Starry Island

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Exclusive place to obtain most rare costumes, weapons, equipment. It comes with great challenge!

 On the island you can find access to Fishing, Mining, also entrance to Deep Mines / Stardew Mines, Earl Mansion, Gelnia, Hellish Maze and Wilderness.

Explorer Cacia

/navi prontera 142/170

NPC will take you to Starry Island, if you are level 100+!


Access Quest Tutorial

  1. Talk to Jango. /navi pud_land 110/72
  2. Talk to Fishercat. /navi pud_land 71/135
  3. Talk to Fishing Shop. /navi pud_land 74/130
  4. Buy a 44000.pngBasic Fishing Rod from Fishing Shop.
  5. Talk to Fishercat. (Daily quest unlocked.)
  6. Talk to Fisher Master. /navi pud_land 68/132
  7. Bring him 1 of all 18 fishes to access the shop to buy 44005.pngSiroods Magical Fishing Rod.

Fishing everyday for Silvervine Cat Fruits!

Fishing Tool Shops

Fishing Shop

/navi pud_land 74/130



Deluxe Fishing Shop

/navi pud_land 76/136



44000.pngBasic Fishing Rod 10000 44003.pngSilver Fishing Rod 55000
44001.pngIron Fishing Rod 25000 44004.pngGolden Fishing Rod 80000
44002.pngBamboo Fishing Rod 35000 44009.pngSilver Fish Lure 8000
44006.pngTiny Stick 1000 44010.pngRainbow Fish Lure 15000
44007.pngDecorated Worm 2000

44008.pngFeather Lure 5000

44059.pngFishing Spot Detector 20000

44056.pngCommon Empty Fish Crate 10000

44057.pngSteel Empty Fish Crate 50000

44058.pngSpecial Empty Fish Crate 100000

Daily Quest and Turn-in Rewards

Daily Quest from Fishercat

44056.pngCommon Empty Fish Crate

44057.pngSteel Empty Fish Crate

44058.pngSpecial Empty Fish Crate

Turn in Toy fishes requested by him to receive reward, you can find toy fishing spots around the Island. Turn in 10 of specified fishes into the crate to receive reward. See description of item for details. Turn in 6 of specified fishes into the crate to receive reward. See description of item for details. Turn in 3 of specified fishes into the crate to receive reward. See description of item for details.

Possible Rewards

10x 12636.pngMalangdo Canned Specialties

3x 12633.pngMalangdo Cat Can

3x 6417.pngSilvervine Fruit

3x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit

Possible Rewards

20x 12636.pngMalangdo Canned Specialties

2x 12633.pngMalangdo Cat Can

3x 6417.pngSilvervine Fruit

1x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit

Possible Rewards

30x 12636.pngMalangdo Canned Specialties

2x 12633.pngMalangdo Cat Can

5x 6417.pngSilvervine Fruit

3x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit

Possible Rewards

50x 12636.pngMalangdo Canned Specialties

5x 12633.pngMalangdo Cat Can

7x 6417.pngSilvervine Fruit

5x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit

Fishing Spots

Beginner Fish Common Fish Quality Fish Special Fish
  • Easy to catch toy fish, respawns every 20s.
  • Baits: Any
  • Success catch gives 1 Point.
  • Found in Starry Island used for daily quest.
*Fish spot has 40s respawn time.
  • Fish spot has 60s respawn time.
  • Baits: 44008.pngFeather Lure, 44009.pngSilver Fish Lure
  • Success catch gives 15 Points.
  • Some fish has 5% chance to spawn Special Fish.
  • 44011.pngToy Catfish
  • 44021.pngToy Cod
  • 44024.pngToy Mackerel
  • 44031.pngToy Yellowtail
*44049.pngGrass Carp = Prontera


Access Quest Tutorial

  1. Talk to Martin the Miner. /navi pud_land 115/159
  2. Bring him 5009.pngSafety Helmet, you can either buy from him for 5m or farm one from monster.
  3. You unlocked Jessie the Supplier shop, access to make Pickaxes.
  4. Equip 44106.pngRusty Pickaxe or a better pickaxe and equip  5009.pngSafety Helmet.
  5. Goto Yuno field to mine from Silver Deposits, obtain a 1x 7232.pngSilver Ore and give it to Martin.
  6. Bring him another 10x 7232.pngSilver Ore for rewards + daily quest.


