Vending Cellar

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Enter Vending Cellar by using @go 16 ingame.

Inside it, you can setup your Merchant Vendor to sell / buy items with others.

You can also buy items from several NPC Merchants using zeny, such as supplies, combination scrolls, zeny coin exchange etc.

AFK Vending Point Feature

Vending Point Merchant

/navi vending1 97/112

Vending Point Merchant
  1. Open up a vendor in Vending Cellar.
  2. Every hour it'll get 1 Vending Point.

40050.pngVending Bubble Gum

Costs 24 Vending Points Item drop rate +10% (stacks with other Bubble Gums.)

40051.pngVending Battle Manual

Costs 12 Vending Points Base EXP gained +25% (stacks with other Battle Manuals.)

Zeny Coin Exchange

Zeny Coin Exchange

/navi vending1 95/116

Zeny Coin Exchange
  • If you have too much zeny, you can convert your zeny into Zeny Coin.
  • 43053.pngZeny Coin(Gold) costs 101,000,000 zeny.

Metal Supplier

Dus the Smith

/navi vending1 97/119

/navi prt_in 53/61

Metal Supplier
  • Sells common ores, steel and gold.
  • Sells smith supportive mats.
  • Has safe refine tickets for exchange.
    • A Safe Refine Ticket is used to refine your item without failing. (Item Refine)
Item List Price Item List Price
984.pngOridecon 80000z 612.pngMini Furnace 150z
985.pngElunium 80000z 613.pngIron Hammer 1000z
998.pngIron 2000z 614.pngGolden Hammer 3000z
1003.pngCoal 2000z 615.pngOridecon Hammer 5000z
1002.pngIron Ore 3000z 988.pngGolden Anvil 350000z
999.pngSteel 3000z 989.pngEmperium Anvil 700000z
969.pngGold 250000z 6635.pngBlacksmith Blessing 20000000z
25728.pngRough Shadowdecon 20000z 990.pngRed Blood 10000z
25730.pngRough Zelunium 25000z 991.pngCrystal Blue 10000z



992.pngWind of Verdure 10000z



993.pngGreen Live 10000z
Item List Material Cost Item List Material Cost
6234.png+7 Armor Refine Ticket 100x 25271.pngIllusion Stone 6230.png+7 Weapon Refine Ticket 25271.pngIllusion Stone
6233.png+8 Armor Refine Ticket

2x 6234.png+7 Armor Refine Ticket

6229.png+8 Weapon Refine Ticket 2x 6230.png+7 Weapon Refine Ticket
6232.png+9 Armor Refine Ticket

2x 6233.png+8 Armor Refine Ticket

6228.png+9 Weapon Refine Ticket 2x 6229.png+8 Weapon Refine Ticket
6994.png+10 Armor Certificate

2x 6232.png+9 Armor Refine Ticket

6993.png+10 Weapon Certificate 2x 6228.png+9 Weapon Refine Ticket
6239.png+11 Armor Refine Ticket

2x 6994.png+10 Armor Certificate

6238.png+11 Weapon Refine Ticket 2x 6993.png+10 Weapon Certificate
6585.png+12 Armor Certificate

2x 6239.png+11 Armor Refine Ticket

6584.png+12 Weapon Certificate 2x 6238.png+11 Weapon Refine Ticket
6876.pngSafe to 13 Armor Certificate

2x 6585.png+12 Armor Certificate

6870.pngSafe to 13 Weapon Certificate 2x 6584.png+12 Weapon Certificate
6877.pngSafe to 14 Armor Certificate

2x 6876.pngSafe to 13 Armor Certificate

6871.pngSafe to 14 Weapon Certificate 2x 6870.pngSafe to 13 Weapon Certificate
6878.pngSafe to 15 Armor Certificate

2x 6877.pngSafe to 14 Armor Certificate

6872.pngSafe to 15 Weapon Certificate 2x 6871.pngSafe to 14 Weapon Certificate
44616.png+11 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket

2x 6878.pngSafe to 15 Armor Certificate

44610.png+11 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket 2x 6872.pngSafe to 15 Weapon Certificate
44617.png+12 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket

2x 44616.png+11 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket

44611.png+12 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket 2x 44610.png+11 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket
44618.png+13 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket

2x 44617.png+12 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket

44612.png+13 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket 2x 44611.png+12 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket
44619.png+14 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket

