Vending Cellar

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Enter Vending Cellar by using @go 16 ingame.

Inside it, you can setup your Merchant Vendor to sell / buy items with others.

You can also buy from several NPC Merchants using zeny, such as supplies, combination scrolls, zeny coin exchange etc.

Vending Points

Vending Point Merchant

/navi vending1 97/112

Selling 40050.pngVending Bubble Gum for 24 Vending Points.

Selling 40051.pngVending Battle Manual for 12 Vending Points.

  1. Open up a vendor in Vending Cellar.
  2. Every 1 hour it will get 1 Vending Point.
  • Even Auto Trading will receive the Vending Point bonus.

Zeny Coin Exchange

Zeny Coin Exchange

/navi vending1 95/116

If you have too much zeny, you can convert your zeny into Zeny Coins.

There are 4 types of Zeny valued coins, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Combination Scrolls


/navi vending1 102/119

The NPC sells different Combination Scrolls for zeny.

Buy either fixed scroll for more zeny or you can buy a cheap 23817.pngMysterious Combination Scroll Bundle for 100,000 zeny, giving random scrolls.
Useful Combination Scrolls To get
101340.pngBlacksmith's Blessing Combination Scroll

2x 6635.pngBlacksmith Blessing

101341.pngHollgrehenn Combination Scroll

2x 23436.pngShadow Refine Hammer

101342.pngPowerful Soul Essence Combination Scroll

1x 25375.pngPowerful Soul Essence

101343.pngPowerful Dimension Essence Combination Scroll

1x 7925.pngPowerful Dimensional Essence

101344.pngEnchantment Ticket Combination Scroll

2x 1000874.pngEnchant Ticket

Equipment combination scrolls To get Shadow combination scrolls Materials / Fee
23818.pngGiant Orc Helm Combination SynthesisBox

5375.pngOrc Hero Headdress [1]

23827.pngStatus Shadow SynthesisBox

23819.pngCrimson Rose SynthesisBox

5548.pngScarlet Rose

23828.pngElegant Shadow SynthesisBox

23820.pngGrand Peco Hairband SynthesisBox

5476.pngGrand Peco Hairband

23829.pngTension Shadow SynthesisBox

23821.pngMoonflower Hair Hat SynthesisBox

5214.pngMoonlight Flower Hat

23830.pngRestore Shadow SynthesisBox

23822.pngWings of 8 Purgatories SynthesisBox

5936.png8Way Wings of Purgatory

23831.pngHealing Shadow SynthesisBox

23823.pngTare Neko Cru SynthesisBox

18528.pngDrooping Neko Crew [1]

23854.pngClass Shadow SynthesisBox

23824.pngGlory Soccer Ball Hat SynthesisBox

5859.pngGlory FB Hat [1]

23855.pngSpell Shadow SynthesisBox

23825.pngWicket marching Hat SynthesisBox

18522.pngEvil Marcher Hat [1]

23856.pngSize Shadow SynthesisBox

23826.pngWandering Wolf Hat SynthesisBox

5498.pngWandering Wolf Helm [1]

23857.pngRace Shadow SynthesisBox

23832.pngAmistr Cap SynthesisBox

5766.pngAmistr Cap [1]

23858.pngStability Shadow SynthesisBox

23833.pngTiger King Doll Hat SynthesisBox

5497.pngKing Tiger Doll Hat [1]

23859.pngSpecial Shadow SynthesisBox

23834.pngBacsojin Doll SynthesisBox

5464.pngZaha Doll Hat [1]

23860.pngPhysical Shadow SynthesisBox

23835.pngCandy Pouch Bag SynthesisBox

20842.pngCandy Pouch Bag (Physical) [1]

20843.pngCandy Pouch Bag (Range) [1]

20844.pngCandy Pouch Bag (Magic) [1]

23861.pngMagical Shadow SynthesisBox

23836.pngGold Fish Head Hat SynthesisBox

19264.pngGold Fish Head Hat [1]

23862.pngEXP Shadow SynthesisBox

23837.pngSurvival SynthesisBox

19267.pngSurvivor's Orb

19266.pngSurvivor's Circlet [1]