Mining Guide

  1. Equip a Pickaxe, it takes an accessory slot.
  2. Equip either a 5009.pngSafety Helmet or 940094.png(C) Safety Helmet
  3. Try to get to max ASPD build, since the faster it is the faster you mine.
  4. Find a mine and start mining!


  • Every time you hit a mine deposit, you receive +1 Fatigue.
  • Reaching 10,000 Fatigue will stop you from mining.
  • To reduce Fatigue, you need to consume 44128.pngFatigue Reduction Potion or sleep in Your Home Comfy Bed

There are 2 shops related to Mining.

Jessie the Supplier, she offers exchange for pickaxes.

Fairy Shop, can be found inside Deep Mines by low chance.

Mining Shops

Jessie the Supplier

/navi pud_land 116/163



Fairy Shop

Low chance to trigger in Deep Mines



44100.pngIron Pickaxe 5x 1002.pngIron Ore

44103.pngSilver Pickaxe


44101.pngSteel Pickaxe 5x 999.pngSteel

44104.pngGold Pickaxe


44102.pngBronze Pickaxe

10x 1011.pngEmveretarcon

44105.pngRune Magic Pickaxe


44103.pngSilver Pickaxe 10x 7232.pngSilver Ore 44107.pngMining Spot Mapping 5000
44104.pngGold Pickaxe 10x 7231.pngGold Ore 940094.png(C) Safety Helmet 20000000
44105.pngRune Magic Pickaxe 15x 7233.pngMithril Ore

44128.pngFatigue Reduction Potion 20x 44120.pngCrystal Liquid

Deposit Locations

Deposit Info Minimum Requirement Available Ores

Coal Deposit

Coal Deposit

Geffen Field 1-8

44100.pngIron Pickaxe



Copper Deposit

Copper Deposit

Prontera Field 1-8

44100.pngIron Pickaxe



Iron Deposit

Iron Deposit

Payon Field 1-8

44101.pngSteel Pickaxe


1002.pngIron Ore

Silver Deposit

Silver Deposit

Yuno Field 1-5

44102.pngBronze Pickaxe


7232.pngSilver Ore

Gold Deposit

Gold Deposit

Einbech Field 1-5

44103.pngSilver Pickaxe 7049.pngStone

7231.pngGold Ore

Elunium Deposit

Elunium Deposit

Rachel Field 1-5

44103.pngSilver Pickaxe 7049.pngStone

757.pngRough Elunium

Oridecon Deposit

Oridecon Deposit

Veins Field 1-4

44103.pngSilver Pickaxe 7049.pngStone

756.pngRough Oridecon

Carnium Deposit

Carnium Deposit

Spledide Field 1-3

44104.pngGold Pickaxe 7049.pngStone


7233.pngMithril Ore

Bradium Deposit

Bradium Deposit

Manuk Field 1-3

44104.pngGold Pickaxe 7049.pngStone


7233.pngMithril Ore

Small Alunite CrystalSmall Alunite Crystal (Deep Mines F1)

Medium Alunite CrystalMedium Alunite Crystal (Deep Mines F2)

Large Alunite CrystalLarge Alunite Crystal (Deep Mines F3)

44103.pngSilver Pickaxe 44120.pngCrystal Liquid

44117.pngAlunite Fragment


Small Selenite CrystalSmall Selenite Crystal (Deep Mines F4)

Medium Selenite CrystalMedium Selenite Crystal (Deep Mines F5)

