal 260 HP 577.pngBag of Grain, 7455.pngSpicy Sauce, 7066.pngIce Cubic, 515.pngCarrot, 1062.pngJack o' Pumpkin
12060.pngSteamed Bat Wing in Pumpkin Agi +5, Heal 300 HP 7006.pngWing of Red Bat, 1062.pngJack o' Pumpkin, 7482.pngPot, 520.pngHinalle Leaflet, 507.pngRed Herb
12086.pngChile Shrimp Gratin Agi +6, Heal 340 HP 7286.pngRed Chile, 567.pngShrimp, 7453.pngSweet Sauce, 568.pngLemon
12087.pngSteamed Alligator with Vegetable Agi +7, Heal 380 HP 7003.pngAnolian Skin, 1062.pngJack o' Pumpkin, 515.pngCarrot, 521.pngAloe Leaflet, 508.pngYellow Herb, 7452.pngYellow Spice
12088.pngIncredibly Spicy Curry Agi +8, Heal 420 HP 606.pngAloevera, 7455.pngSpicy Sauce, 517.pngMeat, 520.pngHinalle Leaflet, 1062.pngJack o' Pumpkin, 515.pngCarrot
12089.pngSpecial Meat Stew Agi +9, Heal 460 HP 517.pngMeat, 526.pngRoyal Jelly, 711.pngShoot, 7454.pngSavory Sauce, 508.pngYellow Herb, 509.pngWhite Herb, 507.pngRed Herb
12090.pngSteamed Desert Scorpions Agi +10, Heal 500 HP 904.pngScorpion Tail,7125.pngScorpion Claw, 606.pngAloevera, 610.pngYggdrasil Leaf, 621.pngBitter Herb, 526.pngRoyal Jelly, 7455.pngSpicy Sauce, 7482.pngPot

DEX Dishes

Product Effect Ingredients

12061.pngHoney Grape Juice

Dex +1, Heal 100 HP

578.pngStrawberry, 514.pngGrape, 507.pngRed Herb

12062.pngChocolate Mousse Cake

Dex +2, Heal 180 HP

7182.pngCacao, 539.pngPiece of Cake, 519.pngMilk, 736.pngChina

12063.pngFruit Mix Dex +3, Heal 220 HP 512.pngApple, 513.pngBanana, 582.pngOrange, 578.pngStrawberry, 7452.pngYellow Spice
12064.pngCream Sandwich Dex +4, Heal 260 HP 580.pngBread, 519.pngMilk, 548.pngCheese, 508.pngYellow Herb, 517.pngMeat, 7453.pngSweet Sauce
12065.pngGreen Salad Dex +5, Heal 300 HP 520.pngHinalle Leaflet, 521.pngAloe Leaflet, 7100.pngSharp Leaf, 7198.pngHuge Leaf, 7453.pngSweet Sauce, 7452.pngYellow Spice
12091.pngPeach Cake Dex +6, Heal 340 HP 7164.pngSolid Peach, 539.pngPiece of Cake, 548.pngCheese, 519.pngMilk, 620.pngOrange Juice, 7453.pngSweet Sauce
12092.pngSoul Haunted Bread Dex +7, Heal 380 HP 580.pngBread, 522.pngMastela Fruit, 7453.pngSweet Sauce
12093.pngSpecial Toast Dex +8, Heal 420 HP 580.pngBread, 526.pngRoyal Jelly, 517.pngMeat, 578.pngStrawberry, 7455.pngSpicy Sauce, 548.pngCheese, 7453.pngSweet Sauce
12094.pngHeavenly Fruit Juice Dex +9, Heal 460 HP 619.pngUnripe Apple, 582.pngOrange, 578.pngStrawberry, 7456.pngRed Spice, 634.pngTropical Banana, 533.pngGrape Juice, 970.pngAlcohol
12095.pngHwergelmir's Tonic Dex +10, Heal 500 HP 607.pngYggdrasil Berry, 7066.pngIce Cubic, 7119.pngBacillus, 526.pngRoyal Jelly, 645.pngConcentration Potion, 970.pngAlcohol, 576.pngPrickly Fruit, 710.pngIllusion Flower