23871.pngGemstone Shadow SynthesisBox

23838.pngToy Sringe SynthesisBox

19240.pngToy Syringe

23872.pngBearers Shadow SynthesisBox

23839.pngIndigor Rear Ribbon SynthesisBox

19243.pngBlue Rear Ribbon

23873.pngHasty Shadow SynthesisBox

23840.pngMagical Booster SynthesisBox

19241.pngMagical Booster [1]

23874.pngCritical Shadow SynthesisBox

23841.pngRosario's Necklace SynthesisBox

19244.pngRosario Necklace

23875.pngMortal Blow Shadow SynthesisBox

23842.pngSpirit Crown SynthesisBox

19177.pngElemental Crown

23888.pngPenetration Shadow SynthesisBox

23843.pngGuard's Cap SynthesisBox

18878.pngPalace Guard Cap [1]

23889.pngTempest Shadow SynthesisBox

23844.pngBandit's Hood SynthesisBox

5944.pngThief Bandana [1]

23890.pngBlitz Shadow SynthesisBox

23845.pngAngel's Blessing SynthesisBox

19031.pngFallen Angel Blessing

23891.pngReload Shadow SynthesisBox

23846.pngRabbit Magic Hat SynthesisBox

19179.pngMagic Rabit Hat [1]

23892.pngForce and Spirit Shadow SynthesisBox

23847.pngAnubis Helm SynthesisBox

19180.pngAnubis Helm [1]

23893.pngInfinity Shadow SynthesisBox

23848.pngImp Hat SynthesisBox

5658.pngImp Hat [1]

100151.pngSkill Shadow Weapon Combination Scroll

23849.pngRed Marching Hat SynthesisBox

5654.pngHoly Marching Hat [1]

100209.pngSkill Shadow Shield Recipe

23850.pngIfrit Mask SynthesisBox

5420.pngMask Of Ifrit [1]

100210.pngSkill Shadow Pendant Recipe

23851.pngIncarnation Of Morocc Doll SynthesisBox

5671.pngDrooping Morocc Minion [1]

100211.pngSkill Shadow Earring Recipe

23852.pngSamambaia SynthesisBox

5511.pngSamambaia [1]

100212.png Skill Shadow Shoes Recipe

23853.pngChick Hat SynthesisBox

19129.pngChick Hat [1]

100213.pngSkill Shadow Armor Recipe

23863.pngMad Bunny SynthesisBox

28901.pngCursed Mad Bunny

28902.pngMad Bunny [1]

23864.pngArchangel's Wings SynthesisBox

2573.pngArchangel Wings [1]

23865.pngSmokie's Transformation Leaf SynthesisBox

19265.pngSmokie Transformation Leaf [1]

23866.pngIfrit's Ear SynthesisBox

19128.pngEars Of Ifrit [1]

23867.pngHeartwing Band SynthesisBox

18563.pngHeart Wing Hairband [1]

23868.pngSigrun's Wings SynthesisBox

5592.pngSigrun's Wings

23869.pngCat Headdress SynthesisBox

19242.pngCostume Neko Headress [1]

23870.pngNoble Mask SynthesisBox

5985.pngNoble Mask

23876.pngFallen Angel Wings SynthesisBox

2589.pngFallen Angel Wing [1]

23877.pngAdventurer's Backpack SynthesisBox

2576.pngAdventurer's Backpack [1]

23879.pngSpell Circuit SynthesisBox

19249.pngSpell Circuit [1]

23880.pngNew Wave Sunglasses SynthesisBox

18813.pngNew Wave Sunglasses

23881.pngGiant Snake Breath SynthesisBox

19268.pngGigant Snake's Breath

23882.pngJudge Hat SynthesisBox

18572.pngKorean Judge Hat [1]

23883.pngDog Officer SynthesisBox

19300.pngDog Officer [1]

23884.pngFancy Feather Hat SynthesisBox

19296.pngClassical Feather Hat [1]

23885.pngAmistr Beret SynthesisBox

19308.pngAmistr Beret [1]

23886.pngGeneral Helm SynthesisBox

19263.pngGeneral's Helm [1]

23887.pngCursed Knight's Shield SynthesisBox

28942.pngCursed Knight's Shield

23894.pngWickebine's Black Cat's Ear SynthesisBox

19134.pngWickebine's Black Cat Ears [1]