Large Selenite CrystalLarge Selenite Crystal (Deep Mines F6)

44104.pngGold Pickaxe

44120.pngCrystal Liquid

44118.pngSelenite Crystal 25399.pngGelstar

Small Calcite CrystalSmall Calcite Crystal (Deep Mines F7)

Medium Calcite CrystalMedium Calcite Crystal (Deep Mines F8)

Large Calcite CrystalLarge Calcite Crystal (Deep Mines F9)

44105.pngRune Magic Pickaxe

44120.pngCrystal Liquid

44119.pngCalcite Energy 25399.pngGelstar

Deep Mines

Tuff the Miner

/navi pud_land 119/166

Talk to NPC to unlock access, he also gives you daily quest to hunt monsters inside Deep Mines.

Rewards: 25399.pngGelstar

Monsters inside Deep Mines can drop 25399.pngGelstar.

Deep Mines Elevator

/navi pud_land 119/170

Enter Floor 1 of Deep Mines. Fee: 100,000 zeny

To dig deeper into the mines, you need to be lucky enough to trigger Warp, every time you break a deposit.

Be aware of monsters on each floor!

Monster Name (ID) Spawn Floor Unique Drops
Earth Seed (24009) 1, 3, 7, 10

44108.pngSeed Teardrop

Burning Obsidian (24010) 2, 8, 10

44109.pngSolid Magma

Core Spider (24011) 2, 8, 10

44110.pngSpider Eye

Toxic Gnome (24060) 3, 9, 10

44114.pngHeated Earring

Lamp Ghost (24063) 3, 6, 9 25399.pngGelstar
Earth Element (24012) 4, 6, 7, 10

44111.pngElemental Leaf

Furius Blaze (24014) 5, 6, 8

44113.pngBlaze Heart

Hellish Gnome (24015) 5, 9, 10

44114.pngHeated Earring

Frost Obsidian (24058) 6, 9, 10

44109.pngSolid Magma

Volcanic Beast (24017) 3, 9, 10

44116.pngBeast Saliva

Ice Giant (24016) 9

44115.pngFrozen Tooth

Emperium Golem (24013) 10

44112.pngEmperium Lily

Earl Mansion (Level 150+)

Mansion Entrance

/navi pud_land 95/82

Free access.

Mansion Dungeon

/navi d_mond01 47/14

Requires 1x 43200.pngMansion Key

Mansion NPCs


/navi d_mond01 11/26

NPC gives you main quest to unlock access.

Ia Earl

/navi d_mond01 14/35

Daily hunting quest with 30x 25399.pngGelstar as reward.


/navi d_mond01 28/23

43200.pngMansion Key is sold for 200000 zeny.

Mansion Dungeon Monsters

Monster Name (ID) Good Drops

Ainz Ooal Gown (24018)

Kill 100x Monom / Albedo to spawn.

43201.pngAinz's Core25399.pngGelstar

Momon (24033)

Albedo (24019) 25399.pngGelstar
Mare Bello Fiore (24027)


Narberal Gamma (24028)

43203.pngNarberal's Wig, 25399.pngGelstar

Shalltear Bloodfallen (24031)

43204.pngShalltear's Pearl, 25399.pngGelstar


  1. Talk to Varmundt. /navi pud_land 147/75
  2. Give him 25399.pngGelstar, repeat it until you pass the luck test.
  3. Talk to him to access Gelnia.

Note: Talk to Pom Pom for daily quests with 25399.pngGelstar as reward.

Entrance Fee:

  • Floor 1: 100,000 zeny
  • Floor 2: 150,000 zeny
  • Floor 3 (PK): 200,000 zeny
  • Premium 3 Days any floor entrance: 1m zeny.
  1. Talk to Meyer. /navi pud_land 143/73
  2. VIP Level 7+ may enter VIP Gelnia, a separated Gelnia on it's own.
Entrance Fee:
  • Free

Floor 1

Kill 500 Sealed Mvps to trigger Gelstar rain, it drops 100x 25399.pngGelstar on the floor.