2x 44618.png+13 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket

44613.png+14 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket 2x 44612.png+13 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket
44620.png+15 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket

2x 44619.png+14 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket

44614.png+15 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket 2x 44613.png+14 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket
44621.png+16 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket

2x 44620.png+15 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket

44615.png+16 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket 2x +15 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket
44626.png+17 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket

2x 44621.png+16 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket

44622.png+17 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket 2x 44615.png+16 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket
44627.png+18 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket

2x 44626.png+17 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket

44623.png+18 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket 2x 44622.png+17 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket
44628.png+19 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket 2x 44627.png+18 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket 44624.png+19 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket 2x 44623.png+18 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket
44629.png+20 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket 2x 44628.png+19 Armor Level 2 Refine Ticket 44625.png+20 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket 2x 44624.png+19 Weapon Level 5 Refine Ticket

Magic and Supplies

Magician Steven

/navi vending1 104/103

Magic and Supplies
  • Sells skill catalysts for magic users.
  • Sells magic spell books.
  • Sells skill scrolls.
Item List Price Item List Price
717.pngBlue Gemstone 1500 715.pngYellow Gemstone 4500
716.pngRed Gemstone 4500 678.pngPoison Bottle 200000
12016.pngSpeed Potion 50000 505.pngBlue Potion 11000
12679.pngSiege White Potion Box 130000 12676.pngSiege Violet Potion Box 50000
12680.pngSiege Blue Potion Box 80000 - -
Book List Price Book List Price
100065.pngSpell Book (Storm Gust) 100000 100066.pngSpell Book (Lord of Vermilion) 100000
100067.pngSpell Book (Meteor Storm) 100000 100068.pngSpell Book (Drain Life) 500000
100069.pngSpell Book (Jack Frost)


100070.pngSpell Book (Earth Strain) 500000
100071.pngSpell Book (Crimson Rock) 500000 100072.pngSpell Book (Chain Lightning) 500000
100073.pngSpell Book (Comet) 1000000 100074.pngSpell Book (Tetra Vortex) 1000000
Scroll List Price Scroll List Price
14512.pngMeteor Storm Scroll 100000 14513.pngStorm Gust Scroll 100000
14514.pngLord of Vermilion Scroll 100000 23194.pngLevel 5 Sienna Execrate 300000
23193.pngLevel 5 Crimson Rock 300000 23191.pngLevel 5 Varetyr Spear 300000
23192.pngLevel 5 Diamond Dust 300000 - -

Chemical and Dinner


/navi vending1 96/103

Chemist Supplies
  • Sells Alchemist skill catalyst items.
  • Sells materials from monsters.
  • Sells high level cooking book and assorted cuisines.
  • Sells elemental buffs.
Item List Price Item List Price
971.pngDetrimindexta 20000 972.pngKarvodailnirol

970.pngAlcohol 30000 7136.pngAcid Bottle 20000
7135.pngBottle Grenade 20000 1000276.pngFlame Acid Bottle 40000
1000277.pngEarth Acid Bottle 40000 1000278.pngGale Acid Bottle 40000
1000279.pngIcicle Acid Bottle 40000 6279.pngApple Bomb Guidebook 100000
6280.pngPineapple Bomb Guidebook 100000 6281.pngCoconut Fruit Bomb Guidebook 100000
6282.pngMelon Bomb Guidebook 100000 6283.pngBanana Bomb Guidebook 100000
6284.pngHow To Grow Plant Genes 100000 6285.pngManual: How To Make High Quality Potion 100000
11022.pngMix Cook Book 100000 11023.pngIncrease Stamina Study 100000
11024.pngVital Drink CB 100000 7129.pngAcid Bottle Creation Guide 100000
7127.pngAlcohol Creation Guide 100000 7128.pngBottle Grenade Creation Guide 100000
7133.pngCondensed Potion Creation Guide 100000 7434.pngElemental Potion Creation Guide 100000
7132.pngGlistening Coat Creation Guide 100000 7130.pngPlant Bottle Creation Guide 100000
7144.pngPotion Creation Guide
100000 - -
Material List Price Material List Price