101345.pngBeast's Leather Shoes Combination Scroll

470122.pngBeast's Leather Shoes [1]

101346.pngPirate Captain's Coat Combination Scroll

480174.pngPirate Captain's Coat [1]

101347.pngPhreeoni Wing Suit Combination Scroll

450217.pngPhreeoni Wing Suit [1]

102295.pngBoitata Hat Recipe

400109.pngBoitata Hat [1]

102308.pngBeelzebub's Crown Combination Scroll

400110.pngCrown of Beelzebub [1]

102310.pngVesper Headgear Combination Scroll

400111.pngVesper Headgear [1]

102311.pngGroan of Corruption Recipe

470204.pngMoan of Corruption [1]

Battle Store

Battle Store NPC sells items for 43068.pngBattle Badge, you get the badges from Battlegrounds.

/navi vending1 93/113

Special Items Bravery Weapons Valor Weapons Common Armory
12269.pngTasty Pink Ration
12270.pngTasty White Ration 2
12271.pngMilitary Ration A 2
12272.pngMilitary Ration B 2
12273.pngMilitary Ration C 2
6488.pngThanks Invest Ticket 1
44128.pngFatigue Reduction Potion 10
41180.pngAP Recovery Potion 10
44209.pngGuild Dungeon Invitation 100

The following weapons costs 200 each.

13036.pngBrave Assassin's Damascus, 13411.pngBrave Gladiator Blade, 1183.pngBrave Assaulter's Katzbalger, 1425.pngAssaulter Spear, 1632.pngWarlock's Magic Wand, 1634.pngStrong Recovery Wand, 1543.pngBrave Battlefield Morning Star, 1380.pngBrave Insane Battle Axe, 13305.pngBrave Huuma Front Shuriken, 1739.pngBrave Battle CrossBow, 1279.pngBrave Carnage Katar, 1924.pngBrave Battlefield Guitar, 1978.pngBrave Battle Lariat, 1574.pngBrave Battle Strategy Book, 1824.pngBrave Battle Fist, 13108.pngSoldier Revolver, 13172.pngSoldier Gatling Gun

The following weapons costs 200 each.

13037.pngValorous Assassin's Damascus, 13410.pngValorous Gladiator Blade, 1184.pngValorous Assaulter's Katzbalger, 1482.pngAssaulter Lance, 1633.pngWarlock's Battle Wand, 1635.pngSpeedy Recovery Wand, 1542.pngValorous Battlefield Morning Star, 1379.pngValorous Insane Battle Axe, 13306.pngValorous Huuma Front Shuriken, 1738.pngValorous Battle CrossBow, 1280.pngValorous Carnage Katar, 1923.pngValorous Battlefield Guitar, 1977.pngValorous Battle Lariat, 1575.pngValorous Battle Strategy Book, 1823.pngValorous Battle Fist, 13171.pngSoldier Rifle, 13173.pngSoldier Shotgun, 13174.pngSoldier Grenade Launcher

The following items costs 100 each.

2538.pngCaptain's Manteau [1], 2539.pngCommander's Manteau [1], 2540.pngSheriff's Manteau [1], 2435.pngBattle Greaves [1], 2436.pngCombat Boots [1], 2437.pngBattle Boots [1] The following weapons costs 160 each.

2376.pngAssaulter Plate [1], 2377.pngElite Engineer Armor [1], 2378.pngAssassin Robe [1], 2379.pngWarlock's Battle Robe [1], 2380.pngMedic's Robe [1], 2381.pngElite Archer Suit [1], 2382.pngElite Shooter Suit [1] The following weapons costs 1000 each. 2733.pngSheriff Badge, 2720.pngMedal of Honor, 2720.pngMedal of Honor, 2721.pngMedal of Honor, 2722.pngMedal of Honor, 2723.pngMedal of Honor, 2724.pngMedal of Honor, 2725.pngMedal of Honor

Glorious Weapons Glorious Armory Vellum Weapons Siege Armory

The following weapons costs 3000 each.