Sealed MvP spawn ID: 3529 - 3556

Sealed Orc Hero, Sealed Maya, Sealed Orc Lord, Sealed Golden Thief Bug, Sealed Eddga,

Sealed Osiris, Sealed Amon Ra, Sealed Phreeoni, Sealed Dracula, Sealed Doppelganger,

Sealed Mistress, Sealed Moonlight Flower, Sealed Lady Tanee, Sealed Baphomet,

Sealed Kublin, Sealed Pharaoh, Sealed Drake, Sealed Stormy Knight, Sealed Boitata,

Sealed Leak, Sealed Lord of the Dead, Sealed Dark Lord, Sealed Gopinich,

Sealed Bacsojin, Sealed Garm, Sealed Ktullanux, Sealed Thanatos, Sealed King of the Alley.

  • Sealed MvPs have 10% damage reduction.
  • Sealed MvPs have 60 seconds respawn time.
  • Monster Possible Drops
  • Map Fixed 30% Drop

Floor 2

 Kill 350 Sealed Mvps to trigger Gelstar rain, it drops 100x 25399.pngGelstar on the floor.

Sealed MvP spawn ID:  3557 to 3769

 Sealed Incantation Samurai, Sealed RSX-0806, Sealed Evil Snake Lord, Sealed Turtle General,

Sealed Tao Gunka, Sealed Atroce, Sealed Bijou, Sealed Nidhoggr's Shadow, Sealed Kraken,

Sealed Kiel D-01, Sealed Vesper, Sealed Captain Ferlock, Sealed Lost Dragon, Sealed Detale,

Sealed Fallen Bishop, Sealed Gloom Under Night, Sealed Grand Pere, Sealed Queen Scaraba,

Sealed Pyuriel, Sealed Ygnizem, Sealed Randgris, Sealed Daehyun, Sealed Kades,

Sealed Charleston 3, Sealed Nightmare Amon Ra, Sealed Ifrit, Sealed Gioia, Sealed Beelzebub.

Floor 3

 Kill 200 Sealed Mvps to trigger Gelstar rain, it drops 100x 25399.pngGelstar on the floor.

Sealed MvP spawn ID:  3770 to 3930

Sealed Buwaya, Sealed Faceworm Queen, Sealed Green Faceworm Queen,

Sealed Yellow Faceworm Queen, Sealed Red Faceworm Queen, Sealed Blue Faceworm Queen,

Sealed Grim Reaper Ankou, Sealed Stefan.J.E.Wolf, Sealed Celine Kimi, Sealed Muspellskoll,

Sealed Brinarea, Sealed T.W.O., Sealed Time Holder, Sealed Demigod, Sealed Despair God Morocc,

Sealed Wounded Morroc, Sealed Nightmare Baphomet, Sealed Amdarais,  Sealed Root of Corruption,

Sealed Fenrir, Sealed Sarah Irene, Sealed Nameless Swordsman, Sealed Corrupted Spider Queen,

Sealed Corrupted Dark Lord, Sealed YSF01, Sealed Cursed King Schmidt, Sealed EL-A17T,

Sealed CP8 Miguel,Sealed Heart Hunter Ebel, Sealed Cutie.



Wilderness Stairway

/navi pud_land 166/128

Talk to NPC to enter Wilderness, there are 4 categories of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Rainbow.

Different category monsters gives different wilderness tickets + their original loot.

Every 2 hours, the monsters spawning inside wilderness will be randomized.

Notice: Wilderness Ticket stops dropping if MvP is alive on the map.

Wilderness Bronze

Entrance Fee: 100,000 zeny

50% chance for each monster to drop

50% chance for killer to get 1~10 44166.pngWilderness Ticket (Bronze)

Kill 1000 monsters to summon 1 random MvP.