1061.pngWitched Starsand






7033.pngPoison Spore


929.pngImmortal Heart


1000.pngStar Crumb


921.pngMushroom Spore 1000 507.pngRed Herb 400
508.pngYellow Herb 1000 509.pngWhite Herb 2000
510.pngBlue Herb 7000 511.pngGreen Herb 400
576.pngPrickly Fruit 4000 1033.pngManeater Root 2000
1032.pngManeater Blossom 20000 6244.pngGun Powder 3000
1051.pngDetonator 2000 6217.pngMandragora Flowerpot 30000
Cookings Price Cookings Price
7476.pngLevel 5 Cookbook 100000 7477.pngLevel 6 Cookbook 160000
7478.pngLevel 7 Cookbook 240000 7479.pngLevel 8 Cookbook 380000
100075.pngLv5 Assorted Cuisine 250000 100076.pngLv6 Assorted Cuisine 380000
100077.pngLv7 Assorted Cuisine 420000 100078.pngLv8 Assorted Cuisine 560000
Buff Items Price Buff Items Price
12118.pngFireproof Potion 60000 12119.pngColdproof Potion 60000
12121.pngThunderproof Potion 60000 12120.pngEarthproof Potion 60000
12114.pngElemental Converter 160000 12115.pngElemental Converter 160000
12116.pngElemental Converter 160000 12117.pngElemental Converter 160000
7434.pngElemental Potion Creation Guide 100000

Poison Herb Merchant

Poison Herb Merchant

/navi vending1 90/109

Poison Herb Merchant

Rare Herb Collector

/navi vending1 86/109

Rare Herb Collector

Mado Gear Merchant

Mado Gear Merchant

/navi vending1 110/115

Mado Gear Merchant
  • Sells some basic components for Mado users.
  • Sells cannon balls.
  • Exchanges cannon balls to boxes.
Component Price Component Price
2139.pngFlame Thrower 20000 2800.pngAccelerator [1] 100000
2801.pngHovering Booster [1] 100000 2802.pngSuicidal Device [1] 500000
2803.pngShape Shifter [1] 100000 2805.pngMagnetic Field Generator [1] 100000
2806.pngBarrier Builder [1] 150000 6186.pngMonkey Wrench 500
2808.pngCamouflague Generator [1] 250000 2807.pngRepair Kit [1] 200000
Catalyst Items Price Catalyst Items Price
18000.pngCannon Ball 100 18003.pngSoul Cannon Ball 200
18001.pngHoly Cannon Ball 200 18002.pngDark Cannon Ball 200
18004.pngIron Cannon Ball 500 18005.pngIce Cannon Ball 50
18006.pngLightning Cannon Ball 50 18007.pngStone Cannon Ball 50
18008.pngFire Cannon Ball 50 18009.pngPoison Cannon Ball 50
6145.pngVulcan Bullet 12 - -
6146.pngMagic Gear Fuel 375 12394.pngRepair C 1000
12393.pngRepair B 500 12392.pngRepair A 200
6147.pngLiquid Condensed Bullet 125 23277.pngEmergency Magic Gear 10000
100158.pngMado Strengthening Suit 10000 2804.pngCooling Device [1] 100000
2809.pngHigh Quality Cooler [1] 2000000 2810.pngSpecial Cooler [1] 5000000
Box Items Materials Box Items Materials
100171.pngCannon Ball Box 500x 18000.png 100172.pngIron Cannon Ball Box 500x 18004.png
100173.pngSoul Cannon Ball Box 500x 18003.png 100176.pngDark Cannon Ball Box 500x 18002.png
100177.pngHoly Cannon Ball Box 500x 18001.png 100178.pngLiquid Condensed Bullet Box 500x 6147.png
101107.pngCannon Box Ice 500x 18005.png 101108.pngCannon Box Lightning 500x 18006.png
101109.pngCannon Box Stone 500x 18007.png 101110.pngCannon Box Fire 500x 18008.png
101111.pngCannon Box Poison 500x 18009.png 12383.pngVulcan Bullet Magazine 500x 6145.png
100179.pngLarge Mado Gear Fuel Tank 500x 6146.png 100180.pngRepair A Box 500x 12392.png 
100181.pngRepair B Box 500x 12393.png 100182.pngRepair C Box 500x 12394.png