13042.pngGlorious Gladius, 13416.pngGlorious Flamberge, 13417.pngGlorious Rapier, 13418.pngGlorious Holy Avenger, 1187.pngGlorious Claymore, 1426.pngGlorious Spear, 1486.pngGlorious Lance, 2002.pngGlorious Destruction Staff, 1640.pngGlorious Arc Wand, 1641.pngGlorious Cure Wand, 1546.pngGlorious Morning Star, 1310.pngGlorious Cleaver, 1382.pngGlorious Two-Handed Axe, 13307.pngGlorious Shuriken, 1743.pngGlorious Hunter Bow, 1281.pngGlorious Bloody Roar, 1282.pngGlorious Jamadhar, 1927.pngGlorious Guitar, 1981.pngGlorious Lariat, 1576.pngGlorious Tablet, 1577.pngGlorious Apocalypse, 1826.pngGlorious Claw, 1827.pngGlorious Fist, 13110.pngGlorious Pistol, 13176.pngGlorious Rifle, 13177.pngGlorious Gatling Gun, 13178.pngGlorious Shotgun, 13179.pngGlorious Grenade Launcher

The following items costs between 30 ~ 2400.

2396.pngGlorious Mass-Production Suit, 2446.pngGlorious Mass-Production Shoes, 2774.pngGlorious Popularized Ring, 2395.pngGlorious Popularized Suit, 2445.pngGlorious Popularized Shoes, 2773.pngGlorious Mass-Production Ring, 2394.pngGlorious Suit, 2549.pngGlorious Muffler, 2444.pngGlorious Shoes, 2772.pngGlorious Ring

The following weapons costs 1000 each.

18113.pngVellum Arbalest, 2016.pngVellum Arc Wand, 1586.pngVellum Bible, 1395.pngVellum Buster, 1832.pngVellum Claw, 21001.pngVellum Claymore, 18114.pngVellum CrossBow, 13072.pngVellum Damascus, 1587.pngVellum Great Encyclopedia, 16021.pngVellum Flail, 1492.pngVellum Glaive, 1396.pngVellum Guillotine, 1293.pngVellum Jamadhar, 21002.pngVellum Katzbalger, 1294.pngVellum Scale, 1436.pngVellum Spear, 16020.pngVellum Stunner

The following items costs 3000 each.

2483.pngSiege Greaves [1]

2484.pngSiege Boots [1]

2485.pngSiege Shoes [1]

2586.pngSiege Manteau [1]

2587.pngSiege Muffler [1]

15046.pngSiege Plate [1]
15047.pngSiege Suit [1]

15048.pngSiege Robe [1]

Supplier NPCs

Dus the Smith

/navi vending1 97/119

984.pngOridecon 80000z 612.pngMini Furnace 150z 100381.png+9 Lv3 Weapon Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer 1000000z 6229.png+8 Weapon Refine Ticket 2x +7 Tickets
985.pngElunium 80000z 613.pngIron Hammer 1000z 100382.png+10 Lv3 Weapon Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer 1000000z 6233.png+8 Armor Refine Ticket 2x +7 Tickets
998.pngIron 2000z 614.pngGolden Hammer 3000z 100383.png+11 Lv3 Weapon Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer 1000000z 6228.png+9 Weapon Refine Ticket 2x +8 Tickets
1003.pngCoal 2000z 615.pngOridecon Hammer 5000z 100384.png+12 Lv3 Weapon Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer 1000000z 6232.png+9 Armor Refine Ticket 2x +8 Tickets
1002.pngIron Ore 3000z 988.pngGolden Anvil 350000z 100385.png+9 Lv4 Weapon Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer 1000000z 6993.png+10 Weapon Refine Ticket 2x +9 Tickets
999.pngSteel 3000z 989.pngEmperium Anvil 700000z 100386.png+10 Lv4 Weapon Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer 1000000z 6994.png+10 Armor Refine Ticket 2x +9 Tickets
969.pngGold 250000z 6635.pngBlacksmith Blessing 20000000z 100387.png+11 Lv4 Weapon Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer 1000000z 6238.png+11 Weapon Refine Ticket 2x +10 Tickets
25728.pngRough Shadowdecon 20000z 990.pngRed Blood 10000z 100387.png+9 Lv1 Armor Refine Permission Exchange Hammer 1000000z 6239.png+11 Armor Refine Ticket 2x +10 Tickets
25730.pngRough Zelunium 25000z 991.pngCrystal Blue 10000z 100387.png+10 Lv1 Armor Refine Permission Exchange Hammer 1000000z 6584.png+12 Weapon Refine Ticket 2x +11 Tickets
992.pngWind of Verdure 10000z 100387.png+11 Lv1 Armor Refine Permission Exchange Hammer 1000000z 6585.png+12 Armor Refine Ticket 2x +11 Tickets
993.pngGreen Live 10000z 100387.png+12 Lv1 Armor Refine Permission Exchange Hammer 1000000z Up to Refine Ticket +15 2x Tickets
Up to Refine Ticket Armor 2 / Weapon 5 +16 2x Tickets