LUK Dishes

Product Effect Ingredients

12066.pngFried Monkey Tails

Luk +1, Heal 100 HP

942.pngYoyo Tail, 7457.pngCooking Oil

12067.pngMixed Juice

Luk +2, Heal 180 HP

531.pngApple Juice, 534.pngCarrot Juice, 533.pngGrape Juice, 620.pngOrange Juice

12068.pngFried Sweet Potato Luk +3, Heal 220 HP 516.pngPotato, 549.pngYam, 633.pngSweet Potato, 7453.pngSweet Sauce
12069.pngSteamed Ancient Lips Luk +4, Heal 260 HP 1054.pngAncient Lips, 945.pngRaccoon Leaf, 509.pngWhite Herb, 579.pngFresh Fish, 7453.pngSweet Sauce
12070.pngFried Scorpion Tails Luk +5, Heal 300 HP 904.pngScorpion Tail, 1042.pngBug Leg, 7198.pngHuge Leaf, 7031.pngOld Frying Pan, 7457.pngCooking Oil
12096.pngLucky Soup Luk +6, Heal 340 HP 903.pngReptile Tongue, 1015.pngTongue, 705.pngClover, 1061.pngWitched Starsand, 704.pngAloe
12097.pngAssorted Shish Kebob Luk +7, Heal 380 HP 936.pngScale Shell, 956.pngGill, 7194.pngSoft Blade of Grass, 517.pngMeat, 581.pngEdible Mushroom, 966.pngClam Flesh
12098.pngStrawberry Flavored Rice Ball Luk +8, Heal 420 HP 578.pngStrawberry, 577.pngBag of Grain, 7298.pngFig Leaf, 7452.pngYellow Spice, 7456.pngRed Spice, 7454.pngSavory Sauce
12099.pngBlood Flavored Soda Luk +9, Heal 460 HP 702.pngAnimal Gore, 605.pngAnodyne, 606.pngAloevera, 970.pngAlcohol, 526.pngRoyal Jelly, 7456.pngRed Spice, 531.pngApple Juice
12100.pngCooked Nine Tail's Tails Luk +10, Heal 500 HP 1022.pngNine Tails, 706.pngFour Leaf Clover, 1033.pngManeater Root, 7100.pngSharp Leaf, 610.pngYggdrasil Leaf, 7454.pngSavory Sauce, 7452.pngYellow Spice, 709.pngIzidor

Assorted Dishes

Product Effect Ingredients
100075.pngLevel 5 Dishes All Stats +5, Heal 5% HP and SP

12050.pngMastela Fruit Wine, 12045.pngLutie Lady's Pancake, 12065.pngGreen Salad, 12060.pngSteamed Bat Wing in Pumpkin, 12055.pngSpicy Fried Bao, 12070.pngFried Scorpion Tails, 7476.pngLevel 5 Cookbook

100076.pngLevel 6 Dishes All Stats +6, Heal 5% HP and SP

12071.pngShiny Marinade Beef, 12076.pngRed Mushroom Wine, 12091.pngPeach Cake, 12086.pngChile Shrimp Gratin, 12081.pngAwfully Bitter Bracer, 12096.pngLucky Soup, 7477.pngLevel 6 Cookbook

100077.pngLevel 7 Dishes All Stats +7, Heal 5% HP and SP

12072.pngWhole Roast, 12077.pngSpecial Royal Jelly Herbal Tea, 12092.pngSoul Haunted Bread, 12087.pngSteamed Alligator with Vegetable, 12082.pngSumptuous Feast, 12097.pngAssorted Shish Kebob, 7478.pngLevel 7 Cookbook

100078.pngLevel 8 Dishes All Stats +8, Heal 5% HP and SP

12073.pngBearfoot Special, 12078.pngRoyal Family Tea, 12093.pngSpecial Toast, 12088.pngIncredibly Spicy Curry, 12083.pngGiant Burito, 12098.pngStrawberry Flavored Rice Ball, 7479.pngLevel 8 Cookbook

100079.pngLevel 9 Dishes All Stats +9, Heal 5% HP and SP

12074.pngTendon Satay, 12079.pngTristan XII, 12094.pngHeavenly Fruit Juice, 12089.pngSpecial Meat Stew, 12084.pngAscending Dragon Soup, 12099.pngBlood Flavored Soda, 7480.pngLevel 9 Cookbook

100080.pngLevel 10 Dishes All Stats +10, Heal 5% HP and SP

12075.pngSteamed Tongue, 12080.pngDragon Breath Cocktail, 12095.pngHwergelmir's Tonic, 12090.pngSteamed Desert Scorpions, 12085.pngImmortal Stew, 12100.pngCooked Nine Tail's Tails, 7481.pngLevel 10 Cookbook