Arrow Merchant

Arrow Merchant

/navi vending1 96/126

Arrow Merchant
  • Sells Arrows.
  • Exchange arrows with quivers.
Arrow Price Arrow Price
1750.pngArrow 1 1770.pngIron Arrow 3
1751.pngSilver Arrow 5 1752.pngFire Arrow 5
1754.pngCrystal Arrow 5 1755.pngArrow of Wind 5
1756.pngStone Arrow 5 1757.pngImmaterial Arrow 5
1767.pngArrow of Shadow 5 1762.pngRusty Arrow 5
1065.pngTrap 75 7940.pngSpecial Alloy Trap 300

1758.pngStun Arrow


1759.pngFrozen Arrow


1760.pngFlash Arrow 10 1761.pngCursed Arrow 10
1763.pngPoison Arrow 10 1764.pngSharp Arrow 10
1765.pngOridecon Arrow 30 1768.pngSleep Arrow 10
1769.pngMute Arrow 10 1772.pngHoly Arrow 10
1773.pngElven Arrow 10 1774.pngHunting Arrow 10
1775.pngSiege Arrow S 10 1776.pngSiege Arrow A 10
1753.pngSteel Arrow 4 - -
Quiver Material Cost Quiver Material Cost

500x 1750.png

12005.pngIron Arrow Quiver

500x 1770.png

12006.pngSteel Arrow Quiver

500x 1753.png

12007.pngOridecon Arrow Quiver

500x 1765.png

12008.pngFire Arrow Quiver

500x 1752.png

12009.pngSilver Arrow Quiver

500x 1751.png

12010.pngWind Arrow Quiver

500x 1755.png

12011.pngStone Arrow Quiver

500x 1756.png

12012.pngCrystal Arrow Quiver

500x 1754.png

12013.pngShadow Arrow Quiver

500x 1767.png

12014.pngImmaterial Arrow Quiver

500x 1757.png

12015.pngRusty Arrow Quiver

500x 1762.png

12183.pngHoly Arrow Quiver

500x 1772.png

12575.pngArrow Of Elf Cntr

500x 1773.png

12576.pngHunting Arrow Cntr

500x 1774.png

100174.pngPoison Arrow Quiver

500x 1763.png

12678.pngSiege Arrow Quiver A

500x 1776.png

12677.pngSiege Arrow Quiver S

500x 1775.png

23061.pngSharp Arrow Quiver

500x 1764.png

23711.pngTrap Box

500x 1065.png

12341.pngSpecial Alloy Trap Box

500x 7940.png

- -

Ammunition Merchant

Ammunition Merchant

/navi vending1 98/126

Ammunition Merchant
  • Sells basic guns.
  • Sells ammunition and grenades.
  • Exchanges ammo to ammo cases.
Gun Price Gun Price
13120.pngHeaven's Feather & Hell's Fire [1] 1200000 13122.pngAltair & Ares 1450000
13189.pngColor Scope [2] 1350000 13195.pngRAG203 1800000
13192.pngDeath Fire [1] 1250000 13193.pngRolling Thunder [1] 1350000
13194.pngPeace Breaker 1950000 13197.pngMini Mei [2] 1600000
13198.pngTempest 2200000 28200.pngEnd Of The Horizon [1] 2700000
28201.pngSouthern Cross 2800000

Ammo Price Ammo Price
13200.pngBullet 1 13221.pngSilver Bullet 5
13228.pngFlare Bullet 5 13229.pngLightning Bullet 5
13230.pngIce Bullet 5 13231.pngPoison Bullet 5
13232.pngBlind Bullet 5 13222.pngBloody Shell 10
13215.pngArmor-Piercing Bullet 5 13216.pngBlazing Bullet 5
13217.pngFreezing Bullet 5 13218.pngLightning Bullet 5
13219.pngMagic Stone Bullet 5 13220.pngPurifying Bullet 5
7663.pngFull Metal Jacket 5 7665.pngDragon Tail Missile 15
7664.pngGrenade Launcher 30 25187.pngSlug Bullet 1000
1000564.pngThrowing Grenade
30 13208.pngGongBug