/navi vending1 96/103

Magician Steven

/navi vending1 104/103

971.pngDetrimindexta 20000z
972.pngKarvodailnirol 20000z
970.pngAlcohol 30000z
7136.pngAcid Bottle 20000z
7135.pngBottle Grenade 20000z
1061.pngWitched Starsand 10000z
905.pngStem 2000z
1059.pngFabric 2000z
7033.pngPoison Spore 2000z
929.pngImmortal Heart 8000z
1000.pngStar Crumb 20000z
921.pngMushroom Spore 1000z
507.pngRed Herb 400z
508.pngYellow Herb 1000z
509.pngWhite Herb 2000z
510.pngBlue Herb 7000z
511.pngGreen Herb 400z
576.pngPrickly Fruit 4000z
1033.pngManeater Root 2000z
1032.pngManeater Blossom 20000z
6244.pngGun Powder 3000z
1051.pngDetonator 2000z
6217.pngMandragora Flowerpot 30000z
7476.pngLevel 5 Cookbook 100000z
7477.pngLevel 6 Cookbook 160000z
7478.pngLevel 7 Cookbook 240000z
7479.pngLevel 8 Cookbook 380000z
100075.pngLv5 Assorted Cuisine 250000z
100076.pngLv6 Assorted Cuisine 380000z
100077.pngLv7 Assorted Cuisine 420000z
100078.pngLv8 Assorted Cuisine 560000z
12118.pngFireproof Potion 100000z
12119.pngColdproof Potion 60000z
12121.pngThunderproof Potion 60000z
12120.pngEarthproof Potion 60000z
12114.pngElemental Converter 160000z
12115.pngElemental Converter 160000z
12116.pngElemental Converter 160000z
12117.pngElemental Converter 160000z

7434.pngElemental Potion Creation Guide

6279.pngApple Bomb Guidebook

6280.pngPineapple Bomb Guidebook

6281.pngCoconut Fruit Bomb Guidebook

6282.pngMelon Bomb Guidebook

6283.pngBanana Bomb Guidebook

6284.pngHow To Grow Plant Genes
6285.pngManual: How To Make High Quality Potion

11022.pngMix Cook Book

11023.pngIncrease Stamina Study

11024.pngVital Drink CB 7129.pngAcid Bottle Creation Guide 7127.pngAlcohol Creation Guide 7128.pngBottle Grenade Creation Guide 7133.pngCondensed Potion Creation Guide 7434.pngElemental Potion Creation Guide 7132.pngGlistening Coat Creation Guide 7130.pngPlant Bottle Creation Guide 7144.pngPotion Creation Guide


678.pngPoison Bottle 200000z
12016.pngSpeed Potion 50000z
505.pngBlue Potion 11000z
12679.pngSiege White Potion Box 130000z
12676.pngSiege Violet Potion Box 50000z
12680.pngSiege Blue Potion Box 80000z
100065.pngSpell Book (Storm Gust) 100000z
100066.pngSpell Book (Lord of Vermilion) 100000z
100067.pngSpell Book (Meteor Storm) 100000z
100068.pngSpell Book (Drain Life) 500000z
100069.pngSpell Book (Jack Frost) 500000z
100070.pngSpell Book (Earth Strain) 500000z
100071.pngSpell Book (Crimson Rock) 500000z
100072.pngSpell Book (Chain Lightning) 500000z
100073.pngSpell Book (Comet) 1000000z
100074.pngSpell Book (Tetra Vortex) 1000000z
14512.pngMeteor Storm Scroll 100,000z
14513.pngStorm Gust Scroll 100,000z
14514.pngLord of Vermilion Scroll 100,000z
23194.pngLevel 5 Sienna Execrate 300,000z
23193.pngLevel 5 Crimson Rock 300,000z
23191.pngLevel 5 Varetyr Spear 300,000z
23192.pngLevel 5 Diamond Dust 300,000z