Monster ID - HP lower than 1m

21323, 21324, 20360, 20364, 20366, 20362, 20653, 20652,

20651, 20650, 20649, 2923, 2485, 20358, 2221, 20356,

20359, 1636, 3249, 2222, 20689, 20688, 2921, 3156, 2920, 20690,

20685, 20687, 20686, 2224, 2164, 2171, 2225, 20630, 20684, 2226, 3154,

2918, 2223, 1637, 2163, 2170, 20683

Wilderness Silver (PK)

Entrance Fee: 300,000 zeny

40% chance for killer to get 1~8 44167.pngWilderness Ticket (Silver)

Kill 1000 monsters to summon 1 random MvP.

Monster ID - HP lower than 3m

20692, 20693, 20694, 20691, 20606, 20607, 20604, 20605,

20598, 20596, 20594, 20595, 20597, 20603, 20379, 20380,

21306, 20593, 20592, 20602, 21304, 20420, 21307, 20369,

20371, 20367, 21303, 21305, 21299, 21302, 21297, 3226,

3227, 3228, 3229, 3230, 3231, 3232, 3213, 3212, 3211, 3210, 3209,

3208, 20639, 20637, 21295, 21296, 20378, 20373, 20372, 20682, 20374, 20375, 20377, 20376

Wilderness Gold (PK)

Entrance Fee: 500,000 zeny

35% chance for killer to get 1~6 44168.pngWilderness Ticket (Gold)

Kill 1000 monsters to summon 1 random MvP.

Monster ID - HP lower than 5m

21298, 21300, 20931, 21577, 20935, 20930, 21556, 21565, 21548,

21551, 20932, 20938, 20939, 20933, 20929, 21562, 21574, 21567,

20782, 20783, 20777, 20781, 20780, 20844, 20775, 20779, 20778,

20774, 21568, 20845, 20776, 20773, 21575, 21557, 21576, 21549,

21573, 21558, 20617, 20616, 20615, 20614, 20613, 20612, 21554, 21550, 21553

Wilderness Rainbow (PK)

Entrance Fee: 1,000,000 zeny

30% chance for killer to get 1~4 44169.pngWilderness Ticket (Rainbow)

Kill 1000 monsters to summon 1 random MvP.

Monster ID - HP above 5m

20942, 20940, 20923, 20175, 20179, 20176, 20178, 20936, 20177, 20921,

20922, 20608, 20609, 21564, 20925, 20927, 20924, 20926, 21559, 21578,

21561, 21566, 21552, 21570, 21560, 21569, 20937, 21572

Hellish Maze


/navi pud_land 95/115

Talk to Silla, bring her 10x 43068.pngBattle Badge.

Daily Sea God hunting

  1. Talk to Silla for daily quest.
  2. Kill Leviathan inside Hellish maze
  3. Reward with
Scientist Yuri

/navi pud_land 99/105

Talk to Yuri and choose a faction, either Good or Evil

Note: This is 1 time choice per character.

Mystery of Maze

The maze is final step towards the Hell.

Once you enter, you will get full blind effect.

Inside the maze, there are a lot of Soul Traps, stepping on them will trap your soul also random monsters will spawn.

You must kill the monsters spawned, to retrieve your Soul.

If you lose a lot of souls, you will die...

Monster Name (ID) Good Drops
Hellish Obsidian (24059)

44151.pngObsidian Heart


Hellish Cult Performer (24040)

44152.pngCult Ritual Scroll


Hellish Cult Recruiter (24041)

44153.pngCult Powerless Ring


Hellish Cult Leader (24042)

44154.pngCult Powerless Earrings


Envious Spirit (24066)

44156.pngAshes of Spirit


Immortal Maiden (24067)

44157.pngImmortal Soul


Gluttony Guard (24072)

44158.pngDrained Plate Armor


Leviathan (24065)

44155.pngWill of Leviathan