Case Material Cost Case Material Cost

500x 13200.png

22738.pngSilver Cartridge

500x 13221.png

23123.pngFlare Bullet Cartridge

500x 13228.png

23124.pngLightning Bullet Cartridge

500x 13229.png

23125.pngIce Bullet Cartridge

500x 13230.png

23126.pngPoison Bullet Cartridge

500x 13231.png

23127.pngBlind Bullet Cartridge

500x 13232.png

22737.pngBloody Cartridge


22744.pngArmor-Piercing Cartridge

500x 13215.png

22745.pngBlazing Bullet Cartridge

500x 13216.png

22746.pngFreezing Bullet Cartridge

500x 13217.png

22747.pngLightning Bullet Ammo Case

500x 13218.png

22748.pngMagic Stone Bullet Cartridge

500x 13219.png

22749.pngPurification Bullet Cartridge

500x 13220.png

100195.pngFull Metal Jacket Cartridge

500x 7663.png

100197.pngDragon Tail Missile Cartridge

500x 7665.png

100196.pngProjection Landmine Cartridge

500x 7664.png

101116.pngThrowing Grenade Box

500x 1000564.png

12637.pngGongBug Pocket

200x 13208.png

- -

Ninja Tool Merchant

Ninja Tool Merchant

/navi vending1 100/126

Ninja Tool Merchant
  • Sells ninja skill catalyst items.
  • Exchanges kunais to kunai scrolls.
Kunai Price Kunai Price
1220001.pngKunai 30 1220002.pngFormless Kunai


1220003.pngShadow Kunai


1220004.pngHamaya Kunai


13258.pngHeat Wave Kunai


13257.pngHigh Wind Kunai


13255.pngIcicle Kunai


13256.pngBlack Earth Kunai


13259.pngFell Poison Kunai


13294.pngExplosive Kunai


6512.pngFire Amulet


6513.pngIce Amulet


6514.pngWind Amulet


6515.pngEarth Amulet




13251.pngNimbus Shuriken


13252.pngFlash Shuriken


13253.pngSharp Leaf Shuriken


13254.pngThorn Needle Shuriken


7521.pngFlame Stone


7522.pngIce Stone


7523.pngWind Stone


7524.pngShadow Orb


1000565.pngHaze of Pitch Darkness


1000566.pngHaze of Prominence


1000567.pngHaze of Icy Snow


1000568.pngHaze of Mother Earth


1000569.pngHaze of North Wind




13292.pngDried Squid


13293.pngFlying Fish




Bundles Material Cost Bundles Material Cost
101112.pngKunai Scroll

500x 1220001.png

101113.pngKunai Scroll Nothing

500x 1220002.png

101114.pngKunai Scroll Shadow

500x 1220003.png

101115.pngKunai Scroll Hamaya

500x 1220004.png

23081.pngHeat Wave Kunai Summon Scroll

500x 13258.png

23082.pngIcicle Kunai Summon Scroll

500x 13255.png

23083.pngHigh Wind Kunai Summon Scroll

500x 13257.png

23084.pngBlack Earth Kunai Summon Scroll

500x 13256.png

23085.pngFell Poison Kunai Summon Scroll

500x 13259.png

100191.pngExplosive Kunai Summon Scroll

500x 13294.png

100187.pngFire Amulet Bundle

500x 6512.png

100188.pngIce Amulet Bundle

500x 6513.png

100189.pngWind Amulet Bundle

500x 6514.png

100190.pngEarth Amulet Bundle

500x 6515.png

100183.pngFlame Stone Bundle

500x 7521.png

100184.pngIce Stone Bundle

500x 7522.png

100185.pngWind Stone Bundle

500x 7523.png

100186.pngShadow Orb Bundle

500x 7524.png

101120.pngHaze of Icy Snow Box

500x 1000567.png

101121.pngHaze of Mother Earth Box

500x 1000568.png

101122.pngHaze of North Wind Box

500x 1000569.png

101119.pngHaze of Prominence Box

500x 1000566.png

101118.pngHaze of Pitch Dark Box

500x 1000565.png

12638.pngDried Squid Box

200x 13292.png

12639.pngFlying Fish Box

200x 13293.png

12640.pngStarfish Box

200x 13291.png

Dealer NPCs

Tool Dealer

Tool Dealer

12548.pngBuying Store License (Use this item to open up Buying Vends.)