Dealer NPCs

Tool Dealer

12548.pngShabby Purchase Street Stall License, 501.pngRed Potion, 502.pngOrange Potion, 503.pngYellow Potion, 504.pngWhite Potion, 506.pngGreen Potion, 11621.pngRed Syrup, 11622.pngYellow Syrup, 11623.pngWhite Syrup, 11624.pngBlue Syrup, 11522.pngRed Raffle Sap, 11523.pngYellow Raffle Sap, 11524.pngWhite Raffle Sap, 645.pngConcentration Potion, 656.pngAwakening Potion, 657.pngBerserk Potion, 611.pngMagnifier, 601.pngFly Wing, 602.pngButterfly Wing, 23280.pngNovice Fly Wing, 23288.pngCompressed Fly Wing, 610.pngYggdrasil Leaf, 2239.pngMonocle, 2243.pngGeek Glasses, 2241.pngGrampa Beard, 2201.pngSunglasses, 2212.pngEye Patch, 2242.pngPurple Glasses
Material Dealer

713.pngEmpty Bottle, 717.pngBlue Gemstone, 1000275.pngBeaker, 7143.pngGlass Tube, 7141.pngMorning Dew of Yggdrasil, 1092.pngEmpty Test Tube, 1093.pngEmpty Potion Bottle, 7140.pngSeed of Life, 6248.pngMelange Pot, 6250.pngCooking Skewer, 6251.pngBlack Charcoal, 6255.pngLarge Cookpot, 6261.pngFine Noodles, 6262.pngCool Gravy, 6297.pngThrowing Bottle, 6258.pngComodo Tropical Fruit, 11513.pngProtect Neck Candy, 6144.pngRegrettable Tears, 6360.pngScarlet Point, 6361.pngIndigo Point, 6362.pngYellow Wish Point, 6363.pngLime Green Point, 911.pngScell, 919.pngAnimal Skin, 925.pngBill of Birds, 721.pngEmerald, 723.pngRuby, 726.pngSapphire, 728.pngTopaz, 729.pngZircon, 730.png1carat Diamond, 2613.pngDiamond Ring, 734.pngRed Frame, 735.pngChung Jah, 736.pngChina, 737.pngBlack Ladle, 746.pngGlass Bead, 712.pngFlower, 744.pngBouquet, 748.pngWitherless Rose, 965.pngClam Shell, 964.pngCrab Shell, 910.pngGarlet, 912.pngZargon, 740.pngPuppet, 741.pngPoring Doll, 742.pngChonchon Doll, 747.pngCrystal Mirror, 1062.pngJack o' Pumpkin, 902.pngTree Root, 7106.pngAntelope Horn, 7154.pngPoisonous Powder, 1052.pngSingle Cell, 934.pngMemento, 950.pngHeart of Mermaid, 1044.pngZenorc's Fang, 704.pngAloe, 937.pngVenom Canine, 939.pngBee Sting, 952.pngCactus Needle, 7069.pngDestroyed Armor, 7099.pngWorn-out Magic Scroll, 7210.pngArmor Piece of Dullahan, 7097.pngBurning Heart, 7002.pngOgre Tooth, 1048.pngHorrendous Hair, 1034.pngBlue Hair, 7030.pngClaw of Desert Wolf, 1035.pngDragon Canine, 7221.pngTangled Chains, 7123.pngDragon Skin