501.pngRed Potion, 502.pngOrange Potion, 503.pngYellow Potion, 504.pngWhite Potion, 506.pngGreen Potion

11621.pngRed Syrup, 11622.pngYellow Syrup, 11623.pngWhite Syrup, 11624.pngBlue Syrup

11522.pngRed Raffle Sap, 11523.pngYellow Raffle Sap, 11524.pngWhite Raffle Sap

645.pngConcentration Potion, 656.pngAwakening Potion, 657.pngBerserk Potion

611.pngMagnifier, 602.pngButterfly Wing, 610.pngYggdrasil Leaf

2239.pngMonocle, 2243.pngGeek Glasses, 2241.pngGrampa Beard, 2201.pngSunglasses, 2212.pngEye Patch, 2242.pngPurple Glasses

Material Dealer

Material Dealer

713.pngEmpty Bottle, 717.pngBlue Gemstone, 1000275.pngBeaker, 7143.pngGlass Tube, 7141.pngMorning Dew of Yggdrasil, 1092.pngEmpty Test Tube

1093.pngEmpty Potion Bottle, 7140.pngSeed of Life, 6248.pngMelange Pot, 6250.pngCooking Skewer, 6251.pngBlack Charcoal, 6255.pngLarge Cookpot, 6261.pngFine Noodles, 6262.pngCool Gravy, 6297.pngThrowing Bottle, 6258.pngComodo Tropical Fruit, 11513.pngProtect Neck Candy, 6144.pngRegrettable Tears, 6360.pngScarlet Point, 6361.pngIndigo Point, 6362.pngYellow Wish Point, 6363.pngLime Green Point, 911.pngScell, 919.pngAnimal Skin, 925.pngBill of Birds, 721.pngEmerald, 723.pngRuby, 726.pngSapphire, 728.pngTopaz, 729.pngZircon, 730.png1carat Diamond, 2613.pngDiamond Ring, 734.pngRed Frame, 735.pngChung Jah, 736.pngChina, 737.pngBlack Ladle, 746.pngGlass Bead, 712.pngFlower, 744.pngBouquet, 748.pngWitherless Rose, 965.pngClam Shell, 964.pngCrab Shell, 910.pngGarlet, 912.pngZargon, 740.pngPuppet, 741.pngPoring Doll, 742.pngChonchon Doll, 747.pngCrystal Mirror, 1062.pngJack o' Pumpkin, 902.pngTree Root, 7106.pngAntelope Horn, 7154.pngPoisonous Powder, 1052.pngSingle Cell, 934.pngMemento, 950.pngHeart of Mermaid, 1044.pngZenorc's Fang, 704.pngAloe, 937.pngVenom Canine, 939.pngBee Sting, 952.pngCactus Needle, 7069.pngDestroyed Armor, 7099.pngWorn-out Magic Scroll, 7210.pngArmor Piece of Dullahan, 7097.pngBurning Heart, 7002.pngOgre Tooth, 1048.pngHorrendous Hair, 1034.pngBlue Hair, 7030.pngClaw of Desert Wolf, 1035.pngDragon Canine, 7221.pngTangled Chains, 7123.pngDragon Skin

Food Dealer

Food Dealer

512.pngApple, 513.pngBanana, 515.pngCarrot, 516.pngPotato, 519.pngMilk, 522.pngMastela Fruit, 535.pngPumpkin, 536.pngIce Cream, 517.pngMeat, 528.pngMonster's Feed, 537.pngPet Food, 11519.pngBeef Toast, 11515.pngCoconut, 11516.pngAsai Fruit, 581.pngEdible Mushroom, 12849.pngCombination Kit, 7482.pngPot, 580.pngBread, 577.pngBag of Grain, 7457.pngCooking Oil, 7454.pngSavory Sauce, 7455.pngSpicy Sauce, 7453.pngSweet Sauce, 7456.pngRed Spice, 7452.pngYellow Spice, 579.pngFresh Fish, 12125.pngOutdoor Cooking Kit, 12126.pngHome Cooking Kit, 12127.pngProfessional Cooking Kit, 7472.pngLevel 1 Cookbook, 7473.pngLevel 2 Cookbook, 7474.pngLevel 3 Cookbook7475.pngLevel 4 Cookbook, 7476.pngLevel 5 Cookbook

Supply Dealer

Supply Dealer

1750.pngArrow, 1751.pngSilver Arrow, 1752.pngFire Arrow, 1770.pngIron Arrow, 1773.pngElven Arrow, 1774.pngHunting Arrow, 7433.pngBlank Scroll, 18000.pngCannon Ball, 18001.pngHoly Cannon Ball, 18002.pngDark Cannon Ball, 18003.pngSoul Cannon Ball, 18004.pngIron Cannon Ball, 12392.pngRepair A, 12393.pngRepair B, 12394.pngRepair C, 6145.pngVulcan Bullet, 6146.pngMagic Gear Fuel, 6147.pngLiquid Condensed Bullet, 6123.pngSurface Paint, 6120.pngFace Paint, 1065.pngTrap, 7940.pngSpecial Alloy Trap, 13250.pngShuriken, 13251.pngNimbus Shuriken, 13252.pngFlash Shuriken, 13253.pngSharp Leaf Shuriken, 13254.pngThorn Needle Shuriken, 13294.pngExplosive Kunai, 6493.pngMakibishi, 7521.pngFlame Stone, 7522.pngIce Stone, 7523.pngWind Stone, 7524.pngShadow Orb, 6512.pngFire Amulet, 6513.pngIce Amulet, 6514.pngWind Amulet, 6515.pngEarth Amulet, 13200.pngBullet, 13221.pngSilver Bullet, 13222.pngBloody Shell, 25187.pngSlug Bullet, 7663.pngFull Metal Jacket, 7664.pngGrenade Launcher, 7665.pngDragon Tail Missile, 13215.pngArmor-Piercing Bullet, 13216.pngBlazing Bullet, 13217.pngFreezing Bullet, 13218.pngLightning Bullet, 13219.pngMagic Stone Bullet, 13220.pngPurifying Bullet, 13228.pngFlare Bullet, 13229.pngLightning Bullet, 13230.pngIce Bullet, 13231.pngPoison Bullet, 13232.pngBlind Bullet

Rune Merchant

Rune Merchant

12737.pngGeneral Rune = 1000z

12734.pngLuxurious Rune = 2500z

12738.pngRare Rune = 7500z

12735.pngAncient Rune = 18000z

12736.pngMystic Rune = 50000z

7939.pngElder Branch = 20000z

7938.pngLight Granule = 10000z

Point Merchant

Point Merchant

6360.pngScarlet Point 6363.pngLime Green Point 6361.pngIndigo Point 6362.pngYellow Wish Point = 200z

1000291.pngLightning Stone 1000292.pngEarth Stone 1000293.pngFlame Stone 1000294.pngPoison Stone 1000295.pngIce Stone = 1000z

994.pngFlame Heart 995.pngMystic Frozen 996.pngRough Wind 997.pngGreat Nature = 6000z



721.pngEmerald 723.pngRuby 726.pngSapphire 728.pngTopaz 729.pngZircon = 4500z

719.pngAmethyst 720.pngAquamarine 722.pngPearl = 6000z

1000321.pngAmber = 45000z

730.png1carat Diamond = 7500z

2613.pngDiamond Ring = 45000z

Zeny Item Lottery

Item Grab Machine

/navi vending1 107/114

Item Grab Machine
  • Spend 5m zeny to get one of items in the list below.


(Rate: 1000-3000)

22979.png[Sale Battle Manual and Bubble Gum] 14695.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 3 14681.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 2 14629.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 6116.pngSuccubus Pet Exchange Coupon

6118.pngChung E Exchange Coupon 6117.pngImp Pet Exchange Coupon 25041.pngSoul Plunger 43004.pngHairstyle Ticket III 6396.pngAuger Of Spirit 23150.pngLapine Big Box

12264.pngBubble Gum 12534.pngYggdrasil Seed Box 23282.pngBiscuit Stick (2) 12263.pngField Manual 23336.pngMysterious Medal Box 5x 6413.pngNew Insurance 3x 607.pngYggdrasil Berry 5x 12265.pngLife Insurrance

22999.pngEvent Transformation Pack 3x 969.pngGold 7444.pngTreasure Box 5x 732.png3carat Diamond


(Rate: 200-600)

15008.pngFlame Sprits Armor 5660.pngGryphon Hat [1] 5467.pngHelm Of Dragon [1] 18600.pngCat Ear Beret [1] 18601.pngRed Bread Hat [1] 18528.pngDrooping Neko Crew [1] 18574.pngLord of Death [1]

18563.pngHeart Wing Hairband [1] 18673.pngDrooping Pope [1] 5498.pngWandering Wolf Helm [1] 5658.pngImp Hat [1] 18821.pngRainbow Feather Deco [1] 2799.pngKuirpenring [1] 1670.pngRWC Memory Staff [1]

16026.pngRWC Memory Mace [1] 13092.pngRWC Memory Knife [1] 2874.pngBuffalo Horn [1] 2936.pngRecovery Ring [1] 28901.pngCursed Mad Bunny 5520.pngRabbit Earplugs [1] 5396.pngJasper Crest [1]