Food Dealer

512.pngApple, 513.pngBanana, 515.pngCarrot, 516.pngPotato, 519.pngMilk, 522.pngMastela Fruit, 535.pngPumpkin, 536.pngIce Cream, 517.pngMeat, 528.pngMonster's Feed, 537.pngPet Food, 11519.pngBeef Toast, 11515.pngCoconut, 11516.pngAsai Fruit, 581.pngEdible Mushroom, 12849.pngCombination Kit, 7482.pngPot, 580.pngBread, 577.pngBag of Grain, 7457.pngCooking Oil, 7454.pngSavory Sauce, 7455.pngSpicy Sauce, 7453.pngSweet Sauce, 7456.pngRed Spice, 7452.pngYellow Spice, 579.pngFresh Fish, 12125.pngOutdoor Cooking Kit, 12126.pngHome Cooking Kit, 12127.pngProfessional Cooking Kit, 7472.pngLevel 1 Cookbook, 7473.pngLevel 2 Cookbook, 7474.pngLevel 3 Cookbook7475.pngLevel 4 Cookbook, 7476.pngLevel 5 Cookbook

Supply Dealer

1750.pngArrow, 1751.pngSilver Arrow, 1752.pngFire Arrow, 1770.pngIron Arrow, 1773.pngElven Arrow, 1774.pngHunting Arrow, 7433.pngBlank Scroll, 18000.pngCannon Ball, 18001.pngHoly Cannon Ball, 18002.pngDark Cannon Ball, 18003.pngSoul Cannon Ball, 18004.pngIron Cannon Ball, 12392.pngRepair A, 12393.pngRepair B, 12394.pngRepair C, 6145.pngVulcan Bullet, 6146.pngMagic Gear Fuel, 6147.pngLiquid Condensed Bullet, 6123.pngSurface Paint, 6120.pngFace Paint, 1065.pngTrap, 7940.pngSpecial Alloy Trap, 13250.pngShuriken, 13251.pngNimbus Shuriken, 13252.pngFlash Shuriken, 13253.pngSharp Leaf Shuriken, 13254.pngThorn Needle Shuriken, 13294.pngExplosive Kunai, 6493.pngMakibishi, 7521.pngFlame Stone, 7522.pngIce Stone, 7523.pngWind Stone, 7524.pngShadow Orb, 6512.pngFire Amulet, 6513.pngIce Amulet, 6514.pngWind Amulet, 6515.pngEarth Amulet, 13200.pngBullet, 13221.pngSilver Bullet, 13222.pngBloody Shell, 25187.pngSlug Bullet, 7663.pngFull Metal Jacket, 7664.pngGrenade Launcher, 7665.pngDragon Tail Missile, 13215.pngArmor-Piercing Bullet, 13216.pngBlazing Bullet, 13217.pngFreezing Bullet, 13218.pngLightning Bullet, 13219.pngMagic Stone Bullet, 13220.pngPurifying Bullet, 13228.pngFlare Bullet, 13229.pngLightning Bullet, 13230.pngIce Bullet, 13231.pngPoison Bullet, 13232.pngBlind Bullet

Poison Herb Merchant 7932.pngPoison Herb Nerium 7933.pngPoison Herb Rantana 7934.pngPoison Herb Makulata 7935.pngPoison Herb Seratum 7936.pngPoison Herb Scoporia 7937.pngPoison Herb Amoena 7931.pngPoison Kit
Rare Herb Collector 709.pngIzidor
Rune Merchant 12737.pngGeneral Rune 12734.pngLuxurious Rune 12738.pngRare Rune 12735.pngAncient Rune 12736.pngMystic Rune 7939.pngElder Branch 7938.pngLight Granule
Point Merchant 6360.pngScarlet Point 6363.pngLime Green Point 6361.pngIndigo Point 6362.pngYellow Wish Point 1000291.pngWind Stone 4th 1000292.pngEarth Stone 4th 1000293.pngFlame Stone 4th 1000294.pngPoison Stone 4th 1000295.pngIce Stone 4th 994.pngFlame Heart 995.pngMystic Frozen 996.pngRough Wind 997.pngGreat Nature
Jeweler 728.pngTopaz 729.pngZircon 719.pngAmethyst 720.pngAquamarine 722.pngPearl 1000321.pngAmber 730.png1carat Diamond 2613.pngDiamond Ring

Item Grab Machine

Pay 5,000,000 zeny to the machine and get 1 random item from the list below.

/navi vending1 107/114

Ultra Rare Rare Uncommon Common