5573.pngDokebi Horn [1] 5006.pngMachoman's Glasses 5593.pngRabbit Bonnet [1] 5594.pngDonut In Mouth 5527.pngLunatic Hat 5502.pngNecromancer's Hood 5365.pngMagnolia Hat [1] 5572.pngSavage Babe Hat [1]

5556.pngSeal Hat 5511.pngSamambaia [1] 5859.pngGlory FB Hat [1] 5856.pngPassion FB Hat [1] 5857.pngCool FB Hat [1] 5858.pngVictory FB Hat [1] 5420.pngMask Of Ifrit [1] 5421.pngEars Of Ifrit 5671.pngDrooping Morocc Minion [1]

5579.pngWanderer's Sakkat [1] 5654.pngHoly Marching Hat [1] 18522.pngEvil Marcher Hat [1] 19511.pngHeart Eye Patch 1 19512.pngHeart Eye Patch 2 28902.pngMad Bunny [1] 19095.pngHappy Balloon

19097.pngPiamette Ribbon 19098.pngPiamette Hood [1] 19117.pngPoring Sunglasses 23073.pngAngel Poring Boots Box 6635.pngBlacksmith Blessing 616.pngOld Card Album 22653.pngWet Card Album 12698.pngWeapon Card Album

12695.pngAccessory Card Album 12694.pngShoes Card Album 12693.pngGarment Card Album 12692.pngShield Card Album 12691.pngArmor Card Album 12690.pngHeadgear Card Album


(Rate: 20 - 80)

12103.pngBloody Branch 19118.pngPoring Sunglasses [1] 23107.pngAmistr Box 19135.pngSpirit of Green Maiden 23135.pngPoring Capsule 23161.pngGunslinger Box 23168.pngMini Fan Box 19168.pngKafra Staff Headband [1]

5592.pngSigrun's Wings 23052.pngNew Hat Box 23206.pngNew Hat Box II 15278.pngSoaring Physical Armor [1] 15279.pngRobust Magical Armor [1] 15346.pngUnexpected Fortune Armor [1]

15347.pngStrong Healthy Armor [1] 15353.pngSplendid Swift Armor [1] 15354.pngExcellent Dexterous Armor [1] 23436.pngShadow Refine Hammer 19211.pngMagical Feather [1] 19240.pngToy Syringe

23309.pngMagical Booster Box 23310.pngCat Headdress Gift Basket 19243.pngBlue Rear Ribbon 19244.pngRosario Necklace 19300.pngDog Officer [1] 19308.pngAmistr Beret [1] 19296.pngClassical Feather Hat [1]

19249.pngSpell Circuit [1] 19263.pngGeneral's Helm [1] 19364.pngEngineer Cap [1] 23333.pngNew Hat Box III 23285.pngCandy Pouch Box(Physical) 23286.pngCandy Pouch Box(Ranged) 23287.pngCandy Pouch Box(Magic)
23538.pngCursed Knight's Shield Box 22171.pngAncient Hero Boots [1] 18164.pngRoyal Bow [2] 26118.pngShadow Staff [2] 1847.pngIron Nail [2] 2048.pngAeon Staff [2] 13485.pngRed Lotus Sword [2] 21038.pngOriental Sword [2]

18170.pngNarcissus Bow [2] 28744.pngMadogum [2] 28130.pngAvenger [2] 32018.pngAquatic Spear [2] 28630.pngExoricist's Bible [2] 28039.pngKatar of Shiver [2] 26154.pngSpirit Pendulum [2] 26155.pngMeowmeow Foxtail [2]

28631.pngThousand Sun [2]

Ultra Rare

(Rate: 1-10)

22829.pngSealed Card Album 23719.pngSealed Seal Card II 6239.png+11 Armor Refine Ticket 6238.png+11 Weapon Refine Ticket 6232.png+9 Armor Refine Ticket 6228.png+9 Weapon Refine Ticket

6233.png+8 Armor Refine Ticket 6229.png+8 Weapon Refine Ticket 6234.png+7 Armor Refine Ticket 6230.png+7 Weapon Refine Ticket 6456.png+5 Weapon Refine Ticket 6457.png+5 Armor Refine Ticket

12246.pngMystical Card Album 20737.pngCostume Kirin Wing 25375.pngPowerful Soul Essence